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Birthday Massage

Once you've met Tammy your life will never be the same.
Birthday Massage

“A massage? Really? You’re sure about this…”

It’s almost five o’clock on a Friday as you herd me into the somewhat deserted waiting room of a local masseuse.

“Yes! This is your birthday present! Now would you just relax and enjoy yourself?” You check me in at the front desk as I have a somewhat tentative seat in one of the oversized waiting room chairs. They’re comfortable…but I’m not.

I’m just getting settled in when a very large breasted blonde steps out from a door marked “Private”. I do a double-take…I can’t help myself! This girl has curves that just won’t stop. She checks a clipboard and says, “Donnie?” I offer up a little half-hearted wave and you give my shoulder a shove.

“Well, go on, will ya? I’m paying for this…the least you can do is PRETEND to enjoy it.”

I cross the room to the bodacious blonde. She sticks out a hand and says, “hi, I’m Tammy…right this way.”

I shake her hand and follow her stunning round ass through the door in to the obviously “private” inner sanctum of the massage parlor. As I think “massage parlor” I almost flinch because every time I’ve used that term in the past couple of days you’ve corrected me with a sharp punch in the shoulder. You would frown and say, “masseuse! It’s a MASSEUSE! They have licenses and everything…stop thinking this is some kind of ‘fucky-fucky, sucky-sucky’ kind of place with a happy ending. This is a REAL massage and you are going to enjoy it!”

I walk into a room filled with candles and low lighting. There is a table in the center of the room. Yeah, right…masseuse, my ass…this is a massage parlor.

Tammy is very business-like as she points to the table, “Donnie, I need you to disrobe completely and lie down. You can cover up with that sheet there. I’ll wait in the other room until you’re ready, okay? Just give me a call…remember, my name is Tammy.”

Tammy disappears into a small room off to the back of the main room. I do let my gaze linger a moment on her ass as she departs. Completely disrobe, eh? Okay. I take everything off and fold it up on the little side table by the door. I lie down on the main table and pull the sheet up and over me. I wasn’t specifically instructed, but I decide to start out on my back.

Once I’m completely covered I take a deep breath and call, “Tammy? I’m ready.”

The door opens and Tammy re-enters the room. For a moment I think my eyes haven’t quite adjusted to the light, but then I realize that she is, in fact, completely naked. Her enormous breasts are full and round and very perky sitting up high on her chest. At first I think “implants” but I can tell from the way they sway as she walks they are very real.

She takes two steps towards me and I suddenly feel VERY naked and a little panicky. “Hey…hold on a minute here…I don’t think this is what Jen paid for. She’s right outside…I really don’t think this is what she had in mind!” My voice is starting to creep up in pitch just a bit and it even cracks as Tammy and her enormous tits continue towards me.

Tammy wordlessly stops in the middle of the room and then you step out from where she came. You are ALSO completely naked. For a minute I start to worry I might be having some kind of a stroke.

“Oh, baby…this is EXACTLY what I had in mind!” You chuckle as you cross the room to stand next to Tammy.

I sit up on the table, still somewhat worried about staying covered. That seems to be the furthest thing from either you or Tammy’s mind. You put your left arm around Tammy’s waist. With your right hand you reach over and grab a squirt bottle filled with massage oil from a tray. You squeeze the bottle over Tammy’s chest, coating her tits with it. They are shiny and slick looking in the candle light. I can see her nipples are getting hard. You put the bottle down and rub the oil all over her big, round boobs.

You still look very amused as I sit there with my mouth hanging open. “Just look at those tits! I bet I know a naughty boy who would love to slide his cock between those big melons.” You move around behind Tammy and slide both of your hands up over her tits. You are grinning at me over her shoulder. Your fingers are rubbing and kneading her big jugs. “How about it, big boy? Think you could handle titfucking Tammy?”

I start to stammer, “well…uh…I…” I’m still very confused.

You cut me off, laughing loudlly. “Oh, you goofball! You really thought my birthday gift was a lame-ass massage?” You turn Tammy around so she’s facing you. In a soft voice you say, “why don’t you lick my pussy, baby, while I tell him what’s going on…” I think I hear Tammy murmur, “yes, mistress” then she drops to her knees in front of you. She puts her hands on your hips and buries her face in your delicious snatch. I hear sexy, wet yummy noises. You put your hands in her hair and I see your body quiver as she licks you with what appears to be a very skilled tongue. Your body quakes and your eyes close before you are able to regain your composure.

“Tammy is an old friend…we roomed together for about six months in college. She is also the most perverted nympho fuckslave you will ever meet in your life.” You look down at Tammy’s blond head bobbing over your hot pussy lips. You grab her hair and pull her mouth away from your cunt so she is looking up at you. “Isn’t that right, baby?”

Tammy doesn’t pause for a second. She replies, “yes, mistress…” then you very forcefully push her head back into your wet folds. The yummy noises resume.

“Tammy loves pussy, cock, gangbangs, domination…she is a sexual animal that, seemingly, can’t get enough. She used to spend her weekends at the various campus frat houses. She would fuck every guy in a house. I remember one weekend she showed up in the foyer of the Beta Sigma house, dropped her overcoat on the floor and stood there naked until one of the brothers noticed her. She went on to fuck and suck every guy in the house all weekend. The boys can never resist a big-titted blond. She came back to our room that Sunday night wrapped in a sheet. She was covered in cum…it even matted down her hair. There were bite marks all over her tits and ass. I put her in a hot shower and she slept for three days. I talked to a friend of mine who lives there and he said she barely slept the entire weekend. She was so insatiable some of the brothers actually moved out to a hotel room on Saturday night just so they could get some rest. At one point, he said she was fucking five guys on the floor of the TV room and five more were waiting their turn. I asked her later ‘how do you fuck five guys?’ She said she had two tag-teaming her pussy, one fucking her mouth and one in each hand. She’s just a dirty fuckslut…” you look down again, “..isn’t that right, baby?”

Tammy doesn’t even stop licking this time. She just makes affirmative moans.

“So when I found out Tammy was working here, I gave her a call. I decided TAMMY should be your birthday present!! AND, I know a hot and sexy little secret about Tammy that is going to blow your mind.” Tammy’s tonguing of your pussy is starting to have an unmistakable effect. You quiver and throw your head back. “Oh, FUCK!! Baby, I am going to cum all over that silky tongue of yours!”

And then you do…hard.

I glance down at the sheet still covering the lower half of my body and am somewhat surprised to notice the enormous hard-on very obviously on display through the sheet. Where did that come from? I feel like a kid getting caught with his hands in the cookie jar. Am I supposed to be enjoying this? Surely, I am. My cock is certainly enjoying it. Suddenly I feel like my cock is six feet long and has a spotlight on it.

As you recover from your orgasm, you grab Tammy’s shoulders and help her to her feet. You turn her around and say, “look at that…I knew watching you eat me would get him revved up…come on.”

Seeing what I just witnessed would get a dead man revved up! You both descend on the massage table like stormtroopers. You grab my shoulders and force me back down on the table. Tammy whips the sheet off and I feel my cock bobbing in the breeze.

“Mmmmm…look at that! Wrap those big slippery jugs around that fat cock. Let this boy experience a Tammy titfuck!”

You are standing at the head of the table holding me down by my shoulders and surveying my naked body. I feel Tammy’s hands wrap around my shaft and lube it up with massage oil. Then her hands are replaced my the most incredibly soft, but firm tits…so warm…so slippery…wrapping around my shaft. I feel her slide my cock up and down between those massive jugs. You look down at me and say, “if that feels half as good as it looks, then you must be in heaven right now.”

I can only nod. You arch your neck and kiss my mouth, your tongue swirling between my lips. Then you raise up and rub your tits all over my face. I catch a nipple between my teeth and bite and suck it as the glorious titfuck continues.

You laugh and say, “suck him, fuckslut!”

Again I hear, “yes, mistress” and I feel the titfuck end. I’m sad for about a tenth of a second. That’s how long it takes before I feel Tammy’s mouth close over the head of my cock. This girl is obviously operating at a level of blowjob prowess few have ever even imagined. The sensation was beyond incredible. She immediately applied suction…her tongue and lips were tightly wrapped around my shaft. As she started to bob her head, the suction was literally pulling my cock down her throat. I wasn’t throatfucking her so much as she was drawing me into her mouth and down her throat. I know they always call what was happening to me “sucking cock” but, in my experience, there’s really very little actual sucking that ever happens. Not with Tammy. She was truly sucking…and her tongue was swirling…and her head was bobbing. Oh, holy FUCK…this girl should be teaching seminars!

You are obviously enjoying the show. “Oh, that is IT, girl…suck that cock hard!!” You look down at me, “isn’t she amazing? I used to have her suck off all of my boyfriends just so they could experience what you’re feeling right now. She’s tried to teach me how to do it…but I think she’s some kind of mutant. She’s breathing through her ears or something.” You suddenly give me a pouty look. “Oh, baby…your mouth looks so lonely…and my pussy is still buzzing from the licking she gave me.” I can see from your expression you’ve had a brilliant idea. “Your turn!”

You practically jump up on the end of the table with your knees on either side of my head. You lower your wet pussy down on my mouth. I reach up and grab your ass as my tongue penetrates your delectable pussy. I am so turned on I lick you deeper and harder than I’ve ever licked you in my life. I smack your ass with my open palms and tongue fuck your cunt like my life depended on it. You are so sensitive from Tammy’s attention you cum almost immediately. I feel your thighs tense on either side of my head and hear you shout, “oh, FUCK YESS!! Eat that hot cunt, baby!!” Your pussy juices coat my tongue as I continue the assault on your wet snatch.

I hear you say, “gimme some of that…”. I feel your mouth replace Tammy’s as you throatfuck my hard cock. I can tell that you have been instructed in the ways of the nympho-slut, and you do give an amazing blow-job, my dear…but it’s like the difference between a cassette and a live performance when Tammy takes over again. The two of you swap back and forth, passing my cock from your mouth to hers and back. The whole time my tongue and mouth are buried in your sweet snatch. You are cumming almost constantly and I can feel your muscles spasming. You are barely able to hold yourself up.

“Off…oh, shit…oh, shit…got to get off…” You throw your leg over my head like you are dismounting a horse. Tammy is still administering her glorious blowjob. I get the feeling Tammy is under your command. I’m thinking, if you walked out of the room right now she would keep sucking me until you returned because that was your last order.

You catch your breath and say, “better stop sucking, cumslut…you might wind up with a big load of jizz down your throat and I don’t want him to shoot just yet.” Tammy pulls her mouth away and this time I AM very sad.

“Hop down, big boy!” You smack the table next to my head and I jump, shaken from my post blowjob reverie. I swing my legs around and climb down from the table. As I’m standing there, my cock is huge. It’s purple and swollen…throbbing, pulsating…the veins are obvious on the shaft. You say, “oh, now THAT is a good looking cock…don’t you agree, fuckslut?” Tammy nods as she bites her lower lip just a bit. You have a bottle of massage oil in your hand and, before I even know what’s happening, you slather the oil over my shaft. I was already slick from the titfuck and the blowjob but this stuff coats my throbbing boner with a glistening sheen of oil.

You grab Tammy’s shoulders and turn her towards the massage table. Then you give her a push in the small of the back so she is bent over the table. Her firm round ass is sticking up and I can see the dewy moisture on her swollen pussy lips.

You trail your fingers up and down her ass…then gently let them glide over her full lips. “Mmmm…look at that pussy…so incredibly fuckable, don’t you think?” What powers of speech I had ever possessed were totally overwhelmed by the animal lust controlling my body at that moment. I could only nod dumbly. You laugh and slip first one, then two fingers between Tammy’s wet cunt lips. Tammy raises herself up slightly on her toes and I can see the muscles flex in her legs and butt. I’m transfixed, hypnotized by the two fingers you are gently thrusting into Tammy’s hot box. You slowly withdraw them and say, rather quietly, “fuck her…”

In retrospect I think maybe I should have paused for a moment at least. I might have possibly said something like, “oh, are you sure?” or, “oh, I don’t know about that…” I, of course, didn’t do any of those things. I immediately jammed my hard cock between those full, wet pussy lips and hammered that hot cunt with every fiber of my being.

You are shouting like a spectator at a sporting event, cheering me on. “Oh, YESSS…that is IT, baby!! Fuck that hot, wet, twat!!” You smack me on the ass, you smack Tammy on the ass…you go around to the other side of the table and bend down so you are looking right in Tammy’s face. You whisper dirty things in her ear, “…feel that? He’s fucking you like an animal…he’s pounding your hot cunt with that fat cock…feel how deep he’s slamming into you? Watching him fuck you is so hot.”

I see you slip your fingers down between your legs. You play with yourself as you keep whispering filthy things in Tammy’s ear. “Is he going to make you cum? He’s fucking you like the dirty cumslut you are…you are so fucking HOT! His cheeks are red and sweat is running down his face and he has both hands on your hips so he can fuck you that much harder…the sight of him slamming up against your big round ass is going to make me cum, too…” The filth is just rolling off your lips in a constant stream and I can hear the wet, grasping sounds of your fingers playing in your own hot box.

I continue thrusting with full long strokes, but I AM slowing down. I can’t keep up the intensity of the initial onslaught. I’m surprised at how incredibly tight Tammy’s pussy is considering your tales of her sexual escapades. She must do some kind of exercises or something. I feel her cunt clench around my throbbing boner and I hear her moans as you continue to whisper all sorts of naughty things in her ear. You know the dirty talk is what will send her over the edge and you make sure she cums hard.

Like you, once she starts to cum, she keeps cumming. After you get her revved up, you come back around the table and lay across it right next to Tammy in the same pose. You shimmy your glorious butt over so that your hip is touching hers. You look over your shoulder and say, “now, me! Fuck me like you were fucking her!! Fuck us both!! It’s a hot twat buffet, baby served up with a heaping helping of gorgeous round ass…and it’s all for you!”

My cock is controllilng my every action. I pull my hard, throbbing shaft out of Tammy and plunge it deep inside your wet pussy lips. You moan, begging me to fuck you harder and harder. I do my damnedest to deliver! I fuck you until I feel your pussy clench around my shaft. Then I jam my throbbing dick back into Tammy…then back to your wet pussy…you are both cumming hard everytime I pound my pulsating shaft into your wet pussies. I’m spanking you both, my hands ranging over the silky smooth skin of your round and gorgeous asses. I want to keep going like this forever, but I just can’t.

If I had keeled over and died of an aneurysm at that moment, I would have died the most deliriously happy man in the world. But you aren’t through with me yet.

I pull out of you and move to Tammy. As I start to fuck her again you stand up from the table. You put your hand on my ass and push me all the way into her and tell me to stop. You are standing at my side, your hand on my ass, forcing me to hold my hot cock inside your friend whose pulsating pussy is about to cum again. You put your lips to my ear and say, “you remember I told you I knew a sexy secret about Tammy that would blow your mind?”

Through the haze of testosterone and adrenaline, I do recall being curious about the secret you mentioned. I nod as you grab another bottle of massage oil from the tray and dribble it down the cleft of Tammy’s ass.

You continue to whisper in my ear as you hold my cock deep inside Tammy. “Wellll…it’s this. Tammy’s pussy…you know, the one you’ve been fucking for the last twenty minutes or so?” I nod. “She’s had maybe seven hundred hard cocks in there…yours is nice…and you did make her cum…but you aren’t breaking any new ground when it comes to her pussy. The secret is this…Tammy has NEVER been fucked up the ass! She has never taken a cock…hard or otherwise…in her butthole…and she wants you to be her first!!” You pull your mouth away from my ear and I can see a big smile on your face. “I got you a virgin asshole for your birthday, baby!!”

I look down to see you working the massage oil into Tammy’s tight little browneye. I push back against the hand you have on my ass, withdrawing my cock from her cunt. You pull Tammy’s round and sexy butt cheeks apart as I position my cock, ready to enter her. You dribble more oil over the head of my cock and I work it into her tight hole. Your fingers steal down to your pussy again as you watch. “Oh, damn, baby…that is so fucking hot…I’ve never really seen that before…oh, FUCK!” Your whole body shakes. You are cumming unconrollably as my cockhead disappears into Tammy’s tight little asshole.

Your orgasm subsides and you put a hand on my ass. I’m still slowly working the length of my cock into Tammy’s virgin butthole. She’s moaning and I hear her whispering, “oh, fuck…oh, my fuck…” under her breath. Her tight little hole is relaxing and opening up around my girth. You push slightly on my ass…then with more force. You are ramming my cock into Tammy’s butt.

I say the first word I’ve said in quite awhile, “gently…”. You ease up the pressure on my ass.

I want her to enjoy this…I don’t want to hurt her. My cock is so hard I feel like it could cut stone. I’m about three inches in when her asshole relaxes fully and allows the rest of my length in.

You practically run back around the table as I thrust into her. You are down in her face again. “Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that the most awesome feeling?”

Tammy moans again and I hear the word, “harder.”

Wow…this girl is a freak. I thrust harder and more fully into her. My thighs press up against her full round butt cheeks…burying my cock deep. As I’m thrusting into her tight ass, you are holding her head and whispering in her ear telling her how sexy it looks to see me fucking her asshole.

The sensation of her tight butthole is incredible. I’ve only been fucking her ass for a couple of minutes when I feel that familiar pressure. I know I’m going to cum, and there’s nothing I can do about it. You sense the change in my breathing and look up to see the slack look on my face.

“In her ass, baby!! Let her get to feel what it’s like to have a hard cock shoot in her ass!” You put your lips down by her ear and say, “he’s going to cum…he’s going to shoot your hot ass full of his sticky jizz…this is an incredible feeling, baby…oh, he is so close…”

I don’t know which is hotter…actually fucking Tammy in the ass or hearing you telling her about it. Possibly, it’s the combination of both. She starts to cum as I unleash deep inside her. Blast after blast of hot cum erupts from my contracting balls. Tammy moans and her back arches. You run your fingers through her hair with one hand while fingering your pussy with the other.

After my cock is spent I slowly withdraw from her asshole. I watch as a line of white cum runs down the crack of her ass.

I work my cock up and down between her full butt cheeks…I’m still very sensitive and the sensation is amazing.

After I catch my breath I tell Tammy how incredible this has all been and what an amazing birthday I’ve had and how I’ll never forget this.

You look up at me with a quizzical expression on your face. “You still don’t get it, do you?”

“I guess not…get what?”

“We aren’t just playing with Tammy HERE…this one appointment isn’t your birthday. She’s coming home with us for the weekend! We get to play with her until Sunday night!! Maybe we can have Jake bring over a couple of his friends…they can go crazy on Tammy and you can fuck me while we watch! Or you could fuck her while she eats me out. Maybe she and I can both just play with our vibrators while you jerk off. This is going to be awesome!”

Tammy, who’s now standing in front of me, puts her arms around my neck and in my ear says, “you will also definitely be fucking my asshole again.”

Yeah…happiest man in the WORLD!

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