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After A Week Without Sex

Couple make up for lost time.
After A Week Without Sex

It’s been a week without sex. I’ve been horny all day but even after Gary gets home it is several hours before dinner is finished and the kids put to bed. Gary knows I want him – he can read the signs even when they are much subtler. But he teases for a few minutes, first saying he wants to watch TV and then yawning and saying he’s tired. I pout, thrust out my tits, wiggle my bum, act a bit sluttish. He loves it. His eyes sparkle and there is a slight flush on his cheeks. He puts his hands on my arse and now it is my turn to tease, pulling away and acting offended. He pulls me back with an arm around my waist and mashes his lips against mine in a hot passionate kiss that makes my nipples harden and my knees weak. He growls in my ear that I’m a wanton bitch and I arch against him before pushing his head down to my breasts. He sucks them hard through my blouse, making me go up on my toes and hiss through my teeth. My hands are in his thick hair and I clutch him to me, feeling his teeth through the material of my top and bra. When he pulls away, my blouse is all wet over each breast and I get a sudden nostalgia rush thinking of the months of breastfeeding in years gone by.

He has a smirk on his handsome face, knowing that once he gets me aroused like this he is in for some fun. I know he wants me to go on my knees and attack his pants, and I hold back a strong urge to do so. I definitely want his cock in my mouth soon, but I want him to leap a couple of hurdles first. So instead of going to him, I lean back against the sofa and smirk back at him. I tell him to get naked and show me his cock. He likes this and undresses eagerly, finishing by standing before me, hands on hips, showing off that nice fleshy dick with its heavy low hanging sac. I imagine those balls are heavier and more bloated than usual with a week’s load of sperm built up inside. Gary knows I really like his cock – sure it’s no longer than average, but it is nice and fat. And I’m the kind of gal that likes that particular physical characteristic in her man. I tell him to stroke it and he puts on a bit of a show, playing with the foreskin for a while before pulling it back to reveal the shiny angry-looking helmet.

It’s Gary’s turn now to give the orders and he tells me to get over and make him hard. I don’t waste any time and after a crushing embrace and kiss, I’m quickly down there sucking his hot flaccid meat, savouring the slightly musty smell resulting from it being cooped up all day in his jocks, probing the foreskin with my tongue, and relishing the sheer maleness of it. Almost immediately it begins to thicken, stretching the corners of my mouth. As it comes to full erection I change gears into full blow job mode. Although Gary likes to think he’s got lots of sexual reserve, it is now his turn to arch his back and hiss through his teeth. I work up and down the top half of his cock for several minutes, paying lots of attention to the velvety bulbous head. I can take all of his cock into my mouth comfortably enough, but always hold back on this until he asks for it. Tonight I make him beg me to deep throat him and when I still hold back he gets impatient, putting his hands in my hair and tugging me down on his length. I resist a little, liking to see him get frustrated and demanding, and when I finally engulf him all the way, my nose pushing into his soft hairy nest, I squeeze his balls sharply. He lets out a surprised grunt, but I know it turns him on because the fat organ filling my mouth pulses and throbs as if about to deliver its thick salty load.

But I don’t want that hot load just yet. First I want him stretching and probing my puss. It’s been 8 days since we last fucked and I need it bad! We normally have sex at least three times a week – no wonder I’ve been horny all day. So I sit back on my heels, look up at Gary with my most sultry hooded-eye-lids look and tell him I want him inside me. He pulls me up for another passionate kiss and as our tongues entwine, I feel his hands pulling at my clothes. Between us we manage to get me down to my undies and bra in pretty quick time. Then Gary breaks the kiss and goes for my tits. He virtually rips the bra off and gets his mouth on one side and a strong hand on the other. Gary has a real fixation on my breasts and always gives them a good workover during sex – and sometimes in the bathroom or kitchen just for fun. My boobs have changed since we first met – showing the signs of my 34 years and the mothering of two babes – but Gary still goes at them with as much eagerness as on our first date. And just like on that first date, my nipples quickly harden as his lips and teeth work on one and a thumb and finger on the other. I whisper at him to do it harder and as he clamps down I feel a hot rush in my parts and know that my panties are getting damp.

Gary feels me squirming and even though he knows I’m impatient for him to enter me, he continues the workout on my tits. Finally I push him away and he gives me an arrogant grin as I stand there panting, my breasts blotched all red and nipples hard enough to punch holes in the wall. I tug down my panties, toss them aside and reach for that fat rod jutting from Gary’s waist. It is hot to the touch and my fingers wrap around it, not able to fully encircle its thickness. I use it to pull Gary in for another kiss and then he has me on my back on the sofa and is rubbing the knob of his cock up and down my slit getting it all wet with my juices. I am soooo hot and urge him to hurry up and stick it in me. He has one knee on the couch and, with the other foot on the floor for purchase, is ready. I lift my backside off the cushions as he juts forward and I take his full length in one long delicious thrust, feeling it widen and stretch my pussy all the way in. ‘Yeessssssss,’ I moan but don’t have time to savour the entry as Gary immediately hits his straps and starts pounding into me, his pubic ridge mashing my clit on each thudding down stroke. It is good fucking and I pull his head down to my titties again, wanting his hot mouth on my horny nipples as his cock plunges in and out of my cunt. It is clear that he is as ready as me for raunchy sex and I look forward to getting my insides drenched with a week’s load of spunk.

Gary is savaging a nipple nicely, crimping it with his teeth and pulling it out deliciously painfully to its full extent, when I hear a plaintive little cry from the kids’ bedroom. We freeze, both looking towards the half-shut door. The last thing we want is a little 4 or 6 year old wandering in. Gary climbs off and I go and peek in on the kids. They are both asleep though little Becks is restless. I rearrange the sheets and dolls and, after kissing them both, return to the living room. Gary is coming through from the kitchen with a couple of glasses of cold white wine, his schlong swinging as he walks. We sip our drinks and then head through to the bedroom. I take a mouth full of the chilled wine and, sitting on the bed, pull Gary to me and take his cock into my mouth. He gasps as he feels the cold wine sloshed around his hot meat. I can taste my pussy through the wine and, as his cock again begins to thicken, swallow the now-warm mixture.

Gary pulls back and, as his dick plops out of my mouth, pushes me back on the sheets, kneels on the floor and lowers his head into my steamy bush. He doesn’t waste time but goes straight for my clit which is up and straining after just a few passes of his hot pliant tongue. He likes licking me and tonight really makes a meal of it. I lie back, massaging my breasts and enjoy the slow build up deep in my belly. It takes a good few minutes but when the orgasm comes I nearly lose it and am aware only of Gary’s marvellous tongue lapping at my heaving parts. He keeps licking and for long minutes I am on that plateau of rolling pleasure until eventually I can take no more and push his head away. I look at his glistening face and its toothy grin and get a rush of love for this man.

He is stroking his cock to full hardness and is getting ready to slide it in my still clenching puss. I bat my eyelids at him coyly and, in a little girl voice, say, ‘Honey, why don’t you put it in my butt?’ I giggle as his eyes widen with lust. It has been a few months since we last had anal sex and I am well and truly re-charged. Actually I’ve been thinking all day of the last time we did it, and I guess that’s what has gotten me so horny.

Gary reaches to the bedside table and gets the tube of lubricant, but I put my hand on his shoulder before he opens it. In the same girly voice I tell him that I’m so small back there, that it’s been neglected for such a long time, that he needs to get me ready, tee hee, with his tongue. He growls and hooks first one of my legs over his shoulder, then the other. He then grabs my waist and pulls me down so my backside is hanging over the side of the bed and only his shoulders are keeping me from falling, then dips his head. He slurps at my puss for a while then transfers a load of my juices down to that little brown pucker between my cheeks. I feel his tongue swirl around the clenched bud and tell him to make sure he gets lots of spit inside. This is nice and I luxuriate in the sensations of his tongue pushing at my little dark flower and then probing my dank arse. I know he can probably taste the soap I used when I douched earlier on, and will know that I’ve been planning this. My hands again go to my breasts and I lie there moaning and undulating my hips.

All too soon he stops and stands above me, his face red and sweaty, his cock hard and ready. I pull him down for a hot kiss and he makes sure I taste the flavour of my rear end. He stands and, all business now, applies gel to his cock and my bum. I feel a finger slide easily in and we both know there’s no need for further preparation. He again pulls my legs up so that they rest on his shoulders and aims his cock at the hole presented to him. As I feel the head rest against my anus I bear down and he eases the fat mushroom bulge forward. I catch my lip between my teeth feeling myself stretch and stretch as he applies pressure and then, just as it is about to get painful, he is in and my sphincter closes on the slightly narrower shaft. We sigh in unison and I am aware that my forehead is beaded with sweat. Gary gives me an encouraging smile and, hands firmly on my hips, pushes forward till half his dick is inside me. I can’t take any more just yet and clamp down. He gives me another smile and just rocks back and forth with that first three and a bit inches. It is sooo good and I close my eyes in pleasure, hands again going to my tits. He must feel me relaxing because he pushes the rest of that beautiful fat dick into my arse until it is all the way in. We both let out long oooohhhhhs and smile at each other like teenagers. He leans forward, kisses me deeply, sucks first one breast then the other, and then gets down to the task of fucking my arse properly.

He sets up a steady rhythm. As his hips thud into me, making my belly and boobs wobble, I snake a hand down to my puss and start gently circling my clit. I love the feel of his thick cock jamming in and out of my arse, mashing my guts and filling the room with earthy sexy smells. This is exactly what I’ve had in mind all day, and my fingers move faster in my swampy nest. Gary pauses to drip more gel on his cock and then resumes his forceful thrusts. I am close and Gary knows it. I am moaning but can’t – don’t want to – stop. His hands go to my breasts now and he first massages them and then, as I lift towards orgasm, zeroes in on the taut nipples and pinches and tugs them. I am over the edge and feel my whole body spasm and melt. It goes on and on and, although after a time I am aware that Gary is also cumming, it continues even after he has stopped moving and has collapsed forward on top of me.

I clasp his hot body for long moments, feeling his heart racing then slowing to normal. I love this closeness, this afterglow, but eventually he moves saying he needs to go to the loo. When he comes back, I see a golden drop at his foreskin and signal him to kneel at my head. Lifting my face towards his groin I take that fleshy tip in my lips. It is some time since we’ve done any piss stuff, but there was a period a couple of years ago when we had quite a bit of fun, and I am reminded of this as Gary strains and delivers a few last drops of hot salty urine onto my tongue. This is a signal between us that I want more sex and I suck on his slack dick, tugging at it with my lips, in the hope that he can rise to the occasion. He has washed but I can still faintly taste the essence of my plundered gut. For some perverse reason, this excites me and I work hard to suck every bit of it off his cock. He is beginning to respond and I work my tongue around the emerging glans, getting some tasty residue from inside his foreskin. With a grunt, Gary pulls his cock out of my mouth and then shifts forward so that his balls rest against my lips.

As I suck and wash them, getting lots of my juices out of the matted hair around them, he oohhhs and aahhhhs. I know he loves this and give him what he wants. (And anyway, I have a theory that well-sucked balls means a bigger load of semen …). He massages my breasts, keeping away from the sensitive nipples, but increasing my horniness. Knowing I’m in a mood to do anything, he shifts forward again and lowers his hairy arse to my mouth. I am now soooo hot that I don’t hesitate to kiss and lick it. He hasn’t douched and I can taste all kinds of musty flavours. He is working my breasts harder and tells me to suck his hole. I push my tongue inside the clenching muscle and, not for the first time, show him that I know how an arse hole should be reamed. And then, when it is nice and slick, I reach up and slide my middle finger deep into his humid rectum. He grunts and shifts back so that his semi-hard cock is resting heavily on my lips. I suck it in and work on it. I crook my finger in his arse and find the prostate gland. It is firm and I rub it gently. (I have a theory that a well-stimulated prostate means a bigger load of semen …). The cock in my mouth responds instantly and is soon fully hard and Gary is arching his back and groaning, his cock jamming into the back of my throat. I am on fire and gulp and suck furiously at his cock, maintaining the pressure on his prostate. He moans and pants, thrusting his dick repeatedly into my throat, my tits forgotten.

Although my jaw is beginning to ache and my lips are a bit sore from being stretched and pummelled, I would be happy to continue till he cums. But tonight I want more. I want his cock back inside me, pummelling my guts. I pull my finger slowly from his butt and push restrainingly against his hard stomach. He reluctantly pulls back and sits on his heels panting. ‘I want you back inside me,’ I say and lean forward to kiss him. It is a hot kiss and he sucks my tongue, getting all the mixed flavours from his cock and arse.

He tells me to get on my hands and knees and reaches again for the lubricant. He knows that I won’t let him fuck my puss again. We made that mistake once before. Even though it was years ago, before we were even married, the memory of that scorching infection is still fresh – not to mention the humiliating lecture from the doctor. So, even though he may have washed all trace of my arse off his cock, and I’ve sucked it almost raw, I still won’t let him back in my cunt.

I watch as he squeezes out a dollop of gel and, as he begins to coat that angry weapon jutting from his groin, I bat my eyelids at him and tell him in my sluttiest voice not to use too much. Smiling, he calls me a hot slut and says that he is going to give my arse a real long pounding. He is stroking his gel covered pole and I tell him to stop playing with himself and to put his fat dick in me. I’m impatient now and wiggle my butt at him.

He steps behind me and I feel his large hands on my hips. The dome head of his cock is sliding greasily up and down my crack, brushing across my anus. My sphincter has regained its elasticity, but I push outwards, making it wink, hoping that a little bit of the spunk he depositied in there half an hour earlier will trickle out. He grunts that I’m just a horny little arse whore who would be selling it on the street if I didn’t have him to fuck me. This talk gives me a thrill and I tell him what a teasing prick he is and that he’d better get on with it or I won’t let him fuck me at all. I expect the banter to continue but instead he jabs his dick hard against my anus. I yelp but there is enough lubricant for it to slide in and even though I’m now telling him to stop he keeps driving till it is deep in my gut. He doesn’t pause but pulls fully out, jams it in again all the way, the all the way out. I am panting and have a finger on my clit strumming. He continues stretching my anus with the fat mushroom head of his cock, and I am now taking it easily. I start clenching my arse to make it harder for him to push through, and we both groan at the feeling. After a moment of this I am ready for him to do some in-depth plumbing, and ask him in my slut voice to fuck my arse like a real man. But he has another tease in mind and, pulling out of me once more, starts slapping my sweaty buttocks with his fat cock. I feel the meaty slab banging on the soft flesh of my butt and I groan telling him it hurts and to get on and put it in me. He laughs ‘cos he sees my fingers in my puss and knows I’m getting off on it. I tell him all right, then do it harder. But he takes this moment to storm my butt hole again shoving his hard meat through my unexpectant ring.

God it turns me on and I let out a long satisfied groan. The teasing’s over now and he gets into a steady rhythm that has his full length plowing in and out of my stretched arse hole. I can feel the wide length of him pushing through my sphincter and mashing deep in my bowels. It is what I want and each time he thuds home his heavy ball sac swings up against my glistening labia. Panting, I tell him what a stud he is and how he is going to make me cum soon. He smacks his flat palm down on my arse cheeks to hurry me on my way and with a groan I slide forward a bit on the mattress, my fingers working my puss and clit. I am close and am losing control. Gary grabs me by the waist and hauls me back onto my elbows and knees. I love the way he manhandles me! He is now jack hammering away and I am there, almost screaming as an orgasm bursts within me. I slump forward again and this time Gary goes with me, riding me down, his cock hitting new depths in my arse as all his weight lands on me.

As my orgasm ebbs then fades, I am aware that Gary is getting close too. He is grunting and panting and I feel drops of sweat on my back. My arse is feeling tender now and his cock is causing a burning sensation in my rectum – after all he’s fucked me twice back there in the last half hour. I tell him to pull out and cum in my mouth, that I want to taste his fuck, want to feel his balls slap my chin, want to look at his face as he empties his cock in my throat. He grunts and then, in one motion, withdraws from my arse, and stands up. I turn and sit and give him a sultry look, licking my lips before opening my mouth. He steps forward and slides his slimy cock in past my lips. I offer no resistance this time and he goes all the way in. He doesn’t pause but grasps my head with both hands and starts to face fuck me at the same speed as he was going in my arse. I apply suction and tongue action, tasting my arse on his pole and the semen from his last orgasm. I grab his swinging scrotum and roll and squeeze his balls (I have a theory …). Then he is grunting and groaning and cumming, a globby streamer jetting onto my tongue. He lunges all the way in, holding my face firmly against his belly, and I feel his cock pulse and jet, pulse and jet, a nice scalding load of his cum puddling at the back of my mouth.

Finally he sags and pulls away. He is unsteady on his feet and half falls onto the bed next to me. I roll him over and smile at his glazed eyes. I show him the cum in my mouth and lean forward to kiss. We transfer the slimy mess back and forth with our tongues and each time he swallows a bit. Then I slide down and clean off his cock before snuggling up and pulling a sheet over us. As I drift off to sleep I muse that maybe there are some benefits to going a week without sex…

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