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A Magical Pendent

A cumming of age story for a lucky trio ushered by a magical pendent
A Magical Pendent

High school sucks, was all he kept thinking to himself as Jason left his last class for the day. He had spent the last four years hanging out with the same people, and none of them really knew who he was. It was almost as if he was invisible to them, which, after some consideration, Jason figured wasn’t the worst thing in the world. At least he wasn’t picked on like some of the guys he knew in the computer club. However, the isolation was starting to get to him. School was almost out, and he wanted nothing more than to at least kiss a girl before going off to college. Sure, there had been close encounters at Brian’s basement parties, but at some point Jason realized that he just didn’t measure up to what the girls at his high school wanted. He wasn’t tall like his friend Paul who was the star basketball player, and he wasn’t muscular like Brian, who was getting a full ride to State next year to play football. No, Jason was in the middle body shape-wise, and he just looked sort of average. Jason just didn’t think there was anything special about the way he looked. As for his personality, well, he wasn’t confident either, and just didn’t put himself out there much.

As Jason made his way to the bus line he saw Carol. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, and he wanted to see her naked desperately. In fact, the amount of sperm he had dedicated to her over the last four years could fill a bucket. She was short like him, but with a huge set of boobs, and her smile lit up the room when she flashed it which was often. Jason felt a rise in his jeans just thinking about her.

Fuck, not now! Jason thought as he hurried to get on his bus.

Sitting in his usual seat, Jason was probably the oldest kid on the bus. Unable to afford a car, and not bothering to use his friends for a ride, this was his typical mode of transportation to and from school. As the bus bumped along, Jason pulled out his phone and started going through the text messages that were starting to fly into the group chats. Jason wasn’t an avid texter, but he did watch the social dynamics his friends tended to follow in the texts themselves. Apparently, Brian was having another gathering at his house tonight.

Jason looked out the window and considered the potential evening of beer drinking and awkward conversations he would be forced into if he went. He was all set to just skip the party when he saw Carol’s name pop up in the chat expressing enthusiasm for the party. This made things more interesting to Jason. Perhaps he would go after all.


A few hours later, Jason was in his room when his dad stopped in to talk with him. Jason liked his father. He was awkward like him, but he was really straightforward about stuff, which made talking with him easier than other people. What Jason thought was strange was how a guy like his father was able to marry a woman like his mother. They were nothing alike on paper, and by the looks of it, and he had to admit it was true, his mother was so much more attractive than his dad. It just never made sense to Jason how they got together in the first place.

As Jason’s father came into the room he was holding a small wooden box that Jason had never seen before.

“What’s with the box dad?” Jason asked.

“Umm…well…you see…sit down on the bed for me will you?” Jason’s father asked as he sat on the bed. “You know I’m not one to be superstitious or into magic or stuff like that right?”

“Uh, yeah dad.” Jason said expectantly.

“Look, I can’t explain it, but inside of this box are two pendants.” Jason’s father said. “This thing is, when I opened this box this morning there was only one pendant.”

“Dad, are you feeling ok?” Jason said.

“This box, and pendant was handed down to me by my father, and his father, and his father before that.” Jason’s father explained. “In fact, it’s been in our family for generations. And now, I’m giving the box and one of the pendants to you. When the time comes, the box will generate another pendant, and then you’ll know when it’s time to pass it down to your son.”

“Seriously, what are you talking about?” Jason said looking confused.

“Like I said, I can’t explain most of this.” Jason’s father said. “However, as long as you wear this pendant your life will be incredible. I don’t know how to explain it any better than that.”

“Is it like a lucky charm or something?” Jason asked quizzically.

“Sort of, but I’m not sure how it works to be honest.” Jason’s father said. “Things you want will just happen for you. Life will just be easier. Your grandfather tried to explain it to me once when he passed it on to me, but for him he just said that it kept him alive during the war. To be honest, I don’t think it works the same for everyone. The only thing I do know is that you have to put the pendant in the box every so often or the affects stop working. I’m not sure how the two are connected, but they are. Oh, and never put anything else in the box. Again, this is what my father told me. Keep these items secret, and keep them safe.”

Jason held out the pendant. It was a silver looking thing in a tear drop shape. It had some heft to it, but it didn’t really fit his image he thought. However, as he slid it onto his head he felt something shift within himself.

“Whoa, did you feel that?” Jason asked his father.

“No, but like I said, it behaves differently for each of us.” Jason’s father explained again. “I was hesitant to give this to you now, but there are consequences with not obeying the box and pendant. So, just be careful.”

“Okay, I will dad.” Jason murmured as his dad got up to leave. “Hey, uh, what about your pendant?”

“Oh, well, mine doesn’t need the box anymore to function.” Jason’s dad answered as his leaned on the door. “I’m not sure why the box is necessary, or what any of this means. I’ve researched it for years, and well, the best I can guess is that the box is only necessary while we’re young. Oh, and just be careful. It can have a way of taking control of your life in ways you may not like.”

“Huh, okay, thanks dad.” Jason said.


As Jason got ready for the party, he couldn’t stop thinking about the pendant hanging around his neck. Burying it under a shirt, he figured what could be the harm of wearing it for a little while. As he finished getting ready, Jason noticed that his jeans felt a lot tighter than they normally were. He chalked it up to some shrinkage in his underwear and headed for the door.

As he pedaled his bike to Brian’s house, Jason imaged Carol and what he would say to her at the party. He knew this was going to be one of the last chances he had to make his impression on her before school was out. He remembered her saying something about going to some small liberal arts college in the northeast, but he wasn’t completely certain. Lost in his train of thought, Jason didn’t see the car pulling up next to him. When he did look over, he saw Carol, in the passenger seat looking at him.

Of course she’s with Steve, Jason thought as he slowed to a stop.

Leaning over, Steve yelled, “Hey man, you on your way to Brian’s? You need a lift?”

“Oh, umm…you know what, sure.” Jason said. Why the fuck not? He thought.

As Jason loaded his bike into the trunk of Steve’s car and climbed in, Carol turned around in her seat and said, “Your name is Jason, right?”

“Oh, yeah.” Jason stuttered.

“Cool, I thought I recognized you.” Carol said sitting back down.

Jason’s pants began to tighten even more, and he was startled when he reached down to adjust himself. Something wasn’t right, but it was too dark in the backseat to see, and he wasn’t about to take his pants off now.

As they drove up to Brian’s house, there were already several people parking and heading into the driveway. Jason fished his bike out the back, and laid it down in the front yard for later. He wasn’t counting on Steve to drive him home. The three of them walked into the house together, and they were met with Brian, who was already more than a little drunk.

“Welcome to the party guys!” Brian exclaimed.


As they entered the house, Jason rushed past everyone and headed straight for a bathroom. There was something definitely wrong with his pants. As soon as the door was locked, Jason unfastened his jeans and stared in surprise.

What the fuck?! Jason exclaimed to himself.

Jason couldn’t believe what he was seeing. What happened to my penis? Jason wondered. It was much larger than he remembered, or was it. Jason was having trouble remembering exactly how big it was. Was I always this big? He thought to himself. I don’t remember my pants not fitting. Something must be different.

In astonishment, Jason pulled his manhood out of pants and it began to grow as blood pumped into it. The girth of it was incredible, and the length was noteworthy without being ridiculous. It was a cock he could be extremely proud to show off. It was also very nice looking, if that could be said about a semi-hard penis, but the texture and feel of it was immaculate.

How have I never noticed this before? Jason was wondering when a loud knock came through the door.

“Umm…I’m in here.” Jason stammered.

“Hurry the fuck up dude!” Someone shouted through the door.

Jason stuffed his cock back in his jeans, but he was more careful to make sure it was slotted down his pants leg this time. The sensation of it rubbing against his tight fitting jeans was amazing, but a little worrying since it was a little obvious. As Jason left the bathroom, he made a beeline for a couch in the basement and sat down on one end in an attempt to hide his bulging member.

What is going on? Jason was thinking when he noticed Julie walk over to him. It took Jason a second to realize that Julie was trying to hand him a cup of beer, which he eventually took. She sat down next to him, and started making small talk, which was new for Jason. Julie was an underclassman, but she was very cute for her age. Short black hair, crystal blue eyes and a petite frame made her one to watch in the coming years.

Huh, I never noticed how pretty she is. Jason thought as he stared at her lips. He was finding the conversation easy going, and she was laughing at what he was saying. Maybe I really am funny. He wondered.

Julie’s hand suddenly fell and rested lightly on Jason’s arm as they continued to talk. The feeling was thrilling for Jason, but he could feel his cock stiffen against his leg and visibly grow within his pants. Jason had never been so conscious of penis before.

Can she see that? Jason frantically thought as they continued to talk. Don’t break eye contact. She won’t look down if I don’t look down.

Jason shifted in his seat in an attempt to relieve the pressure in his pants’ leg, but as soon as he settled, Julie’s face flushed bright red, and he knew instantly that she saw it. At that moment the conversation stalled between them, and Jason felt his own cheeks burning.

“I’m sorry.” Jason stammered.

“Oh, no, it’s fine. I know these things can’t be helped.” Julie admitted.

“Thanks, I’m not sure what’s happening with me today.” Jason confessed as he got up to leave.

Julie reached up and grabbed Jason’s hand.

“Where are you going?” Julie asked.

“Oh, I just thought I would give you some space.” Jason said.

“But I liked talking to you, and I was having a good time.” Julie confessed looking down.

Jason sat back down. This was new for him. No one had ever said they enjoyed his company before. As he shifted back into his seat, Julie moved closer to him, and she slid her hand on his knee causing Jason’s cock to engorge even more until it almost hurt. Julie realized how close her hand was to his cock now and the sheer length and size of it was unlike anything she had ever seen in real life before. Without thinking her own curiosity got the better of her and she moved her hand down to cup it against his leg. The firmness of it shocked her at first, but as she stroked it slowly, her mind began to imagine what it looked like.

Jason’s heart was racing. He wasn’t sure what was going on, and he wasn’t sure what to do about it. He was frozen in place as she gently rubbed him. The feeling was unlike anything he had ever felt before, and he couldn’t believe it was happening.

Suddenly, Julie’s awareness of the situation kicked in and she abruptly pulled her hand away.

“Oh my god. I’m so sorry.” Julie murmured. “I don’t know what came over me.”

“Oh, umm…yeah. No worries.” Jason stammered.

“I’m going to go now.” Julie stated out loud as she stood and ran away.

“Yeah, okay.” Jason called after her.

What the fuck just happened. Jason thought. Did I just get a hand job? No, she must have just been trying to rub my leg, and got carried away with it.

Realizing his cup was empty, Jason got up to get a refill. As he made his way to the kitchen he ran into Paul who was surrounded by three girls who were half dressed and hanging on his every word.

Ugh, of course. Jason thought to himself as he pushed past the group.

“Yo, Jason, what’s up man?” Paul called out. “Glad you could make it. Ladies this is my main man Jason.”

‘Main man’? Who is this guy kidding? Jason laughed to himself. “I’m good man, how are you?” Jason replied.

“I’m good dog.” Paul responded. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you at one of these parties before.”

“I’ve been at the last three.” Jason said.

“Huh, well, you’re looking different.” Paul said.

As Jason filled his cup, one of the girls next to Paul came up behind him and draped herself on him. Jason didn’t know who she was, but he certainly felt her hand slide up between his legs as she whispered in his ear.

“Damn!” She exclaimed in Jason’s ear as she slowly realized she could feel his large cock hardening down his pant leg. “Is that real?”

“Umm…what else would it be?” Jason said turning toward her.

“I just…I’m not sure…what’s happening…why am I touching you?” She sputtered as she backed away shaking her head unsteady. It was like a fog had descended over her mind and she wasn’t sure what she was doing.

Jason turned all the way around to face her. This must be the pendant. He thought to himself. She was staring at Jason looking from his crotch to his face with confusion seeping into her forehead. The amount of attention Jason was getting for his penis was making him more than a bit turned on. It was impossible to hide his semi-hard erection now. The outline of it was visible for anyone to see, and as he stood in the kitchen he noticed quite a few glances from the women and men in the room. Jason figured there wasn’t much to be done about it, and, to be completely honest, he wasn’t ashamed of his newfound manhood so he headed back to the couch in the basement with his drink.

After a few minutes, his friend Brian plopped down next to him.

“Dude, is it true?” Brian asked.

“Is what true?” Jason replied.

“That you’re stuffing your pants with a dildo?” Brian smirked.

“What?!” Jason exclaimed questioningly. “No, I did not stuff my pants.”

“Well, it’s just I’ve seen you change in the locker room, and I know you don’t have that monster thing you’re sporting there.” Brian said giggling.

“Fuck you! You’re gay!” Jason said laughingly.

“Well, it’s just some rumors are starting to go around here tonight, and the ladies are talking about you.” Brian said. “I just don’t want you to get yourself into a situation you can’t live up to if you know what I mean.”

“I’m good Brian.” Jason said calmly. “You don’t need to worry about me.”

“Cool bro. Oh, and I not that these two things are related, but I think Cindy was looking for you.” Brian said as he hopped up to leave.

Jason looked around the room, and he spotted Cindy over in the corner talking to Julie. They were laughing at something, but Jason couldn’t make out what they were saying. I hope this isn’t a set up. Jason thought to himself as he walked over to them.

Cindy was the school slut so to speak. Not that there was anything wrong with that, but she was known for getting it on with just about anyone, but for some reason the girls at the school all sort of looked up to her like she was some sort of wise sex encyclopedia or something. She was tall, and thin, with straight brown hair. She always had dark eyeliner on and her skin was a strange tan shade year round. She was the kind of girl that always seemed to have something in her mouth, which Jason found annoying. As he approached her and Julie, Cindy turned to face him pulling a lollipop out of her mouth exposing her ruby, red candy covered lips and tongue. The flash of color sent a shiver down Jason’s spine and a tingle in his cock.

“I heard you wanted to talk to me.” Jason said questioningly.

“Is it true?” Cindy said matter-of-factly.

“Is what true?” Jason countered.

“You know.” Cindy said making a sound with her mouth and holding out her hands to gesture a size.

“Oh, you know I’m not comfortable talking about this with you.” Jason said.

“Umm…well Julie here said she touched it, and it was massive.” Cindy said pointing to Julie who looked like she wanted to crawl under a rock that did not exist. “Oh, you know what this is stupid, come on.”

Cindy took Jason’s arm and led him to the basement bedroom slamming the door in the process.

“Pull ‘em down.” Cindy commanded.

“Umm…excuse me?” Jason smirked.

“You heard me.” Cindy responded. “I want to know if it’s true. So just whip it out already. I’ve seen just about every guy here anyway.”

“Look, I don’t know you that well…” Jason began.

“Oh for crying out loud.” Cindy exclaimed and walked over and before Jason could really respond she unbuckled his jeans and pulled them down enough for his massive cock to spring out.

“Whole fucking shit!” Cindy whispered as she took in the massive organ before her. She reached out with both hands and grasped it gently. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. She fell to her knees and brought it to her mouth. Her eyes were locked on it in pure concentration. Jason was left dumbfounded by the situation as Cindy’s mouth tried to take the tip. The skin was so smooth as she slid her hands up and down the shaft. She had never wanted something so bad in her life.

Jason stumbled back a step as the warm sensation of her mouth enveloped him. He couldn’t believe what was happening. This afternoon he was just hoping for a kiss, and now, his cock was in Cindy’s mouth. The feeling was amazing, and her eagerness to possess him was overwhelming. The sound of Cindy gagging and slurping was becoming too much for Jason. She was pumping him faster now while working his cock with her mouth. Her grip couldn’t even fit completely around his shaft, and she was struggling to keep her mouth over it without biting. Watching her go to town on him was more exciting than anything he had ever seen before, and he felt his orgasm building. Cindy’s hands moved down to cup his balls, and the warmth of her fingers pushed him farther along. In one motion Cindy pulled off her shirt and unclasped her bra. The sight of her round tits made Jason even more turned on, but what she said next tipped him over the top.

“Cum on my tits!” Cindy exclaimed as she leaned back.

Jason gripped his massive cock and started pumping with fury. The night’s events so far had left him peaked and he was ready to blow. After a few seconds he launched a load of cum all over Cindy. She began smearing it all over her nipples and chest like she couldn’t get enough. Jason squeezed out the last bit, and Cindy leaned forward to lick the drops from Jason’s cock. His cum was shiny and sticky on her chest and nipples. The sight of her was amazing, but oddly confusing. Nothing like this had ever happened to him before. As if coming to the same realization, Cindy opened her eyes and began looking around the room as a slight confused demeanor took hold.

“What’s going on?” Cindy said confused. “Why is my shirt off? Did we just have sex?”

“No, we did not have sex, but uh…you did help me out a bit.” Jason said smiling as he stuffed his drained cock back into his pants.

“I just don’t remember what I was going to say to you.” Cindy said drowsily. “I remember seeing your massive cock, which was amazing, and the next thing I know I couldn’t control myself. It was like someone or something was compelling me to be with you. Can I see your cock again?”

“Umm…how about another time?” Jason said as he moved toward the door.

“Yeah, sure. Another time.” Cindy said softly as her confusion took hold.

Jason backed out of the room leaving Cindy along with cum all over her breasts. That was fucking awkward, but holy shit it was amazing. Jason thought as he made his way back to the couch in the basement only to run into Julie again.

“Where’s Cindy?” Julie asked.

“Umm…she’s in the bedroom.” Jason said shyly.

“Is she alright?” Julie questioned.

“Of course!” Jason said.

Julie walked over to the bedroom and walked inside. Jason could hear an audible gasp from Julie as she opened the door. Fuck me, this isn’t likely to look good on my part. Jason thought to himself as he raced over to the bedroom to try and head off any additional rumors.

Opening the door, Jason saw the bathroom light on across the room and as he moved closer he could hear Cindy and Julie whispering to one another.

“What the fuck Cindy?” Julie asked.

“I couldn’t help myself.” Cindy commented dryly. “I had never seen anything like it before in my life. Not even in a porno.”

“How big was it?” Julie asked giggling.

“I mean, it was big, but not big.” Cindy said confusingly. “Like, when I saw it and touched it, it filled up my eyes and hands, but I was able to get it in my mouth, which shouldn’t be the case right? I mean, it was perfect for me. Like it was adjusting its size to fit me perfectly.”

“I never thought of Jason like that before.” Julie said smiling. “I mean, he was always around, but something about tonight was calling me toward him.”

“Oh, I know right?” Cindy said. “Like, his name was whispered to me over and over again.”

Just then, the light in the bathroom went out and the two women exited only to see Jason standing in the bedroom staring at them.


The second Jason saw the two girls exit the bathroom he knew something wasn’t right. Julie rushed past him and locked the bedroom door, while Cindy maneuvered Jason to the bed. Neither of the girls said so much as a word during this, and Jason found himself stripped naked on the bed before he knew what was happening.

I’m dreaming. That’s it, this is a dream. Jason thought as he watch Cindy and Julie strip off their clothes. Even though he just blew a massive load on Cindy a few minutes ago, the sight of the two girls was more than enough for his cock to rise to the occasion. As his erection grew the girls stopped to watch, and they grinned at the sight of him as well.

“Now that’s a nice looking cock.” Julie said aloud.

“I told you it was amazing.” Cindy commented.

Jason was dumbfounded. He had never had sex before, and for this to be his first time was more than he could fathom. Fortunately, Cindy took the lead, and something about the way were acting made Jason think that he didn’t really need to do much to make sure they had a good time too.

As Jason lay back on the bed with his legs spread, the two girls leaned down and began taking turns licking his cock. After a few minutes, Cindy left Julie to suck and work on Jason’s cock alone while she moved up to Jason’s mouth and started kissing him. Jason moved his hand down between her legs and slowly started penetrating her with his middle and ring finger. The warm, wet sensation was unlike anything he had ever felt before. Cindy moaned in his mouth and began pressing back against his hand. Seeing Cindy’s pleasure, Julie turned her body to position her wanting vagina at Jason’s fingertips as well. He didn’t need to be told as he pushed his other hand into her warm pocket as well. From his view, Julie’s pussy was soaking wet, and his cock was harder than it had ever been.

Finally, Cindy moved on top of Jason. Using both hands, she lined his smooth cock up against her, and eased herself down onto him. His could was visibly filling her, and the sensation was almost too much for Cindy. However, after a few seconds and some movement, the fullness of it subsided a bit and she found herself sliding up and down with some rhythm. Julie watched in amazement. Jason’s cock was the largest thing she had ever seen, but it just seemed to fit perfectly inside of Cindy. Cindy’s juices were flowing down the shaft in gushes, and the sight of it was more than Julie could handle. She straddled Jason’s face while reaching out to touch Cindy’s breasts. Jason looked up and breathed in the warm, musty scent of Julie. Without a second thought, he opened his mouth and buried his tongue deep into her. Julie’s spine lit up like a Christmas tree, and she slammed down on his face, grinding her mound into him.

Jason let out a loud groan, and Cindy began shaking violently. Her orgasm was crashing harder than ever before, and she kept whispering something Jason couldn’t quite make out. Julie was also enjoying the tongue bath from Jason, but watching Cindy have an out of body experience on Jason’s cock was making her jealous. As Cindy reached the peak of her climax her whispering transitioned into full on bellows.

“I love your cock! I love your cock! I love your cock!” Cindy wailed over and over again.

Then, with suddenness, Cindy toppled over and began spasming on the side of the bed curled up in a fetal position. Jason wasn’t able to see what was happening, but Julie saw her chance and climbed atop Jason to mount him herself. She was more than a little lubed up from all the action so far, and Jason’s massive organ filled her right up. Julie had never had sex with another person before, but she realized a long time ago that you could get anything off the internet. She had spent a month alone, locked in her bedroom when her first vibrator arrived, but she didn’t come out of her room for a semester when a much larger vibrating dildo showed up. Jason’s cock was more than anything she had ever had inside of her before. That was all she could say to describe it. More. It felt incredible as she shifted her weight down on it. Jason was able to see her, and having him stare at her while he filled her up was incredible. She looked down at Cindy who was slowly recovering now with shallow breaths.

Julie looked down at Jason, and began slamming her pussy up and down on him. His cock fit her perfectly, but she was dumbfounded by this since she had seen the thing, and it was massive. How could it fit so well she thought? Jason locked eyes on her, and he reached down to cup her ass in his hands. His warm hands were amazing. The whole experience was amazing. His cock was slamming deeper into her, each stroke more perfect than the last. She had never wanted to cum so badly in her life, and the feeling was starting to overtake her like never before. She reached up and held her tits as she bounced harder and harder, and faster and faster. Just when she didn’t think she could take any more, Jason shifted and his cock expanded deeper into her and stretched her like nothing before. She was immediately floored by the orgasm that racked her body. The waves crashing over her were only overshadowed by the forceful cum that shot into her like a warm spray of goo mixing within her. Jason let out a loud gasp as his cock twitched. Julie looked at him as they both came together.

“I love you.” Julie muttered under her breath.

This is amazing! Jason thought to himself. Is sex always like this? He wondered.

Julie slumped off to the side, and a trail of cum leaked out of her and onto the bed. All three lay there spent. Then, without warning the door to the room exploded open and a crowd of people burst out in cheers as all three people on the bed looked up in confusion.


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  1. Very cool concept. I love the way the amulet gives like +10 charisma and advantage on all persuasion rolls… on accident. It’s so cute and clever and sexy all at once.

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