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A Friend In Need

My friend's husband's cock is too big for her. Can I help?
A Friend In Need

Hello, I’m Alice and I love my husband. That may not be too surprising but to listen to my friends talk about their husbands you would think actually loving your husband was totally bizarre.

We called it a book club and we met every Saturday but we rarely if ever talked about books. It was a chance to drink wine and talk gossip and that was all. I enjoyed most of the subjects we routinely chatted about but when the conversation inevitably turned to husbands and how much they were disliked, I normally fell silent.

“I think I’m going to leave Mike,” said Jane. This was a little more serious that the usual husband talk but I guess it was inevitable eventually. “He asked for sex three times last night,” she continued.

“He didn’t!” the others chimed in with scandalised expressions. Asking for sex as the main crime my friends’ husbands commit. Most of them just don’t like sex — they will put up with it about once a month but any more than that they see as an unacceptable imposition — but Jane actively disliked it, at least with her husband Mike. She had told us numerous times before about how big Mike was in the trouser department and how uncomfortable she finds him when she does let him have his way with her (normally only on his birthday and at Christmas).

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

I love sex. I love my husband and I love sex. We normally screw about four or five times a week, not that I tell my friends that or they’d think I was gaga.

When Jane first told us about her husband’s member, I was half way through congratulating her when she and the others looked at me like I’d said I’d given up wine.

“He was like a wild animal last time I let him,” Jane continued.

The last time she’d let him fuck her was his birthday, 5 months ago. I’m not surprised he was eager, he’d been going up the wall since Christmas. If I made my John go that long I think he’d bore clean through me when I finally let him have a go.

“My Billy’s the same,” said Emily, “he’s always asking me, but not three times in a day,” she said in a tone that suggested he had murdered someone.

“I just wish he’d go see a professional,” said Jane, “or cheat on me with another woman.”

As she said this, our eyes met. She looked directly at me as she said she wanted her husband to cheat on her and she kept the eye contact a second or so longer than felt natural, like she was saying she meant it.

The others all laughed but I could see a couple of them thinking it actually wasn’t a bad idea.

Not long after that, the ‘book club’ broke up and we all went our separate ways. I took the shortcut back to my house, across the fields, which meant it was easiest for me to enter through the garage instead of the front door, which meant no one heard me as I came into the house.

As it happened, and this is what made Jane’s look to me feel even weirder, but Mike was actually at my house. He and John were in the living room drinking beer. The book club is held at a different house each week and the husband of the host normally makes themselves scarce while we talk about them behind their back.

“You poor man,” I heard John say as I emerged from the garage and into the kitchen. “However do you cope?”

“I mostly don’t! I asked her three times last night but she wouldn’t bunch. I’m going absolutely spare.”

“I bet you are; I wish I could help. I bet Alice would jump at the chance to give you a ride.”

“Ha, I wish! Your missus is quite the woman. But I couldn’t do that to you. Or Jane,” he added after a while, but I could tell he wasn’t so sure about not wanting to cheat on his wife.

“I wouldn’t mind,” said John, “I’d say the more the merrier.”

I felt guilty about accidentally overhearing their conversation, especially such an intimate one, so I closed the door to the garage and put my purse down on the kitchen counter with as much noise as possible.

“Hi John, I’m back,” I called out, “book club ended a little early. Can I bring you anything?” I asked as I popped my head into the living room. “More beer? Tea? Something to eat?” A slow hard fuck against the wall, I added in my head.

“Some tea would be great,” said Mike as he took a lingering look at my body. I wasn’t wearing anything particularly tight or revealing but I guess anything looked good after 5 months.

“I’ll come help you,” said John as he got up from the sofa.

Back in the kitchen, I put the kettle on, which I hopes would drown out our voices to Mike.

“Did you hear much of our conversation?” asked John.

“Not much. Just the last bit, where you were pimping me out to your friends,” I said with a smile.

“He’s really hurting,” said John seriously.

“I know. I wish we could help him. Jane said something similar too.”


“She said it like a joke but I don’t, she may have been serious.”

“What did she say?”

“Just that she wished Mike would see a prostitute. Or cheat on her with another woman. And she looked at me with a really weird expression.”

The kettle finished boiling and I poured the three cups of tea. When I looked at John his expression was very strange.

“What do you think?” he whispered.

“You’re serious?” I asked.

“Only if you are. I meant it when I said the more the merrier. I would love it if you could help out my friend in his time of need and if Jane has given her okay, why not?”

I hadn’t really given it any thought until now as it seemed so unlikely but now I considered it, I didn’t have anything against it if John didn’t.

“If that’s what you want,” I whispered.

I took the teabags out of the cups and added the milk and we carried the tea through to our friend in need.

I gave Mike his tea and smiled internally as he looked down my top then John and I sat down on the sofa opposite him.

“So, you want to fuck me then?” I asked innocently.

Mike almost choked on his tea, coughing as it went the wrong way.

“What did you say?” he asked as he recovered.

“John tells me you want to fuck me. How about it?”

Mike looked from me to John, unsure what was going on.

“Like I said, the more the merrier,” said John.

“Ha, yeah right.”

But when we just smiled back at him, he started to wonder and I saw movement in his trousers as if something was waking up.

“Tell you what,” said John, “I’ll pop out to the corner shops and pick up some more beer. Why don’t you two … make yourselves comfortable.”

John got up, kissed me on the lips, and left us to it.

When John had gone, I decided I’d better take the initiative as Mike still seemed to feel on uncertain ground so I put my tea down and then dropped to my knees and slunk over to him with a Cheshire Cat grin on my face.

“You’re serious?” asked Mike in a small voice.

I just nodded as I reached for his trousers and started undoing them. When the zip was lowered, his python sprang up, under the waistband of his boxers, and I saw Jane hadn’t been lying, it was the biggest, fattest cock I’d ever seen.

I pulled his boxers down out of the way and grasped his powerful cock. I couldn’t reach all the way around it with my hand so I held it with both, with looked tiny in comparison. I was going to enjoy this. I started slowly rubbing his cock, then bent forward and engulfed his cock head with my warm mouth.

“Oh my god, you’re going to … do that? Jane never does that!”

I smiled inwardly as I started bobbing my head in time with my pistoning hands. I couldn’t get much of his monster into my mouth but I think he enjoyed what I did manage, especially coupled with what I was doing with my hands.

“Oh my god, oh wow,” Mike was almost chanting as I slowly worshipped his cock. I was going to make this last a long time and savour every moment.

“Oh my god, oh my god, OH!”

And with that, what felt like a fire hose went off in my mouth. I tried to swallow to keep up with the powerful flow of spunk but most of it came spurting out my mouth and splattered all over my top.

“Oh wow, I’m sorry,” Mike said with an anguished expression as his impressive erection started wilting. “Thank you so much, and you swallowed too!”

“Don’t thank me yet,” I said with determination. I wasn’t going to miss out on that incredible cock, not when I was so close to having it.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, sit back and watch because I want a proper go on that thing,” I said as I stood up and started stripping. The top would have to go in the wash soon anyway if wasn’t ruined already. It wasn’t a sensual strip tease or anything, just a functional removal of clothes, but I thought it would do the trick anyway considering how few fucks he gets.

“Oh wow,” he whispered as I took off my bra and showed him my tits. They weren’t anything too special but they were bigger than Jane’s and I was proud at the effect they had on his cock. He was back to full mast before I’d taken off my long skirt, let alone my panties.

His eyebrows rose when he saw my neat little landing strip. I guess Jane is au naturel down there. But I didn’t give it much thought; I just took the bull by the horns, so the speak, and got on to ride. I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity.

“Oh, good god,” I said as I squeezed his cock head into my pussy. I was streaming wet but it was still hard going.

“So … big,” I said as I finally managed to push his bulbous head inside. I stayed like that for a minute to try to get used to the feeling. Mike just sat still — he must be used to it taking a little while to take his meat. Then I started pushing down again, taking it slow at first but getting faster as I felt myself stretching.

Before long, I was riding in earnest. I couldn’t accommodate his entire length but I got close and what I could manage felt incredible. Just then, I noticed some movement through the window and I saw John in our front garden, watching his wife fuck his friend. He was watching raptly, his face full of enjoyment. I smiled at him deliriously, our eyes locked, as I energetically fucked my pussy down onto Mike’s incredible cock and before long I found myself shuddering through a powerful climax.

After his first climax, in my mouth, Mike seemed to have a lot more staying power. He stayed hard through my orgasm and then seemed to find his confidence. He looped his arms under my knees and then, with some effort, he pulled himself up into a standing position, my pussy still fucking on his cock. He turned us around and lay me down on the sofa, where he really started going to town. Now I saw what Jane meant when she said he was like a wild animal the last time she let him fuck her. I just held on tight as he ploughed into my sopping cunt and he gave me three more mind-blowingly intense orgasms before he came deep inside me with a loud roar. It felt like a pressure washer was up my pussy and his hot cream soon overflowed.

Mike fell forward onto me, totally spent from his exertions, and we lay there in a sticky mess for a few minutes.

I didn’t hear when John came back into the house but I noticed him standing in the doorway watching us with pride and desire in his eyes.

“Did it look as good as it felt, darling?” I asked.

“It looked amazing,” said John in a throaty voice.

“It was,” I said dreamily.

Mike eventually managed to rouse himself enough to slip his deflating python from my sloppy pussy and roll onto his back.

“I can second that,” he said. But then he seemed to realise something and he looked panicked. “What have I done? I’ve been unfaithful!”

He sat up and put his head in his hands in despair.

“Jane will understand,” I said soothingly as I patted him on the back.

Mike quickly dressed and left in a run to get back to his wife.

John was still smiling at me even though I must have looked a right state, splayed out on the sofa with Mike’s drying cum all over me.

“I’ve got to have a shower,” I said, getting up.

“I’ll join you,” said John eagerly.

John had his wicked way with me in the shower. I was still stretched out from Mike’s pounding but he managed to give me another orgasm before he added his cream to his friend’s.


The next day, I decided I should go and see Jane to clear the air.

I rang her bell and, when she answered the door, she smiled in delight and hugged me right there on her doorstep before dragging me in and offering me tea.

We sat at her kitchen table with our tea and I tried to talk to her about what had happened.

“About what you said yesterday,” I started, “about wanting Mike to che—”

“Oh, you’ll never guess,” said Jane, interrupting me, “Mike came back from yours yesterday a changed man. He was happy and content and didn’t bother me for sex once all night.”

“Oh, g-good,” I said, uncertain.

“I don’t know what our husbands got up to yesterday but I hope they do it again whatever it was.”

“I’m sure that can be arranged,” I said with a smile. If she didn’t want to talk directly about what we had done, that was fine by me. She was happy with me fucking her husband and I was happy with her husband’s monster cock fucking me whenever he wanted.


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