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Who Was She?

I lost my virginity but who was she.
Who Was She?

Who Was She?

It was New Year’s Eve and I had just turned 18 years old the day before Christmas. It’s a bitch having a birthday so close to Christmas. You always wonder if you are getting cheated out of a Christmas present just so that they can give you a birthday present.

Anyway it was New Year’s Eve and I got tired. Mom slipped me a glass of Champaign, my Aunt Betty slipped me a glass of Champaign too, and then my Aunt Sally slipped me another glass. I guess that explains why I got tired. Fortunately the party was at our house so I just went up to my bedroom, got undressed, and then I got in bed.

Sometime after midnight I was awakened. Someone had crawled into bed with me but I didn’t know who it was. The room was dark and there was no moon that night. It was a woman I could sure tell that from the way her big soft breasts pushed into my side. A sweet tongue slipped into my mouth as she kissed me. Then her hand was around my cock and it was growing.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

Then suddenly she got over me, straddled my hips, and held my cock up as she lowered herself down onto it. I was being raped but I didn’t care, in fact I was enjoying it a lot.

As she rose up and settled back down I could feel her breast rub against my cheek. I turned my head and occasionally I got a hold of her nipple with my lips. I heard her moan but I still had no idea who she was. She kept bouncing on me until I had erupted inside of her but she didn’t stop. Soon she was cooing and shaking as her orgasm came too. It was the best feeling ever. She cuddled me until I fell asleep.

When Mom woke me up in the morning I was in bed alone. At the breakfast table I saw my mother and both of my Aunts. They had all spent the night because they had been drinking. I listened to stories of who passed out early, where they had slept, and other details of the night they all had. I was trying to figure out who had been in bed with me. I wanted to thank her and I wanted to tell her that I wanted to do it again.

As the day wore on we watched the Rose Parade from Pasadena, California. The women fixed drinks and food and even served us men in front of the television. In the afternoon things settled down considerably as they realized just how tired they were.

I kept looking at my Aunts trying to figure out which one had gotten in bed with me. They had about the same bodies, the same height, the same weight, and about the same size breasts. I smelled of their perfume but thanks to Mom they all smelled the same. I was trying to decide which one had the sweet tasting mouth when I saw Aunt Betty passing around a small container of breath mints. I was racking my brain trying to figure out if the woman’s hair was to her shoulders, pulled back in a ponytail, or short. I never touched her hair. I had no idea which of my Aunts had seduced me.

As they got ready to leave I got kisses and hugs as usual. I whispered in each of their ears, “Thank you for last night, can we do it again sometime.”

I did not get the reaction that I was hoping for. In fact I didn’t get any reaction at all. I got funny looks though.

After they left Dad went up to bed to take a nap.

Mom asked, “What did you say to my sisters?”

I’m sure that I blushed. I said, “Oh nothing. I just told them that I had a great time.”

Mom replied, “That isn’t what Sally told me on the phone a few minutes ago.”

I was speechless.

Mom asked, “Just what did happen and what do you want to do again?”

I don’t know what possessed me to tell her but I did. “Mom, some woman came into bed with me. We had sex and I really liked it. I’d do anything to do it again.”

Mom smiled at me and said, “Well the first thing you need to do is to stop talking about it to my sisters. You shouldn’t talk about to my husband either. You see it was me that climbed into bed with you last night.”

I looked at her and said, “You, Mom.”

Mom actually blushed and said, “I was feeling very frisky from all of that Champaign and your father fell asleep on me. Your father was feeling me up all night and making me promises of how great our sex was going to be and then the bastard passed out on me. I’m sorry but you were the only man that I could use to satisfy myself.”

I smiled and replied, “Don’t be sorry, Mom. I’m not. I want to do it again and as often as I can.”

Mom said, “Just keep it to yourself and we can do it almost every day if you want too.”

I knew that Dad was asleep so I asked, “Can we do it now?”

Mom gave it some thought and said, “Okay but we have to be quiet. We don’t want to wake your father.”

I watched Mom undress and then I admired her naked body. I had never seen a naked woman for real before. Mom stuck her breasts in my face last night but it was too dark to see them. In daylight they looked magnificent. They were full, they looked heavy, and her nipples and areolas were dark. I liked it. She had tiny marks low on her belly. I knew that they were stretch marks from having me. Then I saw her hairy pussy mound with her shaved slit below. I liked that too. Then Mom turned around so that I could admire her ass. It was a little too full but it gave her a nice hourglass figure. Her ass crack looked very nice. Then Mom spread her legs apart and leaned over to touch the floor. Oh my God! Mom was showing me her asshole and her parted pussy lips. Both were perfect. I felt so excited that I leaned in and planted a big kiss right on her puckered asshole. I kissed her pussy slit several times going from the top to the bottom. That excited Mom so I kept it up. Next I stuck my tongue out and licked her slit as deeply as I could get my tongue. I held onto her wide hips and she moaned and moaned.

Mom said, “Oh that feels so wonderful. No one has ever licked my ass before, not even your father. Oh I’ve licked his often enough and I’ve even let him fuck my ass but he never kissed it.”

Astonished I asked, “You let Dad butt fuck you. I didn’t think girls liked that.”

Mom said, “I’ve always loved getting my butt fucked, ever since I was your age. I could tell you how many different boys I’ve let in there and the total times too.”

I asked, “How many?”

Mom giggled and said, “I knew you would ask. Thirteen boys and men have entered that hole a total of eighty-seven times.”

I asked, “How many were Dad?”

Mom giggled again and said, “Only seventeen times. I give him anal sex every year on his birthday.”

I said, “But you have only been married for fifteen years.”

Mom giggled again and said, “Yes but we were going together for two years before we got married and then two years later you came along.”

I asked, “Can I fuck your ass?”

Mom looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Yes, you can…and as often as you want to too.”

I asked, “You mean every day?”

Mom giggled and said, “I suppose so.”

That New Year’s Day I stuck my cock in my mother’s pussy just after midnight unknowingly and then I stuck it in her ass knowingly. A short while later I stuck my cock in my mother’s mouth. She told me that I was the very first man to stick it in her mouth after it had been in her ass. I didn’t know if she was lying or not but it sure made me feel special.

Dad woke up from his nap refreshed and frisky. He grabbed Mom’s pussy, she giggled, and then he chased her up the stairs. I heard laughter coming from their bedroom. I heard Dad grunt, I heard Mom moan, and then I heard the bed come crashing down onto the floor.

I ran up the stairs, opened their bedroom door, and asked, “Are you guys all right?”

Dad was rolling on the floor and Mom was still on the bed naked laughing her ass off. I watched her titties jiggle and I watched Dad’s cum drip out of her pussy.

After a couple of minutes Dad said, “So now that you’ve seen your mother naked, maybe she’ll start wearing some of those sexy nighties that I keep buying her.”

I simply replied, “I’d like that.”

Mom said, “Okay, okay, you two can have your way. I’ll wear a different nightie each night until I run out of nighties.”

I just had to ask, “Then what?”

Mom laughed and said, “Either your father buys me more nighties or I start wearing nothing at all around the house at night.”

I looked at Dad and said, “Please don’t buy her any more nighties.”

Dad laughed and said, “My thoughts exactly.”

Over the next few weeks I did get to fuck Mom in her pussy, in her ass, and then stick my cock into her mouth to it get clean. Dad got to fuck her almost every night too. Seeing her walk around in a different sexy night did wonders for their sex life and their marriage.

Then one night Mom crawled into bed with me. I knew that Dad was still awake because I had heard them making love.

Mom said, “Your father sent me in. He said that I was getting you just as excited as I was getting him and that I owed it to you to take care of your problem. From now on I’m to let you fuck me after school and again after he fucks me if you want. Of course he thinks that you are getting sloppy seconds instead of a freshly cleaned rectum.”

I replied, “The joke’s on him. I already get it two or three times a day without you coming in after he has had his way with you.”

I raised my voice and called out, “Thanks Dad.”

He replied, “Anytime.”

I then said to Mom, “He said anytime. I think we should do it before I go to school in the morning too.”

Mom just giggled and said, “You’re insatiable.”

I replied, “Maybe you can get Aunt Betty and Aunt Sally to help you out with me.”

Again Mom giggled and said, “Believe me, they have offered. They are still wondering about your comment that morning.”


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