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Waking On The Couch

A lovingly intense morning on the couch.
Waking On The Couch

“Thanks for making coffee, Jacob.”

He looked up from his novel.  I marveled at the studious look his glasses gave him. With his graying hair and trim build he could have been a prep school don. Then the serious look broke into a wide grin. “Good morning, Katie.” Jacob shifted one side of the blanket and I curled next to him on the couch. I watched the first rays of sunrise while he read. For a few minutes the only sounds came when he turned a page or when I sipped at the coffee.

Halfway into my mug, he bookmarked a chapter and laid it – and his folded glasses – on the table next to us. He leaned back against me, wrapped me into his arms and brushed his lips across my ear. “Will you let me wake you up, baby?”

Mmm. I loved his attentiveness.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

He moved the instant I said “yes”. He gently took my coffee then returned to kiss down my chest over my shirt. By the time he reached the hem, he’d swung his legs to kneel in front of me. His touch was assertive, confident, but still he glanced up into my eyes as he traced the waist of my pajama bottoms. It was a silent “May I?”

“Jacob…” My voice was caution and desire.

His smile was experience. “I know, baby. Let me take care of you.” 

Our eyes locked. I could see hunger and heat in his, as if just being near me turned him desperate. I nodded yes. 

With smooth, strong movements he lifted my hips to the edge of the couch and tugged down the pajamas, leaving my panties on. He kissed my upper thighs while his hands wandered my legs, starting light at first. He built me higher with rolling fingertips across my skin – and especially his lips, kissing then sucking then nibbling into my thighs. He waited until my hips bucked towards him in pure need before peeling my panties down, kissing over them as they fell down my legs and to the floor. 

“Katie,” he breathed. “You’re so fucking beautiful.” 

Somehow he sounded like he meant it, even with my messy hair and loose pajama top and still-sleepy eyes. Even when I felt like my most beautiful years were behind me. I knew from the firm touch of his hands on my legs that he meant it. And the path of his mouth up inside my legs left me dripping. It was so slow and controlled I ached before he reached the crease of my leg. 

“Jacob.” My hands were in his hair. My voice was cautious once again. I wanted him, but…

“I know, baby,” he breathed into my heat. “I know. I’ll take care of you.”

With his fingers still adoring my thighs, his lips start slow, melting over my pussy lips in the sweetest kiss imaginable. I relaxed into the feeling. Trusting him. He always read me incredibly well and this morning was no different. As I began to melt, he tilted his head, deepening the kiss while his hands held my ass apart. I started to lose myself in the feeling of being exposed and opened and accepted and adored. Unaware which came first, his tongue pressed into my pussy and one bold fingertip circled my asshole. My fingers tightened on his hair, on his shoulder, on the blanket discarded onto the couch, on anything I could reach. He worked me until my hips bucked up against him. I was wild with need. And still he was firmer, mouth sucking on my pussy lips, tongue pressed in against my walls, finger sliding in a single digit into my ass. 

I came, hard and loud and shivering.

He didn’t stop, only pushed through my orgasm, finding another or extending the same one. I never could tell and I never cared. Minutes could have been hours. 

Then I was aware of his shifting weight. Still kneeling in front of the couch, he straightened. Our hands came alive: he tore my shirt off as I tore off his. He pushed his own pajama pants down to his knees. His cock sprang out, long and thick and dripping with precum. 

“Baby…” I moaned.

I stretched my hand out to wrap around his hardness, but he caught my fingers in his and led my hand back up to his shoulder. “Let me take care of you,” he repeated. Then his mouth was on mine in a long dancing kiss. I tasted my pleasure on his tongue. It drove me wild. Still kissing me, he pushed just the head of his cock into my wetness. Again he held my ass cheeks open. I felt my pussy parting just as easy. Again I was open and exposed to him. I felt my hips grind up to beckon his cock in deeper, but he stayed there with magnificent self-control, fucking just one inch, just two inches in to me.

I came, again. And again. Somewhere amid the flood of orgasms, his finger returned to my asshole. This time, two digits deep. This time, rocking in and out in rhythm with his hips. All the while he fucked me with just the head of his cock, rubbing the thick ridge against my walls.

I lost track of the time. My hands clenched into his shoulders, his back, his hair. I might have left scratches on his skin. My throat felt raw from screaming.

Then somewhere amid the flood of pleasure, he turned me. Those strong, capable, confident hands turned me over on the couch and laid my chest against the cushions, before they returned to my ass. I felt the familiar sensation of his hands spreading apart my ass cheeks.

“Yes, Jacob…” I panted. “Please, more…”

One long, bold lap of his tongue against my asshole. I howled, loud and desperate. His voice groaned from behind me and he lapped again. And again. He adored my asshole with his tongue as lovingly as he had eaten my pussy. But this time, his hands had switched. Two clean fingers snaked around my leg and coaxed against my g-spot.

It was heaven. I felt my body transcend into the pleasure, almost detach from reality. He worked me so thoroughly, so skillfully, until my body molded into the couch. My thighs felt slick from all the cum he milked from me. And still he licked and sucked and adored my asshole like it was a second pussy. 

He knew me. He accepted my body. He embraced how my body worked. That recognition was the sexiest of all.

I might have screamed and twitched for hours while he worked my body. Finally he straightened up once more, still kneeling behind me. Both hands resumed their role of holding my ass open. He thrust into my pussy deep, drawing a long scream of pleasure from my lungs. His hips thrust again, marvelously, then three times. Then utter emptiness as he slid out. “Jacob–” 

I didn’t have time to finish the question. His thick cock pressed against my asshole. I was so relaxed and melted from his attention that I parted for him easily, melting around him. His hips rocked slowly, pushing just a hair further with each new thrust as I stretched to fit him. When his hips touched the curve of my ass, he moaned deep. A groan from the mouth that had so lovingly licked my asshole which he now fucked. 

Slowly. Sensually. He made love to my ass.

I screamed and screamed and screamed as he took me.  I felt full. I felt complete. Each long push of his hips was pure bliss. My own cum dripped down my legs in a steady stream while I rode my anal climax.

Jacob panted from behind me, “Katie, baby… you’re so fucking tight…”

And somewhere I heard my own voice as if disembodied, repeating the same nonsense syllables of pleasure. “Yes, baby please. Oh yes, fuck yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass…”

We melted. Exploded. All at once, his fingers tightened on my cheeks, his hips jutted forward, and long hot ropes of cum filled my ass. My shrieks drowned his groans in a beautiful cacophony. We came, together, then slowly descended in slower, shorter strokes and heavy panting breaths. 

He collapsed onto the couch at my side and I curled in to him unthinkingly, our arms a tangle and my leg draped over his. His skin was covered in a light sweat. Or maybe that was me. I couldn’t tell; our bodies still felt inextricably joined.

Jacob’s voice broke the silence first. “Let’s get a shower, baby. We’ll clean ourselves up then I’ll make you breakfast.” I mumbled an assenting reply against the warmth of his chest. Beyond the couch, the sky brightened to day.


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