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The Outer Banks

Kevin is seduced by the sand, surf & Leah.
The Outer Banks

Kevin Wilson sighed deeply as he watched the sun rise above the distant rim of the Atlantic Ocean. Ordinarily, he would be renewed by the appearance of the reddish-yellow globe on the horizon, but today only reminded him that another day of dull boredom had arrived. Ten years ago, Kevin wouldn’t have even considered rising this early to view sunrises, even in this incredibly beautiful and isolated section of North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Ten years ago, Kevin and his bride, Anne, would have been rumpling the sheets and screaming out their passions as Kevin pounded Anne from behind. Well, he thought to himself, making love to Anne in today’s reality would be more like him just plain screaming, while Anne would be too consumed with keeping Kevin muffled and getting the act quickly completed.

For years now, Anne had only been participating in their lovemaking as a distant observer, floating above it all, and not really a participant. Her interest in their sexual life had declined precipitously, to the point where Kevin realized it had been four months since they had last fucked. Strangely, Anne seemed happier by the day, while Kevin seemed to sink to new lows with each passing month. Anne had the children, her part time job, her charity activities, their oldest daughter’s wedding to plan, and complete freedom from her body’s monthly cycles due to the recent onset of menopause. Anne also had economic freedom thanks to Kevin’s successful career, and absolutely no continuing interest in the messy, smelly, sticky sexual acts performed between loving men and women.

Kevin leaned down on the deck railing and wondered how things could have ever spiraled downward to this point. In the midst of this contemplation, he noticed a lone figure strolling along the water’s edge, perhaps 50 yards from where he stood on the deck. Narrowing his vision, he considered retrieving his binoculars, for the lone figure had all the right curves and graceful moves that femininity often commands. The figure danced lightly at the water’s edge, and kicked at the surf with her feet. Kevin could now see that the woman was buxom in build, with large breasts and full hips. Definitely not the lithe, often pathetically thin fashion model type so idolized by our current, shallow society. As he watched her frolic in the shallow water, he saw her hesitate suddenly as her gaze turned inland and she noticed him watching her from the beach house deck. She raised her hand in a wave, which Kevin found delightful, and which caused his return wave almost without voluntary thought. The woman paused, then turned away from the house, and faced the ocean.

Kevin watched intently, as she raised her arms behind her back, and with that practiced motion he found so charming, deftly unclasped the top of her bikini and let it fall to her side, dangling from her left hand. His breath caught in his throat as the woman slowly turned, feline-like, and gave him first a side, then a full frontal view of her incredibly lush breasts. Kevin immediately stood upright, surprised at this sudden erotic turn of events, and fixed his eyes on this angelic creature. She raised her hands to cup each heavy breast, and he thought he saw her thumbs begin to circle her dark aureoles. He could only imagine her nipples rising from the stimulation and early morning air, as the distance was too great to actually see her dimpled nubs. But he wasn’t too far away to see her raise a breast up to her mouth and begin to suckle one of the large globes.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

Kevin’s cock was stirring now and this lovely woman was definitely in need of some male companionship. He moved toward the deck stairs that would take him over the dunes and into the presence of this blatantly flirtatious mermaid. But as he hit the top stair, and looked to the water, the woman waved again, and leisurely strolled up the beach. Kevin considered giving chase, but quickly decided that she would have remained there, once she saw him moving her way, if she wanted his company. As he smiled to himself, and considered that the day hadn’t started out so badly after all, he thought he heard feminine laughter floating on the wind from the direction in which the woman had headed.

Later that day, Kevin was returning from a surf-fishing foray north of his and Anne’s rental property. He’d had actually been hoping to run into his surf nymph, but she was nowhere to be found. As he approached the house, he noticed Anne lounging on the deck, but she was not alone.

Anne watched Kevin settle his fishing gear by the deck railing and smiled over at the large breasted woman in the yellow bikini/beach cover-up combo. Kevin immediately took in the dark auburn hair, and large twinkling brown eyes of the surprise guest.

“Kevin, I want you to meet our vacation neighbor from up the beach. Leah, this is Kevin, my better half.”

Kevin stared at the beautiful Leah, long enough that Anne’s eyes narrowed slightly, but not long enough that serious jealousy could gain a foothold. Finally finding his tongue, he smiled warmly at her, clearly flirting with his deep blue eyes. Leah walked over and offered Kevin her hand, which turned out to be warm and smelling of coconut oil. While her back was to Anne, Leah also looked into Kevin’s eyes, snaked her moist, pink tongue across her full lower lip, and placed her other hand on her right breast to tease a nipple into hardness through her bikini top. Kevin’s breath caught in his throat at this second seductive advance from Leah, and he felt his cock hardening and stretching in his shorts. Leah glanced down briefly to let Kevin know she was aware of his state, and a sly smile lit up her face. As quickly as the flirtatious seduction had begun, it was over, and the three settled down on the deck to converse about their vacation plans.

During the next hour, Kevin discovered that Leah was 38, divorced (three years ago, should have been eight), childless, and a hospital administrator at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, in Raleigh. Leah had been coming to the Outer Banks since her teenage years, and loved how the Carolina beaches made her feel so sexual and free. She especially liked the very isolated beaches north of the Currituck Lighthouse. Leah had always rented in this most remote section of the northern Banks, accessible only by four wheel drive vehicles. There were few rental properties here, spaced far apart, and even a small herd of wild horses could still be seen from time to time.

Kevin found Leah to be an absolute delight, and began to wonder what it would be like to fuck such a sensuous, seemingly uninhibited woman. Kevin found out one other thing about Leah during the hour discussion. She kept a completely shaved pussy.

Leah had chosen a deck chair directly opposite Kevin, while Anne reclined on her chaise looking straight up into the bright blue Carolina sky. Leah immediately established eye contact with Kevin, and began running her index finger inside her swimsuit top, from one side of the cup down to the center clasp between her breasts. He watched closely as the finger reversed direction and traveled back along the same path. Each traverse of the bra saw the finger go deeper into the cup until Leah’s fingers were circling and pulling on her distended nipple. Transfixed, he watched as Leah ran her other hand down her stomach to her crotch, and placed it between her thighs. He looked up from her spread legs, and the two locked eyes in an intense stare. Leah’s mouth opened, and with her eyes partially shut, her fingers danced at both her breast tips and her suit-covered cunt. Kevin watched as beads of sweat formed on Leah’s upper lip. Her head began to rock with the rhythm of her teasing fingers. How could Anne not sense what was happening, thought Kevin? He could almost smell the heat from Leah’s crotch. Slowly, Leah opened her legs even further and pushed her pelvis towards the front of the deck chair. She reached to the leg-edge of her swimsuit bottom, grasped the hem of the fabric, and pulled down and across her belly. Kevin was so engrossed watching Leah’s quivering cunt lips that he at first missed the fact that she had no pubic hair, not even a bikini Mohawk. Kevin looked up to see her panting, then pleading with her now wide open eyes.

Kevin moved his hand to adjust his swollen cock and glanced at Leah’s openly displayed cunt just in time to witness several large, glistening dollops of female juice drip from Leah’s spread cunt lips to the wooden deck planking between her spread feet. Kevin groaned deeply, which prompted Anne to question if he was feeling all right. Kevin assured Anne that, yes, he was feeling just fine. Anne made a disparaging remark about male sounds to Leah, who just laughed it off and rearranged her swimming attire.

Anne told Kevin that she was going to take her daily seashell-seeking walk along the beach, so why didn’t he take the opportunity to clean up from his fishing foray. Leah begged off on the shell hunt, saying she needed to get back to her house. She did, however, ask for something to drink before leaving. As Anne strolled off to the beach, Kevin headed inside to wash up, get Leah her drink, and get some semblance of control back over his painfully distended cock.

As Kevin stood in the kitchen washing his hands at the sink, he heard the light, sandy, shuffling sound of an approaching female. Leah came up behind him and pressed her breasts full into his back, while pushing her crotch hard into his ass. Kevin reached around behind Leah’s hips and grasped both of her ass cheeks in his strong hands. Leah molded her body to him, and encircled his shoulders and neck with her arms. As Kevin started to turn, Leah took his head in her hands and plunged her hot tongue into his ear, avidly sucking every groove and channel she could find.

Leah placed her soft cheek against Kevin’s and whispered directly into his ear…”Lick me, baby, oh Kevin, suck my pussy…It’s been so long and I am so hot for you…. Did you see me dripping, baby? Please, Kevin, taste me NOW…”

With an otherworldly moan, Kevin spun, wrapped his arms around Leah’s thighs, and lifted her onto the kitchen’s island. She was a well built woman, and no featherweight, and not used to being manhandled in this manner. Squealing in surprise, and threw back her arms to form a pyramidal brace of her upper body on the counter top. Kevin reached to her hips and hooked his thumbs into the sides of her suit.

“Lift up, baby.”

Leah arched her hips upward, and Kevin tugged down the skin tight suit bottom. As soon as the crotch panel cleared from between her legs, Kevin could smell the rich lust emanating from Leah’s cunt. He smiled, and looked up. Leah, smelling herself now in the stillness of the kitchen, exclaimed, “Oh my God, is that me?”

Kevin pushed his hands under Leah’s thighs, and lifted them up and over his shoulders. He then placed Leah’s feet on his collar bones and dove head long into her sopping cunt. She groaned deeply, while he used his hands and thumbs to open wide her engorged pussy lips. With her labia split open, he tongued Leah’s entire cunt, from her perineum to her throbbing clit. Leah’s legs trembled and thrashed around so much that Kevin had to firmly pin her feet to his shoulders with his strong fingers. He lashed at Leah’s clit until the swollen bulb seemed like it might burst. Kevin then pointed his tongue and drove it up and under the hood of her clit. Leah stiffened, then went completely rigid, and pleaded with Kevin to finish it, end it, suck me off. Kevin placed his whole mouth over Leah’s upper cunt and applied a gradually increasing suction until Leah screamed out.

“Sweet Jesus!! Ohhh..OHHHH I’m com…comin….coMING!!!

Leah’s pelvis convulsed and arched again and again. Kevin reached down with his right hand and used his thumb to rub insistent circles around Leah’s asshole while she twitched, came over and over, and drenched Kevin’s face in a waterfall of her slippery cunt cream.

Kevin gently massaged the whole of Leah’s swampy crotch while she mewled through her post-orgasmic bliss. Needing to free his stiff cock from the close confines of his shorts, he backed up a step and dropped them to his ankles. Kevin lifted his heavy, blood engorged cock to Leah’s pubic mound, and laid the heavy prick atop her cunt. Her eyes focused and saw that the bloated shaft, now dripping with clear slippery fluid, reached way up on her belly, almost to her navel. She groaned as she realized how deep that cock would go and how full its girth would make her wet, silken walls feel. Kevin pulled back, feeling suction against his hanging balls, as they were unwrapped from her sopping labia. Leah sucked in her breath, instinctively knowing that the next thing she would feel would be the huge head of Kevin’s cock nuzzling, then dilating her creaming cunt mouth. As Kevin used his hand to rub his large cock head up and down the wet slit of Leah’s cunt, he heard the sliding glass door to the deck glide open, announcing Anne’s return from the beach.

Reluctantly, but rapidly, disengaging himself, Kevin reached to pull up his shorts and managed to stuff his throbbing cock back into the limited available space afforded by the tight material. He planted a wet kiss on Leah’s mound while helping her off the kitchen island and bending to help pull up her stretchy suit bottom. Leah headed to the bathroom while Kevin strode out to the open living area to intercept and greet his wife. It would not do to have Anne wander into a kitchen reeking of Leah’s recently loosed sexual scents.

Kevin and his wife were discussing Anne’s beach discoveries when Leah reappeared and joined them for a brief moment. Leah begged off a second drink offer, saying she needed to get back to her rental to make some phone calls. Anne headed off to the shower, while Kevin walked Leah out to the stairs of the deck. Leah reached up on her toes to lightly kiss him, and then canted her head so that she could whisper in his ear.

“My place, around 10 tomorrow, baby…try to make it…”

She slowly used her loose tongue to lick the lobe of Kevin’s ear, before dropping back to her heels, and bouncing down the steps to the closest dune. Kevin watched intently as Leah strode off up the beach, singing her way along the hard packed sand. He watched to see if Leah would turn back for that one last look, and was completely prepared with a wave and a smile when that slightly coquettish turn of her head did come.

The next morning, Kevin practically bounded from bed and quickly finished his morning bathroom chores. Appearing at the breakfast table, he noted Anne was dressed and ready to go out somewhere. Kevin’s half-hard cock began to deflate as he thought of the possibility of a completely lost opportunity.

“Are you going up the beach to do some fishing, honey? I thought I would head on down to Duck or Nag’s Head and shop this morning. I knew you’d be thrilled to tag along”, laughed Anne.

“Spare me, Annie. You go on ahead.”

“See if you can catch something fresh for dinner tonight, Kev. I have a surprise for you. I’m taking the Cherokee. See you later this afternoon.”

Kevin poured himself some coffee and headed out to the deck to wave goodbye to his wife. He looked out over the vast ocean and watched a pod of porpoises leisurely circling while moving south along the coastline, not more than fifty yards offshore. Kevin stayed in his own fantasy world until 9:30, when he decided to see if Leah really meant what she had said.

Grabbing his surf fishing gear (can’t be too careful, don’t you know) and humming Creedence’s “Favorite Son”, he headed north along the beach to what he hoped would be a sensual feast worthy of a romantic poet’s hottest wet dream.

He noticed a flight of pelicans headed north with him, just off the water’s surface. Hunters. Large birds, but elegant in flight, and always in single file, never in the classic avian vee. He smiled, as he thought of nature’s other vee’s, particularly the one attached to Leah. In spite of this arousing image, Kevin’s eyes were drawn to a single figure, standing hip deep in the rolling waves of the ocean.

Unless a twin was a possibility, this woman had to be Leah. She watched him, and then began wading out of the surf toward the beach and dunes. As her body began to be revealed, Kevin could see that Leah was naked and moving sensuously, slowly through the water. As Leah hit the hard packed sand, Kevin could see the full, lush curves of her mature body, backlit by the morning sun. This was no woman striving to win a Calista Flockheart look-alike contest. This was a fully ripened woman with well-rounded hips, a softly muscled ass, and heavy breasts. Kevin stood stock-still and stared, marveling at this incredible figure before him. Leah also smiled, but stared back intently. Kevin silently thanked God for isolated beaches.

Kevin pulled off his T-shirt and dropped it to the sand beside his fishing gear. Never taking his eyes off Leah, he reached to the waistband of his suit, and pulled it down over his hips and legs. He kicked the suit over to join his now discarded shirt. Kevin could feel his cock expanding, thickening as the blood surged into his prick.

Kevin started toward her, but she ran toward the dunes and the nearby rental house. Kevin followed, feet pounding the sand, until he ran up and over a large sand dune, only to find Leah settling herself on a large blanket spread out in a secluded area out of sight of the surf.

Kevin settled himself beside her, and reached out for one of her firm breasts, with its tightly puckered nipple.

“Oh God, Kevin, I need you, baby…” but Leah never got to finish as Kevin plunged his mouth onto hers in a passionate melding of their lips.

Leah stretched on the blanket, alternately moving her legs back and forth across the towel-like material. Kevin dropped down between her spread thighs, and leaned down to plant a firm kiss in the center of her pubic mound. Leah inhaled sharply, and brought her long limbs up to her chest, giving him complete access to her wide-open crotch. He scooted lower and used his tongue to split open Leah’s wet lips, only to seek out her swelling clit. He flicked the fat, blood-engorged bud from side to side, before drawing her clitoris into his mouth. His steadily increasing suction on her clit quickly brought Leah off, and she thrashed and clawed the blanket as well as Kevin’s scalp as she repeatedly reached higher and higher peaks of pleasure.

Quickly, Kevin was up and over Leah, dragging his hard, heavy cock along her smooth, soft thighs. Leah recognized his need immediately.

“Fuck me, baby! Shove that big cock up my cunt. God, I’m sooo wet for you.”

“Not yet, sweetheart. I need a good cocksucking first. I want to feel my hot seed sliding down your sweet throat.”

Kevin moved up Leah’s stomach and chest and sat lightly on her firm breasts, using his knees and thigh muscles to shock absorb his body weight. He laid his thick cock on her chin and watched as his clear fluids leaked from the head to coat her glossy lips. Leah stuck out her tongue and Kevin laid his cock along the length of it. He softly caressed her jaw line as she closed her mouth, formed a tight seal around his prick, and began to nurse.

Kevin’s head went back and his eyes closed at the exquisite feeling being derived from Leah’s incredible sucking talents. She couldn’t get much cock in her mouth in that position, so she gently coaxed him off her chest and onto his side, while never breaking contact with the object of her desire. On their sides, Leah could engulf most of his cock and he gradually pushed his entire prick down her gullet. She snuffled and snorted while trying to breathe and suck his thick eight inches all at the same time. Kevin realized her struggle and pulled back, but Leah mumbled and grabbed his loaded balls hard enough to stop Kevin’s rearward motions. Leah meant for him to keep his cock deep in her throat, but the sudden rolling of his sensitive testicles triggered his powerful orgasm. Leah suddenly found herself dealing with a mouth and throat stuffed with cock and an eruption of thick, creamy cum. Kevin retracted his spewing cock and watched, in fascination, as Leah began to swirl his seed around her open mouth with her tongue. Not yet finished, his cock shot two additional pulses of cum onto her lips and cheek. Kevin watched Leah close her mouth, and anticipating that she was about to swallow, touched her lips with his fingers, smearing the pooled semen. He looked into her questioning eyes, and shook his head back and forth, silently telling her not to gulp down his seed. Leah’s eyes widened as Kevin brought his mouth to hers and opened her lips with his tongue. Leah sighed deeply, and fed Kevin his own semen as he pushed his massive hand between her open thighs, sought her clit, and tortured her by rubbing it vigorously. The lovers shared his viscous cum and fed each other until both had swallowed their fair shares.

Both were breathing harder from the powerful act. Kevin looked at the beautiful full figured woman lying there and felt his cock regain life and strength. He suddenly got to his knees and roughly rolled Leah over onto her stomach. Cupping his strong hands under her hips and lifting Leah up onto her knees, he spread her legs wide open. Positioning himself behind her, he laid his lengthening cock in the crack of her firm ass and pumped to bring himself to a hard, full length. Leaning over her to kiss her neck and run his tongue slowly down the center of her back, he trailed warm saliva along her spine.

Along with the salty sweat from Leah’s back, Kevin also soaked up a tongue full of grit, and noticed that Leah’s butt cheeks and back were sprinkled with hundreds of grains of Carolina sand. He reached for Leah’s beach bag and found a half-full bottle of Dasani, hidden among her sunglasses, paperbacks, and suntan lotions. Unscrewing the cap, he took a healthy mouthful and then slowly sprayed the sun-warmed water from his mouth over her back and ass. Kevin saved the last mouthful for Leah’s cunt, lowering his mouth and spraying the water into the heated interior of her splayed open pussy lips.

Leah rolled her head, then looked back at Kevin with pleading eyes and simply said, “Take me, …NOW!”

He placed his hands on the globes of her fine ass and pulled open her cheeks. He placed his rock hard cock at the opening of her cunt and fed her the bulbous head and the first few inches. Leah was dripping her cream down her thighs and the wetness ran down Kevin’s ball sack to drop hotly on the beach blanket. He used his hands to pull Leah’s ass towards him, and both marveled as Kevin’s cock head rippled down the slick walls of her flooded pussy tunnel. He bottomed out after a few powerful strokes and then the lovers fell into a syncopated thrust and parry that had them both moaning, then shouting out their lust.

Kevin was fascinated by the view he had of Leah’s pulsing anus, and suddenly remembered the suntan lotion in Leah’s bag. He reached for the bottle and momentarily broke the rhythm they had unspokenly established. Kevin poured lotion on Leah’s lower back, coated both his thumbs in the slippery fluid, and then gently worked both of his thumbs into the molten interior of Leah’s ass.

“Yessss, baby, fuck my ass…Push deeper..slow…SLOW….Ahhhh, that’s it, baby…work my asshole.”

“Oh my God, Leah, I can feel my cock plunging into your cunt through your ass…”

“Ohh, baby…Ohh, Kevin…Don’t stop…don’t ever stop…”

Kevin worked her asshole open wider and wider with his spreading thumbs, and once a sufficient anal gap was opened, Kevin pulled back from Leah’s sweet cunt, placed his cream covered cock head at her anal opening, and pushed deeply inside her ass.

Leah wailed at the sudden invasion, but quickly adjusted when Kevin held still, buried to the hilt in her gloriously tight ass.

“Ohh, Kevin, plow my asshole, baby. Come inside my ass”

Kevin could barely move inside her, and gazed with wonderment at the dilation of her anus around his thick cock. Leah reached back under her belly and began to stroke Kevin’s balls. That did it.

Kevin let out a loud moan, and emptied his overloaded balls into Leah’s pulsing asshole. Leah felt the heat of his loosed semen and responded by coming explosively, flooding Kevin’s belly and thighs with a slippery deluge of her female fluids.

Leah collapsed forward onto the blanket, taking Kevin and his deeply embedded cock with her. Kevin lay on her back, nuzzling and breathing into her sweat soaked hair.

“Baby, there’s no way I walk away from this and never see you again.”

Leah used her sphincter muscles to alternately tighten and release her hold on Kevin’s cock and replied, “I don’t think you have any worries there, sweetheart.”

“Why’s that, baby.”

“Because Anne invited me over to your place for dinner tonight. We’re becoming quite close, Anne and I. I do believe we share some common interests.”


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