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Sweet & Wet

I take my lover under a waterfall.
Sweet & Wet

I strut by you, naked. My body is glistening from the sweat of my recent work out. “Going to wash up,” I toss over my shoulder and shamelessly wiggle my ass for your benefit.

By the time I reach the waterfalls, which serves as our shower, you have shed your clothes and followed behind me. We step under the sun-warmed water together and you wrap your arms around me, breathing into my ear. “I love the body that is Katiara. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

You always say the sexiest things!

After we are sufficiently wet, you pull me just out of the cascading water and begin washing my back. You’ve turned us so that your back is against the rock wall and I am facing out, my back still to you. Your hand is slick with soap and glides down my back like silk. I can feel you, you are so turned on your erection prods me as you move. You slide your soapy hands up my arms and begin washing my shoulders, your slick fingers massaging. It feels so good I find myself relaxing. I force my eyes open with a hidden smile.

I step back, pinning you between the wall and my body and whisper, “Wash my chest and stomach now.” Your erection is trapped, pointing skyward, between the cheeks of my ass.

Your sudsy hands roam my chest, massaging each of my breasts. You flick your thumbs across the nipples then slowly drag your hands away. Sliding down my belly you slip a finger into my bellybutton and play with it. Your lips are at my neck, kissing and biting me gently. I love you kissing my neck as much as you love playing with my bellybutton and I begin to squirm with you still caught between my cheeks. I smile again, though you cannot see it, a wicked little thought forming.

My favorite past time is to invent new ways to blow your mind. My throat is husky as I whisper. “It’s time to wash my ass.” You twitch between my cheeks. You hesitate, expecting me to move but I stay pressed up against you. Finally, you get it and slide your soapy hand down between us to wash me. I squirm again, your slippery fingers brushing across my most sensitive areas.

As we became soapier and soapier, I began to grind my ass against you in an erotic dance of sorts. From between my cheeks you slide over one cheek as I grind my hips one way then as I shift, you slide across to the other cheek.

I twist my hips and you rise up and over and then around one of my cheeks. Having come full circle, I trap you between my thighs, so that you are rubbing delightfully along my sex. I look down and can see your swollen head, peeking from between my legs. It’s glistening but from water or your own dew, I don’t know.

I raise one hip, pulling my thigh upward against you then I shift and raise the other hip, causing me to spin and twist around you. It feels so nice. I close my eyes, and moan. You twitch in response.

My back arches and I turn my head to kiss you. When I breathlessly break our kiss I stare directly into your eyes, my lips almost touching yours. “You want to fuck me, don’t you.” It wasn’t a question.

You nod but I want to hear you. “Say it.”

Your voice is hoarse as you answer. “Oh, Babe I want to fuck you.”

I kiss you and can’t conceal the smirk on my lips. I grind and twist against you again. “Where do you want to fuck me? And don’t you dare say ‘here’.” I know your smart mouth will seize the open ended question without a reprimand.

Without waiting for an answer, I ask, “My mouth?”

You are quiet, contemplating. My hot breath wafts over your lips, still nearly touching mine. “Mmm, ok then how about my…pussy?” Another little grind. No answer.

I smile again and whisper so you have to strain to hear. “My ass?”

I feel you twitch and hear you groan. I smile and kiss you, my lips barely brushing yours. “Good choice.”

My lips are still close to yours and I watch your face as I whisper, “One condition though. I get yours next.” then I bend forward, pivot my hips and free you from the confines of my thighs.

I feel your hand between us and you guide yourself to me. Slowly you work into me then abruptly stop. “You do it.” I hear you say. I push firmly back against you with your hands on my hips to hold me steady.

I feel your head slip into me and gasp, stiffening in reflex. I force myself to relax and push back a little more. I have to stop. My body is screaming to me that I really have to go to the bathroom. Now! I fight the feeling and close my eyes, pushing again. Your thumbs are arcing back and forth on my hips but other than that you are utterly still letting me do the work.

Again I push back and feel my cheeks brushing your mat of curls. I stop and take a deep breath. The feeling of having to go to the bathroom is still there but it’s beginning to fade, being replaced with a more pleasant feeling of…fullness.

“I bet you have just a little more for me, don’t you, lover?” and I push back hard against you. You grunt as you slide the rest of the way into me and I hiss, “Yesss…I knew you would.”

“Your turn.” I groan once I’ve gotten used to your invasion. Slowly you begin to move uncertain what I can take. It’s stopped being uncomfortable and has begun to feel exquisite. I moan and begin to move with you but you’re still going slowly and our rhythm is off. You’re moving against me as if I will break and each time I push back, you pull away. I’m beginning to become frustrated. Finally I can’t take it anymore and looking over my shoulder at you, I scold. “Are you going to tease me all night or are you going to fuck me?” I buck my hips hard and fast against you.

Your hands tighten on my hips and then you are moving, your hips pounding fast and furious. The feeling is intense now, not at all painful. It’s not enough to make me come but I am, nonetheless, extremely turned on.

You grunt then draw in your breath with a hiss between clenched teeth.

“K – k- aatiiieeee,” you yell out as you slam into me one last time and release.

You pull out of my ass and pull me to you, my body flush against you. You have your lips pressed against the pounding pulse on my neck. “Gods, I love you, my Sa’amey. You never cease to amaze me.”

I turn in your arms. “I aim to please my love but I hope you don’t think we’re finished. You owe me, remember?” And with that I move behind you.

I begin to wash you, slowly and methodically beginning with your shoulders and working my way down your arms and back. I reach around and work the lather into your chest and your belly. I carefully wash your spent and still very sensitive cock. Sliding my hands over your hips I begin massaging the cheeks of your ass with my soapy palms. I slide my fingers down the crack of your ass and then carefully work the slick soap and into your puckered rosebud.

I push your upper body downward, with one hand splayed between your shoulders and the other on your hip, while at the same time pulling your lower body back toward me, until you are bent at the waist.

I make a fist and very carefully insert my thumb into your rectum, whispering, “My turn now…” My digit is well lubed, and I go slow. You stiffen but don’t try to stop me. “Relax.” I say soothingly. I continue caressing your back with my free hand.

Once I have my thumb buried inside you up to the last knuckle, I step forward and center the flat of my fist over my sex and loop my pinky around my clit.

With my free hand on your hip guiding you I begin pushing my thumb slowly in and out of you. Each time I push into you, my pinky tugs on my clit. Conversely, each time I pull out of you, my fingers slides back down. It’s very similar to what I do when my hands are stroking you and the sensation is driving me wild.

You groan and begin grinding your ass against my hand in a manner that tells me you are enjoying the experience. I lower my head and rest my cheek on your damp back and close my eyes. I lift one leg and draw it up to your waist and you scoop your arm around it holding me up. In this position, I am able to increase both the pace and the thrust of my movements. I moan and that first heady rush of lust washes over me. I remove my thumb and turn my hand so that I am now fully focused on my own pleasure. You feel my hand frantic against you and push back so that my fingers are forced harder against my body. “Aghhhh” I moan, drawing my orgasm out. Finally you feel me relax behind you and drop my leg, turning to catch me before my weakened knees give out.

You kiss me tenderly then help me back under the water to rinse off. You take a thick towel and dry me. Then, with your arm around my shoulders, lead me inside.


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