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Steamy Mexican Vacation

Couple vacation in Cancun, & wife finds new pleasure.
Steamy Mexican Vacation

Last year my husband and I vacationed in Cancun. Cancun has a vibrant escort business and my husband talked me into trying one. I had to fill out a questionnaire about sexual turn-ons and what kind of escort I preferred and what kind of sex I liked and it even had a choice of cock sizes! At first we thought about a three way but at the last minute my husband decided to watch so I opted for anal fucking.

My husband didn’t tell me, but at the last minute he changed the form to request an escort with a ten inch cock.

We arrived at the resort and it was a lot of fun and full of activities. Our appointment was for the third day at 4:00 in the afternoon. While the kids were at the pool we left and had lunch and went to a bar. I had never done anything like this and was feeling a little nervous. My husband sensed this and we had more than a few margaritas. After a while I was feeling less inhibited. As we were in a dark corner of the bar my husband slipped his hand under the table and gently rubbed my clitoris. After a couple more drinks and an occasional rub I was feeling ready for an adventure! We had talked about trying a threesome before and the thought excited me but we were always afraid to try with friends and worried about getting caught with strangers. Our fantasy was close to becoming a reality and I was excited. My husband leaned over and whispered in my ear “I want to see you take every inch of that cock in your ass, slow and deep, until you come at least 5 times!” I was ready.

We paid the bill and walked out the door and down the street. We were only two blocks away from our destination. When we got there an attractive lady in a skimpy outfit met us and asked our name. We told her and the lady smiled and gave us a key and pointed to the elevator. We rode up to the fifth floor and got off and walked down the hall to room 521. It looked a lot like a hotel room except that it had a king sized bed covered with a leather padding, a small low bench, two chairs a table and a leather sofa. It also had mirrors covering the wall at the head of the bed and a big screen TV. We turned it on and it had adult movies on all channels. We found one we liked and I began to get undressed to slide into the outfit that my husband had brought for me to wear. It was a leather outfit with a black push-up bra and leather underwear which were crotchless. The crotch was covered by a sheer black snap off cover. It was sexy!

They had a couple of margaritas waiting and over the intercom they announced that Javier would be up in five minutes. As we sat and watched the big screen TV a young, well endowed man was slowly working his cock into the ass of what looked like an average, middle age lady of about 40. She really didn’t look like a model and she was in a room that looked just like ours. As he slowly worked the head of his cock into her ass she began moaning and breathing much faster in shallow breaths. As he picked up his pace she began pushing back against him and soon he was burying his cock completely into her ass and his large balls were smacking against her cunt and she was screaming “Fuck me, Fuck my ass hard, oh yeah!”

I jumped when I heard the doorbell ring. It was Javier. My husband opened the door and let him in. He was young, about 22, dark complected about 5′ 10 with an athletic build. I was surprised at how handsome he really was! He was dressed in khakis and a white T shirt and tennis shoes. He came over and gave me a big kiss and began passionately kissing my neck and ears. My husband took a chair in the corner to watch. He smelled like he had just showered and had a hint of a musky cologne.

We kissed for a while and he was very passionate and soon he positioned me sitting at the end of the bed and flipped on a small CD player. He pushed me back on the bed and stood at the end of the bed and did a slow striptease. First the shoes then the shirt and then he slowly slid his pants down, all the while moving to the music. As he slid his pants down I noticed he had muscular legs and a great ass. He had on a small g-string and when he turned away there was a single string that went up the crack of his ass. With his back to me gyrating I couldn’t resist rubbing my hands around his rock-hard ass. When he turned to face me there was a sizeable bulge in his g-string. He would slowly pull his g-string down to reveal his neatly shaved pubic hair, but he stopped short of revealing himself. After this slow tease he finally pulled the g-string down far enough so that I could see the base of his thick cock.

Finally he pulled his pants all the way down and I couldn’t believe it! His cock wasn’t yet hard but it hung down a full seven inches soft and it had a thick, meaty mushroom shaped head! His balls were very large and hung down a little further than the head of his cock and both his balls and cock were shaved smooth and he had a neatly trimmed patch of thick black pubic hair above his cock. I instinctively grabbed his cock and began to pump it up and down. As his cock got hard I watched the smooth head grow larger and larger. When he was fully erect it was very erotic. I have seen big cocks in adult videos but until you have a thick 10 inch cock in your hands pumping it slowly up and down, with the cockhead just inches from your face, I couldn’t believe the size and the heft of it in my hands! It was incredibly erotic and I could feel the moisture dripping down my legs and as I pumped it faster I could feel my heart racing. I couldn’t wait! I noticed a glob of lubrication oozing out of the head of Javier’s cock and I told him I was ready!

He led me over to the bench and slowly pulled off the cover to my panties. I lay on my stomach on the low bench with my arms and legs dangling over the edge. Javier reached down to massage my pussy and it was very juicy and dripping all over the bench. He rubbed my juices all over my anus. After some massaging and I could feel the head of his big dick pressing against my anus. He reached around to massage my clitoris while gyrating his hips in almost a dancing motion. As he gently worked my clitoris with his other hand he began massaging my breasts. My breathing got heavier and Javier was slowly working the head of his cock slightly in and around in circles, slowly stretching my sphincter. I couldn’t hold back any longer as his majic fingers pushed me over the edge and I began to have my first orgasm! As my vagina started to convulse Javier managed to get the head of his cock past my sphincter and it felt great! As my first orgasm subsided Javier plunged his massive cock the full ten inches deep inside my ass in one smooth stroke and I began to come again! He was not moving but I was moaning and pushing back against him and I felt skewered on his massive cock.

As my second orgasm subsided I looked over at my husband and he was watching intently and jacking off. Javier began to slowly fuck me with that big cock in very slow deliberate strokes. He was only penetrating about six inches or so and I could feel his big cockhead moving in and out as he expertly worked my clitoris. As I was breathing harder I felt another orgasm approaching. Javier sensed my orgasm and as I started to convulse he very slowly rubbed my clitoris and with each convulsion he buried all ten inches into my ass! His slow manipulation of my clitoris had the effect of elongating my orgasm for what seemed like thirty seconds! It felt so good that I had tears streaming down my face.

After each orgasm he would slow down and let me catch my breath and once I got past that period where my clitoris was hypersensitive he would pick up the pace and plunge deeper and drive his cock all the way in and work my clitoris until I was coming again. I came a total of eight times in the course of our fuck session!

As our hour was about over after my eighth orgasm I turned over and grabbed his big cock and jacked as hard as I could. The explosion caught me by surprise and as the first wad splattered over my shoulder. I squeezed his massive balls and he shot load after load of hot, thick white come all over my breasts, hands, stomach and pussy. He grabbed a towel and kissed me goodbye. My husband came over and rubbed the thick come all over my body and then we cuddled and fell asleep.

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