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Part 11


Tim and Pat take some time to get know each other

The next morning Lillian made coffee and toast. She knew Tim had to get back to the shop. He did have a business to run. They had a relaxing conversation at breakfast. Then Lillian brought up that autumn was quietly approaching. It was hard to believe he had been here just over eight months. And a crazy eight months it has been.
“Tim, I know it’s a couple of months away, but I usually go to my brothers for Halloween and the Holidays. I guess you’ll be going back home for the Holidays. You’ve been here almost a year.”
“No, Lillian. I have no reason to go back home. I have no home any longer, other than Medford,” Tim admitted.
“Can I ask?” Lillian asked sheepishly.
“Sure, seven years ago, my parents were killed in a home invasion. I wasn’t home because I was married. Seven months after that, my wife left me, and we divorced. It was not all her fault, I didn’t do much to help the situation, but I’m just glad I have a new home. I should get to the shop.”
“I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m sorry.” Lillian said in a sad tone.
“No harm. Everything is okay.”
Tim left for the shop, thinking this would be another Holiday season alone. His wife wasn’t around for the last two years before the divorce. The divorce was done mostly through emails and faxes. But he was considering putting up a small tree in the shop. More for customers than for himself.
Tim began working on a computer and was feeling very happy. This is why he came to Medford. He was lost in his work and loved it. The microwave signaled lunchtime, and Tim grabbed a cold beer. He had just finished when he heard the shop door open.
“Mrs. Trenton. What a pleasant surprise. What brings you to beautiful Medford?”
“I was visiting my college friend in Smithson and thought I would drop in. You have quite a shop here. How has business been for you?”
“Quite good. I have been very lucky. Can I offer you a coffee, I can make some tea or beer. As you can tell, it’s mostly a shop and bachelor pad.” Tim was a bit embarrassed.
Mrs. Trenton replied, “First, please call me Pat, and second a cold beer sounds wonderful. Summer hasn’t let go yet.”
Tim escorted her into his kitchen. They were catching up on the news since his vacation with Cynthia. Pat moved to get more comfortable in her chair. It was easy for Tim to see she wasn’t wearing a bra. Pat acknowledged that he noticed and began to unbutton her blouse.
Tim walked over to Pat and leaned over to kiss her as he pulled her blouse from her. Tim was kissing Pat hard and deep while he fondled her breast. Pat was busy fondling Tim’s cock and balls through his sweatpants. She pulled his pants down just far enough to expose his cock.
Pat wrapped her hand around his growing cock. She looked up at Tim with a seductive smile and gently slid from the chair to kneel in front of him. She started massaging Tim’s cock using a smooth up-and-down motion. While she hand-pumped him, she sucked and licked the head of his cock.
Pat looked up at Tim without missing a stroke of his cock. ‘I remember how good your hard shaft felt when you filled both of my openings. The feeling of your hot cock separating my pussy lips as you guided it into me. Then, to my surprise, you decided to stretch my back door. While you were sliding into my ass, I had a mini orgasm.”
Tim smiled down at Pat, “If I remember you prefer being bent over to offer your options. I hope you don’t mind if I enjoy your fragrance and taste. I enjoyed licking and sucking those beautiful pussy lips.”
“Please, take your time and enjoy. If you make me cum, you will just have to start over.”
Tim led Pat to the bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed and lay back in anticipation. Tim knelt on the floor and positioned his head between her spread legs. He enjoyed licking Pat as much as he liked pumping her.
When he was in position, he sucked and lapped Pat’s pussy lips. He ran his tongue up and down between her inner lips. Pat was moaning and holding his head. Tim grabbed her tits. Pat mewed in approval.
Sensing Pat was about to cum, Tim increased the tempo of his licking. Then he sucked her clit into his mouth and flipped it back and forth with his tongue. Pat let out a long moan and covered Tim’s face with her cum. He continued his oral onslaught until Pat pushed his head away.
Pat looked down at Tim and said breathlessly, “Oh, damn. Now you’re going to have to start over.” Then she laid her head back on the bed. “God, that felt wonderful.”
Tim crawled onto the bed and sat on his feet. He pulled Pat up to the point his cock and her pussy met. He slid it in her long and slow. Pat just moaned as she felt his pulsing cock enter her. He sat there with his cock buried in her pussy and leaned over to suck her tits. He could feel her muscles trying to massage him.
Tim slid from under Pat and shoved his cock right back into her. Pat yelped and her eyes widened. Tim grabbed her tits and started to squeeze and suck them. Pat’s hips were thrusting upwards to meet Tim’s stroking. They pumped each other, and Tim sucked her tits first, the left and right. When he nipped her nipple Pat’s cum began to flow again.
Tim didn’t stop pumping Pat. He continued pumping her swollen pussy as she squirted his cock and balls. Pat finally pushed Tim back. She was smiling and out of breath. She reached for Tim and kissed him as she tried to breathe. Each time she exhaled, there was a low moan.
Pat reached for a pillow and pushed it under her butt. She looked up at Tim seductively. Pat raised her legs, so her feet were on the bed, then spread her legs wide. Tim had a view of Pat’s two openings.
“I hope you have a little tube, if not, don’t worry about it. I have saved the best for the last.” With that, she spread her ass cheeks just enough for Tim to see her tight opening. Tim opened his duffel bag and brought out the tube.
“That’s the same one from the party!” Pat exclaimed.
“Yes, it is. And I have been saving it for you. When I smeared it on your tight butt and slid my cock into it, no one else was going to have this tube. It’s ours and ours alone.”
Pat pulled her legs back, and Tim began to apply the lubricant. Pat smiled and cooed as he massaged her tight opening. While he teased her opening, Tim slid a finger into her and started sliding it in and out. Pat smiled and moaned in approval.
She held Tim’s wrist for a second and guided two fingers into her. Pat closed her eyes and cooed at the feeling of the insertion. She encouraged him to finger the inside of her bowel and pump his fingers in and out of her. Tim greedily obliged.
Tim pulled his fingers out of Pat and crawled up to her. He handed her the tube and smiled. Pat knew what he wanted. She squeezed some into her hand and wrapped her hand around Tim’s aching cock. Tim knelt there as Pat hand-pumped his well-lubed cock.
Tim began to rock back and forth in her hand. He pulled out from Pat’s handjob and knelt between her legs again. Pat could tell by the look on Tim’s face, her back door was about to be slammed and slammed hard.
When Tim was in position, Pat guided his demanding cock into her back door. He immediately pushed it in. Pat felt his balls slap her ass and she loved it. Tim wrapped his arms around her thighs and pulled her to him.
Tim slammed his cock in and out of Pat, and with each stroke, his balls slapped her tight ass. Pat was encouraging Tim to pound her by grunting each time his pelvis slammed into her clit. Pat was pulling her nipples. She pulled them until they were stretched to the limit. While she did that, she looked at Tim and licked her lips. Tim pounded harder.
She could tell Tim was about to cum. And she wanted to feel his hot cum drench her bowels. She was pulling and shaking her tits. She squeezed them to offer them to Tim. That was the final touch, Tim’s first shot of cum shot deep into Pat’s rectum. The second followed to make sure her bowels were covered in his cum. Tim pounded Pat’s back door until he had nothing left in his balls. The pulsing of Tim’s cock trying to push the very last drop from his balls subsided. He lay down next to Pat. She got up and straddled Tim. She used his weakening cock to play with her pussy lips and almost got to insert him one more time. Tim and his cock were exhausted.
“Pat, you are a wonderful lover. Amazing is more like it. I thought about you many times since I got back here. Just between you and me, I wish Cynthia had not been there. I wanted you.”
“Tim, we all understand Cynthia the Lillian. The Medford Meddlers. They have a lot of money. and they expect things. Elenore and I, our husbands have money, well Ellie’s husband is dead. Albert has a ton of money. We have a prenup. I go where I want and with whom I want. So does he. I don’t know or care where he goes.”
“I love being with you, Pat. But in a way it’s sad. I wish you and Elenore could be happier.”
“Yea, especially with the Holidays only months away. Arthur goes to see his family from Thanksgiving until just after the first of the year. I’ll drive over to see my sister, but Elenore. She doesn’t even put up a small tree.”
“I understand. I may have a pretty good couple of weeks. People may buy a new or reconed laptop. I’m sure by the weekend after Thanksgiving, I won’t have much business. But I will be her just in case.”
“Tim, I know I have your trust. Elenore and I have spent some time together. I don’t have to explain, and I know that information will go nowhere. But won’t you go home for the Holidays?”
Tim felt like by the day was over, he would have told the story of his past a hundred times, and just short of being a headline. But Tim was getting some interesting vibes from Pat. The loss of his parents still hurt deeply.
“No, Pat. Several years ago, my parents were killed in a home invasion. A few months after that, my wife left me. The last two years of marriage and divorce were done by email or fax. Medford is home. I may visit friends I have made in Overton, but that’s about all.”
As they were getting dressed, Pat looked at Tim. She had nothing more than an existence with Arthur, Tim had lost his entire life. Cynthia and Lillian had families. Tim, Elenore did have a spouse, she had a spouse that had died.
Pat was getting ready to leave, and Tim walked her to the car. She hadn’t felt this alive in years. When she got into the car, she rolled down the window. Tim squatted down so he would be even with her.
Pat reached out and softly touched Tim’s face. He held her hand close to his cheek and smiled at her. He stood up and put his head through the window. Pat looked at him and then he kissed her. It wasn’t the kiss he would give Cynthia, Lillian, or even Amanda. This felt different.
“I can call you, can’t I?” Pat asked apprehensively.
Tim looked into Pat’s soft eyes knowing what she was asking.
“Pat, you can call me whenever you want. But I want you to know one thing. Arthur is a fucking idiot. I don’t fit in the circle like Cynthia says I do. I’m the fourth tire on a tricycle. But I love the way you fit in my arms. Not just because of this afternoon, either.”
“Tim, I think I’m falling in love with you.”
“Patricia, you think you’re falling in love with me. Well, you have some catching up to do. I have had very strong feelings for you since we were introduced. You are a beautiful woman down to earth woman.”
“I would give up everything. But I understand we have things to deal with. Cynthia brought business for you when you first came here, I’m sure. And I’m also sure, she like her “protection money”. I can deal with her and Lillian. Can you deal with Arthur?”
Tim looked Pat in her eyes and said, “Yes. We will do our best to make everything look normal. But if it blows up, I’m willing to take the heat.”
Pat looked at Tim lovingly, “So am I.”
Tim walked back into his office and quietly closed the door. He could still smell the fragrance of Pat’s perfume. It wasn’t the type that Cynthia marinated in. Another thing, Pat seemed more graceful. When he passed the bedroom, her fragrance was more prevalent. And seeing the bedclothes disheveled stirred a feeling he hadn’t felt in ages.
He sat at his bench and started a new repair. He loved what he was doing. He laughed to himself when he remembered Pat calling Cynthia’s want for sex “Protection Money”. But that is really what it was, the same things from Amanda in Overton. He thought Pat had real feelings, even though it may be because she was Arthur’s showpiece. She is a beautiful woman.
Pat had to be in her early to middle sixties, you wouldn’t know it. She was letting her hair gray naturally. She still had an hourglass figure. Her double “D” bra strained to keep her still-firm breasts confined. She had beautiful round hips and when she bend over, God she was inviting. She wore her dresses just tight enough to show a little tummy. My kink.
His reverie was interrupted by the smell of perfume followed by Cynthia. Usually, this got a reaction for Tim, but somehow it wasn’t there this time. He knew what had changed.
“Hey Baby,” Tim said to Cynthia. “Just what I needed to make my day. What’s up?”
“I stopped in to ask you to dinner at the restaurant. We haven’t been to Glen’s in ages. I know you love his open-faced roast beef, and I could use a good patty melt. The beer is ice cold and soon we will be asking for a Peppermint Patty instead of cold beer.”
“Sounds good, Sweetie. Let me change and we can go.”
“Tim, you look fine. This is Glen’s, not Misty’s. Besides, you look very hot in sweatpants.” Cynthia cooed.
When we got to Glen’s, the bar was full and most of the tables were full. As luck would have it, we found “our” booth in the corner vacant. Instead of sitting across from Cynthia, I sat next to her. She loved the idea, but I had an alternate motive, I was hungry, I guess from Pat’s visit. We ordered the drinks and opted for a few minutes before ordering.
Dinner and another round came. They leisurely had their dinner and casual conversation. When dinner was finished, the server removed the plates. Tim asked him to bring another round. Cynthia smiled. When the server left, he looked at Cynthia and kissed her cheek.
“Unzip your jeans. Don’t ask, just unzip them. Then slide your jeans and panties down past your sweet round ass.” I gently demanded.
Cynthia blushed and grinned. The drinks arrived, and he told the waiter they would be fine for a while. He would let him know. When the server left, Tim started to slide his hand under Cynthia’s bare ass. She lifted just enough for him to get to her already wet pussy.
Tim wasn’t going to waste any time. He slid two fingers into Cynthia. She inhaled deeply and moaned as she exhaled. He moved his fingers inside of her and she was getting wetter. Cynthia was panting and rocking back and forth on his fingers. Tim inserted a third finger. Cynthia yelped. He continued to finger her as she rode his fingers. He pulled them out and reinserted two into her pussy and one into her tight ass.
“I’m going to cum,” she whispered.
“This is only your first one before we leave,” I whispered back.
“I want your cock in me.”
“You will, Cynthia, you will.”
Cynthia began her orgasm. She rode back and forth on his fingers and up and down as much as she could without being noticed. She reached for Tim’s cock. When she felt how hard it was, her orgasm grew. With his other hand, he pinched her nipple through her blouse. She let out a long low moan and slid forward to remove his fingers.
Cynthia was breathing heavily as she looked at Tim. When he put the two fingers that were in her pussy in his mouth, she closed her eyes, and it sounded as though she grunted. She looked up at me again and she looked like a woman who had just returned from a needed orgasm.
He slid his finger into her ass again. Cynthia gave him a surprised look. He smiled back at her; she knew exactly what was planned for later.


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