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Office Party Anal

Working the room pays off for Courtney in the foyer.
Office Party Anal

As Courtney made her way, mingling around the party, she couldn’t help but notice a pair of eyes following her as she moved around. She did think it was completely weird, she did look great tonight, if she didn’t say so herself. Dressed in an above the knee, low cut black dress, clinging to her sensational figure and showing off ample cleavage. Her golden brown hair flowed softly around her shoulders in loose, luxurious curls, her blue eyes piercing her company and her smooth legs and ass gliding around the room. Yes, she was hot!

She finally joined a group of a few men from her office and one she didn’t know personally but recognized him as the one that has been eyeing her up all night and the Vice President of the large advertising firm in which she worked for.

“Hello. I’m Courtney Walsh, I don’t believe we’ve met.” She said, outstretching her hand.

He gabbed her hand and kissed it softly, sending shivers through Courtney’s body.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

“Yes, I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure. I am Levi Jones.” Levi was handsome to say the least, mid-thirties, with a full head of lush brown hair, broad shoulders, very well built and an attractive face.

“You sure know how to work a room.” He stated taking her arm and leading her away from the group.

“Sorry, how ever do you mean?” she feigned shock

“I’ve been watching you tonight, hopping from group to group, charming everyone. I find it very attractive.” At this statement his hand slip from her arm to her ass. With their backs to the room, he slowly and methodically started massage her cheek, lighting the fire between Courtney’s legs.

“My charm? Are you sure thats all you’ve found attractive?” Courtney said playing along.

“Well, I’ve just been waiting for you and this gorgeous body of yours to come around and charm the pants off me.”

Courtney laughed at his corny line but was melting into his strong hand on her ass. His hand then slid down and lifted the back of her dress, his hand glided up her smooth legs until they reached what they were looking for and then began to rub her slit through her silky panties and was glad to find they were already soaking.

“I have to say, this seems slightly inappropriate for a Vice President” Courtney gasped and then let out a soft moan.

“It would. Are you complaining?”

“Hell no!” She moaned.

“How about we leave this party just for a moment and get a bit more inappropriate?”

Before she had time to respond, he moved his hand back to her arm and led her from the room to the foyer of the function centre and around to a semi-secluded corridor, obviously some kind of waiting area, as there were a few chairs lined up to one side. Levi roughly pinned Courtney against the wall. His hand resumed its place rubbing her pussy through her panties.

“You’re so wet! I think you were thinking about this long before we met.”

“You’re right, I noticed you earlier staring at me.”

“With a body a like that, dressed that way, it’s hard not to notice you. I’d really like to see what you’ve got hidden away under that dress. Strip for me!”

Levi stepped away from Courtney’s aching body and sat down on a chair. Courtney not usually like this was overcome with desire, she started rolling down her knee high, lace top stockings.

“No leave those and those heels on!” Levi said commandingly and Courtney complied.

She slid her hands behind he back and unzipped her dress, then slowly pulled it from her shoulders and down her slender body, until it was in a heap on the floor. She was then standing only in her lacy see-through bra, her soaking silky panties, stockings and her shoes. She unclasped her bra and let her ample D breasts spring free, her nipples rock hard. Levi licked his lips and couldn’t wait to get his mouth around those pink, large nipples.

Courtney then reached down to her panties and slowing started to pull them down and then step out of them. She then pulled them up to her mouth and started to suck the moisture from them.

“Mmm! I taste sooo good. Taste me! Taste me, Levi!” Courtney urged.

Levi could feel his prick straining against his pants and stood up and came close to her wanting body and took her panties from her and tossed them aside. He pulled her head up to meets his and sucked her tongue deep into his mouth, he could taste her sex on her lips and couldn’t wait to dive into her dripping pussy. He lowered his head and took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked and nipped at it. Courtney put her hands through his hair and pulled him closer to her, moaning loudly. Levi bit down on her nipple and pulled causing Courtney to scream with delight. Her free hand moved lowed and started to rub his groin. She wanted it, she needed it! But he wasn’t going to give it to her just yet.

Levi removed his face from her nipple and slowly began to kiss down her body, then dropped down to his knees and kissed her pussy lips. Courtney tried to grind her pussy into his face but he had a tight grip on her hips and enjoyed teasing her. He licked along her slit, Courtney shook and whimpered.

“Please! Please!” She begged.

Levi opened her pussy lips and just gazed at the beautiful sight in front of him. He took her clit into his mouth and sucked hard on the glorious little nub. He nibbled and bit, Courtney was moaning in pure pleasure. He took two fingers and slid them into her tight hole and pumped them in and out while her continued to kiss her clit. He used his free hand to rub her ass crack, as soon as he stuck a finger into her asshole she came, hard a fast, grabbing his head and pulling him in tightly as the juices gushed over his face.

“Yessssss!” She cried. Not caring who would hear. “Oh my God! Yes! Let me taste me on you.”

He came up and she licked the juices off his face and kissed him hard.

“My turn.” He said.

Courtney took the lead and pushed him back into the chair, and unzipped and pulled down his pants, she could see the tent in his undergarments and couldn’t wait to taste it. She pulled down his underpants and his 9 inch cock sprang free.

“Oh my! It’s so big…and so thick!” She said awed.

“Don’t talk about it, suck it!” Levi commanded.

Courtney kissed the tip tasting the pre-cum. She then engulfed the huge cock into her mouth, in and out, deep throating. It was so huge she was gagging on it but she was loving it and was imagining it, stretching her hole. She licked down the pole, gazing seductively into his eyes.

“You are a bad girl, Miss Walsh! A very talented, bad girl!”

She played with his ball sack and she continued to suck him off and pumping his cock in rhythm with her mouth.

“Oh yeah! Keep it going! I’m going to cum!”

“Cum on my tits!” Courtney demanded

She lied down on her back and Levi straddled her stomach and began to pump his cock until jizz started to spurt from his cock over her tits and her face, her mouth licking around furiously trying to get a taste of his cum.

Once finished he was still semi hard. Courtney took to tip of his cock and licked it clean, then took her own breast and into her mouth and licked the cum off. The touch of her tongue plus the enchanting sight in front of him brought him to full erectness once again.

“Now, fuck me!” Courtney cried.

He stood up, pulling her with him and pinned her up against the wall once more. He lifted her off the ground and pulled her legs around him and slowly entered her sopping wet cunt. She could feel it stretching her hole, filling her completely.

“Oh my God! You’re so fucking big! Fuck me!”

“You like my big cock, do you? You want me to fuck you with it? You want it hard?”

“Oh! I want you to fuck me as hard and as fast as you can!”

With that Levi began to pump his large prick in her pussy with a ferocity like he’s never known. He balls slapping against her her ass. He wondered if he was hurting her but he didn’t much care, this is what she wanted.

She bit into his shoulder to stop her screams and nibbled on his ear and whispered dirty things to egg him on.

“Yes, thats it Mr Vice President, fuck me with that pole, fill me like nobody else can. Use me like the whore I am. Your whore, only your whore. Take me! Fill me up Mr Vice President!” She whispered into his ear as she stuck her tongue in.

He began to pump harder and harder into her tight cunt, her head began to bang up against the wall but she didnt care in the throws of passion.

“You like that, you little whore?! You like it rough?”

“Oh yes! I love it rough! Oh oh! I cumming! I’m cumming! Don’t stop! Yes! Yes! Fuck Yeeeessssssss!!” She thrashed her head around as she came, hard, fast and loud! Her pussy pulsated around his cock, milking him, but he wasn’t cumming yet, he had other plans for that.

He took his member from her hole as her juices gushed and he licked them up, bringing her to yet another shattering orgasm.

“What are you doing to me, Mr Vice President?”

“We’re not done yet, he said pushing her down over the chair, her ass sticking up in the air, waiting…inviting.

“What are you going to do to me, Mr Vice President?”

“What do you think? I’m going to fuck you up the ass!”

Courtney, the ass virgin whimpered “Please don’t! I’ll do anything you like, just not that! I’ve never had anything up there and you’re so big and thick I don’t think I can take it!”

“I thought you were my whore, only my whore! And whores do what they are told! So do employees, Miss Walsh!”

Levi lowered his face to her ass and spread her cheeks and licked between them. Courtney shivered in surprise pleasure.

“Mmm you like that, don’t you, you little slut?” Courtney just moaned her response.

Levi straightened his tongue and pierced her hole, pushing past the initial resistance and began tongue fucking her ass. Courtney squirmed in pure delight. He then removed his tongue and replaced it with a finger, then two fingers and slowly pumped them in and out of her ass.

“You like that baby?”

“Ohhh yes!!”

“You want my cock there, don’t you?”

“Yesss, please! Put your cock in ass! Please!” Courtney begged.

Levi removed his fingered and moved them to her pussy where he rubbed her pussy juices up to her ass hole. He slid his cock in her pussy a couple of times, using her natural lubrication. He put the tip of his cock at the entrance of her asshole.

“You ready for this?”

“Ohh yeah! Give it to me!”

Levi began to slowly push his cock into her tight asshole. Courtney winced and cried out in pain as she pushed past her sphincter. As a few minutes on pushing in his cock, he was almost all the way in, he waited a moment and let her adjust to his huge size.

The pain seared in Courtney’s ass but the pleasure was unmeasurable!

“Fuck me Mr Vice President! Fuck my ass!!”

And on her command Levi began to pound her ass unforgivingly, the tightness of her ass milking his cock. She had the most unbelievable ass! And he thought her pussy was amazing! Courtney rubbed her clit furiously as her rammed her ass.

“Spank me! Spank me Mr Vice President for being such a bad, bad employee!”

Levi raised his hand and gave a light smack on her right cheek.

“Harder! Give me what I deserve!” She screamed getting pleasure from all the pain. He raised his hand and slapped her harder this time. “Harder!!”

He gave her cheek an almighty smack. Sending waves of pleasure through Courtney’s body as he smacked her ass in time with his ramming of her ass, he stopped smacking for a moment a massaged her red cheek before beginning on the left cheek.

He was slamming her ass and her ass was taking all of him, his balls slapping noisily against her wet pussy as she continued to rub furiously at her clit. He stopped spanking and just concentrated on pumping his cock into her sensational ass.

The muscles in her ass began to clench.

“I’m about to cum! Oh my God! Yessss! I’m…I’m…I’m cuuuuummmming!!

The muscles in her ass clenched his cock so hard he was unable to move it, they just milked his cock. The shivers of her orgasm finally sending Levi over the edge.

“Oh! Miss Walsh! You have a fucking magical ass!” He said pumping load after load of hot jizz into her ass, filling her bowels.

Courtney could feel his warm cum sliding down her hole, making her cum once more.

Her finally removed his spent cock and quickly dressed.

“You better get dressed to. We have to join the party again at some stage.”

Reaching for her bra and dress, “yes, I think you better. I’m sure they’d noticed if the Vice President was missing to long. But after that, I don’t think I could stand much longer, think I might just get a taxi home.”

Pulling a key from his pocket, “how about you head back to my penthouse and await my arrival? I still have more things I want to do to that body before the night is through.”

“Well, how could I possibly say no.” taking his key.

“And I’ll be keeping these until then.” Picking up her panties and shoving them into his pocket. Giving her a wink before heading back to the party

Courtney could already feel herself getting wet again, she may have to take care of herself before he even gets there.


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