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Part 10

My Quiet Homecoming

Tim's quiet time was interupted by Lillian's needs
My Quiet Homecoming

It was just the first light when I woke up. I had only a few hours of sleep, but I wanted to get home. Medford was not that far a drive, so I was sure I was up to the drive. I was going home today come hell or high water.
I threw my bag in the trunk, put the key in the night drop box, and headed home. I played upbeat music on the radio to stay awake. I couldn’t wait to see my little shop and the work I needed to get done.
When I turned on my street, I was elated. It was Sunday morning, and everyone was still asleep in town. I drove around the back and went in the back door. I turned off his phone and went back to bed.
When I woke up, it was almost one in the afternoon. I felt great after a good sleep in my bed. I put on the coffee and readied for a hot shower. It felt wonderful to be by myself for a while. I needed to rest. From the looks of the storefront, no one could tell I was home. Perfect.
After my shower, I put on my favorite robe and slippers. I popped two pieces of bread in the toaster, then wrapped my hands around my coffee cup waiting for the toaster to finish my breakfast. I sat with my coffee, and buttered toast, and seriously considered leaving Medford for good.
I finished breakfast put on shorts and a tee shirt and went into the shop. I had just picked up a computer that needed a new SIM when the phone buzzed. I was not going to answer it until I saw it was Miss Thompson from the library.
“Miss Thompson, how are you? How was the graduation party?”
“That is exactly what I want to talk to you about Mr. Tim Ouster. The laptop you sent me for my Olivia could run NASA. There was a note in it from someone named Ed and he said the manual was in the mail. I can’t afford this laptop, Tim.”
“Miss Thompson was your Goddaughter surprised and was she pleased with the laptop?”
“Oh, my Lord, yes. Everyone envied it. But I can’t afford it, Tim.”
“Miss Thompson, for many years you helped kids trying to find their way through the thick weeds of the Dewey Decimal System. You probably gave them answers to topics they were supposed to look up on their own.
You encouraged children to read and to learn from reading. The laptop is a small “Thank You” for all of the things you have done for so many kids. Your kindness was their greatest teacher.”
“God Bless You Tim Ouster,” and she hung up the phone with tears in her eyes. I could tell.
I worked on a few quick fixes and dusted off the shop a bit. I was getting hungry but didn’t want to run into anyone. Instead of Clancy’s bar, I opted for the diner.
Amy was there with her usual smile and a cup of hot courage as soon as I walked in.
“Well, if it ain’t Mr. Ouster. The man who is the talk of two towns in these parts. How can I serve you, Sire?” Amy started laughing. “You are the talk of the town. You have helped two police stations and haven’t taken a dime for all of your work.”
“Amy, I came to Medford to get away from the city. I’m comfortable, and the business I have here in town covers my expenses. I enjoy my work and helping people.”
“According to Miss Thompson at the library, you can walk on water. How hungry are you?”
“Amy, I’d like the ham, sausage, hash browns, and flap jacks, a short stack, please. And, if you would, another cup of your coffee.”
“Done. Comin’ right up!
I was finishing my coffee when my phone buzzed. “LN”. Lillian Nottingham.
“Hey, Lillian. How are you?” besides being horny I thought to myself.
“I’m doing good. But I have missed you. Any chance at all of you stopping by just for a few minutes?”
“I don’t know. What are you wearing?” I thought, preheat the oven before you put the meat in.
“How about my pink robe? Or how about my green pajamas? Oh, I know. My black lounge outfit with the openings for my nipples and the open crotch. How about that?”
“I choose the black lounge outfit. This way, I can slide it into you without stripping you naked.”
“You mean, you would just bend me over, and shove it in me?”
“Yes. Or I can throw you on the bed on your back, shove it in you, pull your tits out of the openings in your lounge top, and suck your tits and bite your hard nipples. Which way do you want it? Wait, never mind. I’ll decide how I’ll do you.”
“The garage door is open. Don’t knock, just come in. And hurry.”
When I got there, the garage door was open. closed it and tried the kitchen door. It was open as well. Lillian was standing there in her black lounge outfit. Her large tits protruded through the openings in the top.
I walked into the kitchen and took off my clothes. When Lillian saw my growing cock, she started panting. I lifted her onto the table and sat in a chair in front of her. I pulled her to the edge of the table and shoved my head between her legs.
Lillian was yelping and panting as I sucked and licked her wet opening. I grabbed her full breasts and started to pull them. Lillian moaned in approval. I stood up and slid my cock into her wet pussy. Lilian let out a long loud moan. Oh, yes, feels so good.
I was shoving my cock balls deep into Lillian. She wrapped her legs around my neck. I sucked and pulled her large tits and Lillian cooed, panted, and yelped through her orgasm. I continued to pump her until she pushed me away.
“Did you have a good cum, Lillian?”
“You always make me cum hard.”
“I haven’t cum yet. And I know you want me to cum.”
I slid my cock back into her wet pussy and pulled it out of her. When I began guiding it to her tight back door, Lillian’s eyes widened. She knew what was going to happen.
“You know I want it in my ass. I love when you do my ass.”
I wet my cock again and pointed at my target. Lillian grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. Now I had complete access to both of her openings. I started my cock into her tight hole and didn’t stop until my balls were against her cheeks. Lillian’s eyes were wide as I slowly slid my cock into her ass.
I was pumping Lillian with a firm rhythm. She was moaning and grabbed her tits. I rocked in and out of her and she pulled on her tits. I grabbed Lillian’s legs and then began to seriously pump Lillian’s ass. She was panting harder and yelping like a puppy. Her climax was building.
I pumped her hard and fast and used my thumb to rub her clit. Lillian’s orgasm started and she yelled out wanting more. As shot after shot coated her bowels Lillian would mew or moan. I shoved my cock into her one more time and made sure everything in my balls was now dripping down her insides.
“God, Tim, thank you. You make me feel like a woman. I want to give every part of me to you.”
I helped her up and my cock popped out of her. She looked down and it seemed as though she was disappointed. I told her she was a great lover, and I missed her as well. She excused herself for the lady’s room and handed me a beer from her fridge. Lillian may be an older woman, but just like Cynthia and the others, they sure know how to please a man.
When Lillian returned, she was wearing her pink robe that hid nothing. It enhanced her figure, especially her double D breasts, hips, and still-firm ass. She was fun to be around and a good conversationalist. Older women do make beautiful lovers and partners.

“Tim,” Lillian started, “I love when we have time together. My deceased husband made a lot of money. He started our two sons in their business, and they make a lot of money. I seldom hear from them during the year, and there is the usual family gathering at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Other than that, I am lonely. You make me feel important, even if it’s just sex to you.
Another thing. My husband got on top, got finished, and got off. I can count on one hand the times I had an orgasm in forty-nine years of marriage. To be truthful, I have never had the type of sex I desired until you. I want the spanking, the being thrown on the bed. The first time you put it in my ass, it was a dream come true.
Lillian started to tear up. I pulled her close and hugged her tightly. It was a strange scene, in a way. A woman in a sheer robe with tears in her eyes resting her head on the shoulder of a guy in the nude comforting her. I thought to myself, Lillian needs attention, and Cynthia and Amanda think their money guarantees attention.
Lillian looked up wiping the tears from her eyes. “I’m sorry. I should never have dumped all of them onto you. I am so embarrassed. You must think me the fool.”
“Lillian, you are a wonderful woman. Let me tell you, my side. I think you may be surprised. When I moved to Medford, Cynthia brought clients to my shop. I believe she talked her brother into having me put in the security checks for the cop shop.
The same is true of Overton. I think Thompson told Nelson, and Nelson told his boss. With you, it is because I find you very attractive. I love the wild side of you. With you, it’s fun and exciting. With them, it’s almost like a payment. A kickback they got for giving me business.”
“I love you, Tim. You give me love, not just attention.”
“That’s true.”
“And Mr. Tim Ouster, I heard about the laptop for Miss Thompson’s Godchild. You ARE a different sort of man. What about your life, Tim? Your parents and your life?”
“Maybe some other time Lillian.” And I just dropped the subject.
“How about another beer, then?” she asked with a devilish look in her eyes.
“Does anything go with the beer?” I asked.
“Whatever you see and whatever you want. I am your servant.” Then she turned to go to the fridge with a seductive exit.
Lillian returned with a cold beer, with her robe tied in the back revealing all of her charms. She handed me the beer and dangled her tits in my face saying, I’ll be right back.”
She came back within a few minutes. Her hair was cascading over her shoulders, and her makeup was done in a goth style. A black cinch bra and black nylons up her thighs. My kind of inspiration. She lay across my lap with her creamy white ass in the air. In contrast, was the red tube on the table marked “Romance”.
I rubbed Lillian’s ass with my hand and occasionally gave it a teasing slap. That made her coo with approval. After a while, the teasing slap became a slap and the firm slap. Finally, Lillian’s ass was getting a good spanking. I reached for a coaster on the end table. Now I could give Lillian a good spanking.
I slid Lillian off of my lap. When her knees were on the floor, I grabbed a handful of her cascading locks. I slid to the edge of the couch and shoved my cock into her mouth. She sucked my cock down her throat and licked it with her tongue. Lillian was sucking up and down on my cock for a while, then I pulled her off of it.
She smiled and reached for the tube of Romance. She handed it to me and turned around. I slapped her ass and motioned for her to lay across my lap. She did as she was told. I felt her large tits flatten on my leg as she pushed her wanting ass waiting for her reward.
I spread her cheeks apart and applied a small amount directly on her back door. I worked the lube in circles on her brown target and listened to Lillian start to pant. She tried to push back on my finger to insert it, but I would move it. I could hear her pout.
I slid a finger into her tight butt and Lillian moaned in approval. More! I slid my finger in and out then slid it all the way in and played with her bowel. I removed my finger and inserted two fingers. Lillian was panting and moaning.
When I removed the two fingers and inserted three fingers, Lillian yelped and started to pant heavily. I continued to finger her tight hole and Lillian climaxed. Grunting and groaning, panting, and wanting she moaned throughout her climax.
“Oh, Tim. Oh, yes you make it so good.”
“That was the warm-up.”
I pushed her from my lap again and grabbed her hair. I led her into her bedroom and threw the bed covers on the floor. I told Lillian to get onto the bed and face the headboard. I took a silk tie from another robe and tied her hands to the headboard. Lillian turned and looked at me smiling.
I took another tie and wrapped it around her ample tits then around her back. Now I can hold them like reigns. I got the coaster and started to spank Lillian again. Her yelping and cooing told me she loved everything. When her ass cheeks were bright pink, I traded the spanking for riding her.
I got behind Lillian and spread her legs so I could kneel between them comfortably. When she felt my cock slowly separate her pussy lips, Lillian let out a long deep moan. The deeper into her sex cauldron my cock slid the louder Lillian yelped. I grabbed the silk reigns and pulled them as I started pumping into her wet pussy. The harder I pulled on her tits the harder I rammed my cock into her demanding pussy.
When I had pulled her tits back to where I could see them at her side, I slammed into her as hard as I could. Lillian yelled, God, yes harder! With that, Lillian’s orgasm flowed from deep inside her pussy. Lillian yelped and panted throughout her climax. I pulled my erection from her and sat back and let her recover.
“God, Tim,” Lillian panted, “that was the best you have ever given me. I need to rest for a couple of minutes.”
Lillian was resting on her forearms and sat back on her heels. She was wet from the pounding, but she was willing for more. I thought she was in a perfect position for her resting, and me filling her tight ass with my cock.
I took the tube and applied a generous amount to my stiff tool and eased behind Lillian. When she felt my cock at her back door, she jumped a little. As if she knew, she raised just enough to put my target in direct line with my cock.
When she felt her sphincter being pushed open Lillian let out a long low moan. As I intruded into her tight hole she would moan and coo as I stuffed it into her bowel until my balls touched her pussy lips.
I waited a bit for her to adjust to the intrusion then I began an even pumping. This time, my entire intention was to empty my balls into Lillian. She raised from her elbows just enough that I could look into the mirror and watch her large tits swinging in unison with my pumping. That made the scene more arousing. I started pumping her harder and faster.
Watching her tits swinging and having my cock in a vice made the need to cum more urgent. The harder I shoved it to Lillian, the tighter her ass felt. I reached for her swinging tits and pulled them. That made Lillian mew like a kitten. When I pulled on her hard nipples, she yelped in delight.
With the entire scene driving me into a sexual frenzy, my balls finally released their contents into Lillian. As the first hot stream of cum shot into her bowel, Lillian started pushing back, slamming her ass onto my intruding cock. With each meeting of her ass and my pelvis, she yelped and another shot of hot cum splatter her insides.
When I couldn’t cum anymore, I rested gently on her back. It felt so good inside of her.
“No, Tim, not yet. Don’t take it out yet. I want to feel it in me for a while. Please.”
I was more than willing to grant her request but after a while the strength was gone from my cock and her body naturally pushed me from her. I lay next to Lillian; she was still tied to the bedpost and the silk reigns were still holding her tits in place.
She managed to move over me. She looked lovingly at me and bent down to kiss me. I wrapped my arms around her, and we kissed passionately. I fondled her tits and we kissed again and again. I reached over and untied her hands. She looked at me and frowned.
“Not to worry, Baby. You will be tied up again and maybe in a different position and a different part of the house.”
She straddled me and stuck as much of my limp cock into her dripping pussy. She stuck her tit in my mouth, and I started sucking. Lillian closed her eyes, and it wasn’t long before I felt more of her succulent nectar oozing down my shaft.
Breathing heavily, Lillian said, “I had just a little left. I wanted you to have all of it.”
“You’re a wonderful lady and lover. You know, we will be friends and lovers as long as we can.”
I reached down and pulled the bedclothes over us. Lillian rolled on her side and backed up until her warm butt pushed against me. I put my arm over her, and gently took her breast into my hand. Everything else could wait until tomorrow.


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