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Part 12

Mr. Delany

Tim deals with a demanding rich man and Cynthia
Mr. Delany

When we got back to Cynthia’s, she pulled the car into the garage.  The door closed behind us, and I walked over to open the door for Cynthia.  When she stepped out of the car, I pushed her against the car.  Cynthia gave a knowing smile as she started to unbutton her blouse.  She threw it into the front seat.  

She reached for my growing member and squeezed it through my jeans.  Cynthia smiled and ran her tongue across her lips.  I looked her straight in the eye as I unzipped my jeans, they fell to the floor.  Cynthia was going to suck me, but I stopped her.

“If you want my cock, strip.  I want you naked because when I’m ready, I’m pulling my cock out of your mouth and shoving it in you.  Now, strip.”

Cynthia has a smile when you know she is hot.  She had that smile as she rapidly removed her clothes and threw them in the front seat. Her panties had not even landed on the front seat and Cynthia had my cock in her mouth.  She started sucking and licking me as though she were almost possessed.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

I always enjoy a blow job from Cynthia, so I added to my pleasure by pulling on her tits and nipples.  This always made her hot even without a cock in her mouth.  She massaged my balls with one hand and with the other she massaged my back door. 

I pulled Cynthia up by her nipples, she readily stood up waiting for her next direction.  I got into the back seat of the car and told her to straddle my face.  Cynthia did as she was told and lowered her dripping pussy to meet my lips.  My balls were in her mouth.  She used her tongue to lick and massage them and stroked my cock at the same time.  God, she is a sex machine.

I stuck a finger into her wet pussy, then went back to sucking and licking her vaginal lips.  As she suck my cock, I slid a finger into her tight ass.  Cynthia yelped at first, but then moaned and pushed back on my finger.  I knew she was waiting for another finger.  I would oblige her.

I slid another finger into her soaked pussy.  For a while, I pushed my fingers in and out of her body while I listened to her approving moans.  I gave Cynthia several strokes with both fingers, then I moved the one from her pussy into her ass next to the other finger stretching her asshole.

That was all that was necessary.  Cynthia was squirting her climax all over my face.  Her sweet warm fluid was flowing into my mouth and covering my chin.  I sucked and lapped up as much of her sweet nectar as possible.  I licked her dripping pussy for a good two minutes when she pulled my cock from her mouth.

“Tim, please stop.  I can’t anymore, please.  Oh, God, I’m going to have a heart attack.”

Cynthia was laying on top of me, stroking my cock and panting heavily.  She fondled my balls as she recovered from her climax.  She still wanted to suck me off, but I had a different idea.

When Cynthia’s breathing had almost returned to normal, I swatted her round ass.  We changed places and with her huge car, we had some room to move.  I told Cynthia to get on all fours.  I had partially primed her ass and wet my cock and her back door as best as I could.

When she felt my cock head at her tight opening, Cynthia pushed back, and my cock was deep in her ass.  Cynthia let out a yell as she pushed my cock deep into her bowel.   Oh, Damn, so I just waited for her ass to stretch enough for me to start pumping her.

I couldn’t wait any longer.  Her expert cock sucking and eating of her sweet pussy had me almost ready to cum.  I started to slowly rock in and out of her.  As her ass stretched, I started pumping her harder.  Cynthia was moaning and panting and shoving her ass to meet my pounding.

Our sex quickly escalated.  I was pounding in and out of Cynthia, she was pushing back to meet my anal intrusion.  Her ass felt so tight around my swollen cock, it wasn’t long before my first load of cum rocketed from my balls and splatter her anal walls.  Cynthia responded Harder, Tim, please.  With each stream of cum that blasted from my balls, Cynthia moaned with approval and demanded more.  Then she started to cum again.

“Oh, now.  Tim, it feels so good. Don’t stop, don’t stop.”

My cock popped out of her ass as Cynthia collapsed on the back seat.  She lay there panting as she rolled onto her side.  She looked at me with a smile.  She reached out to me, and I lay next to her.  When I sucked her tit, she shivered and pushed my head away.

“Oh, I want it, but I need some time.  My heart was pounding out of my chest.  Every part of me is tingling.  Did I give you a good cum?”

“As usual, Cynthia, you were marvelous.  I love your sex and you’re damn good at it.”

“As long as I make you happy.  You can take me anytime, anywhere.  Even if you just need to unload your balls.  I am yours.”

“Cynthia, I must get back to work.  I have some repairs that need to be finished before the holiday.  I know you will visit your family, which is wonderful.  But I want to see you one more time before you leave.  I will do my best.”

“That’s all I can ask.  You are always so good to me, Tim.  You give me happiness and life.”

They got dressed, and Cynthia drove Tim back to his shop.  Before he went into the shop, he went over to Cynthia’s window and gave her a long kiss.  Cynthia rolled up the window giving Tim a forlorn look.  He smiled and mouthed “I love you”.

When Tim got back to his shop, it was late afternoon.  He was tired from the day’s activities.  He got a beer, then started a repair.   He was concentrating on the problem when the front door opened as if it was by a tornado.  A tall, dark figure of a man holding a laptop approached Tim.

The man roughly tossed the machine onto the counter and then stared at Tim.

“How can I help you, sir?”

“Do you know who I am?” asked the imposing figure.

“No, sir.  I have not had the pleasure,” Tim responded in an even tone.

“My name is Morgan Delany.  But that’s not important.  How long would it take to wipe everything from this thing?”

Morgan Delany, the name finally rang a bell with Tim.  This was the richest man in the county.  If the ashtray in his car was filled, he would just go out and buy a new car.  Tim knew Delany was all business.

“May I look at the machine to see what I can do?” Tim asked.

“That’s why I’m here, get to it,” Delany growled.

Tim powered the machine and did a few cursory tests.  The hard drive was maxed out, and not much could be done, except to replace it.  When Tim told Delany, his response was very unfavorable.

“That fucking bitch.  How much to get rid of everything, what do you have to do, and how long.  I have a business to attend to.”

“I can replace the hard drive if there is one available for this model.  They can run about seventy-five to ninety-five dollars.  I can call my supplier and see if there is one available.”

“Get on the phone.  I’m in a hurry.”

Tim called Ed, his supplier, and after several minutes Ed said he had one in stock.  He could have it at Tim’s tomorrow afternoon.  Tim relayed the information to Delany.

“I don’t give a damn what it costs, get it here tonight. How long will it take to replace it once you get it?”

“It will take me about an hour.” Tim turned to the phone.

“Ed, can you get it here yesterday?  My customer is on a very tight schedule.  Great, please get it here.”

“Sir, my supplier is going to ship it as a hot shot.  That is a special service for situations like this.  It is costly, but I think that’s not important, but time is.”

‘You damned right,” Delany said with a sneer.  “Here is a phone number.  Call me on this number only when it is done.  I don’t give a good God damn what time it is.  I will be here to pick it up within twenty minutes.  Now get to it.”

Delany turned and left the store slamming the front door.  Thank God, he left it on the hinges.  Now all Tim could do is wait.  So, he busied himself working on other repairs for his customers.  He had to laugh to himself when he looked at Emma Thompson’s laptop.  Tim wondered how long she had it.  It was still in darn good condition.

Tim dozed off at his workbench and was started by someone rapping at his front door.  It was the courier waving the package.  Tim opened the door and quickly signed for the delivery.  He asked the driver to wait for just a minute or two.  He tore open the box and examined the hard drive. Bingo!  It was a match.  He waved the driver on.  It was eleven fifteen.

Tim went to work immediately.  He hurried but made sure everything was connected properly.  He installed an operating system so he could be sure everything was working properly.  In the back of his mind, Tim was fairly certain that Delany didn’t care if it worked or not. 

At twelve-forty, Tim called the number on the paper Delany had given him.  He said the machine was ready, and had the phone abruptly ended.  Fifteen minutes, Delany stormed through the front door.  Tim praised himself for having the foresight to unlock the door as he called Delany.

“It’s ready?”

‘Yes, sir.  I loaded the operating system just to make sure everything was as you ordered.  The operating system is the only thing on this machine.  Here is the old hard drive.”

Delany picked up the laptop and the hard drive.  He slammed five hundred dollars on the counter and left.  Tim looked at the money and then at the door.  He was still trying to believe what had just occurred. 

He got a cold beer and sat at the counter looking at the money.  A two hundred-sixty-dollar profit.  It was worth the effort.  He promised to call Cynthia, but it was just short of one in the morning.  But he kept his promise.

Cynthia sounded sleepy when she answered her phone.  When she heard Tim’s voice, she perked up in a second.  He could tell by the conversation what Cynthia was wanting.  He still had to drive to Elenore’s in the morning.  He tried to squirm out of it by reminding her she was going to join her family for Thanksgiving.

Tim relented and headed for Cynthia’s.  Her garage door was open, so he pulled in.  When he entered the house, he was in the kitchen.  Cynthia was waiting for him, nude, as usual.  She was an attractive woman, nude or dressed. 

“Baby,” Cynthia cooed, “you can take anything you want, but there is a small part that is still sore from the pounding you gave it.  But if you want it, take it.”

Cynthia just wanted sex, period.  It didn’t matter, but Tim didn’t think she was into kinky stuff.  Or was she?  She just loved getting poked and ridden.

Tim was prepared, he wore a tee shirt, shorts, and slip-on tennis shoes.  He was naked in a heartbeat.  Cynthia watched Tim strip, her nipples were hard, and her pussy was wet.  When he was finished, Cynthia wrapped her arms around him and pushed her pelvis against him.

They went into her bedroom, and that’s when Cynthia got behind Tim.  She reached around him and got a firm grip on his cock with one hand.  With the other, she got a firm grip on his balls.  Cynthia’s breath was hot on Tim’s neck, as she pumped his cock giving him a professional hand job.

Tim grabbed Cynthia’s hair and led her to the couch.  He positioned her on her back and crawled on top of her.  Cynthia was looking at him with anticipation.  She loved the feel of his stiff shaft anywhere in her body.

She spread her legs, and Tim immediately slid his hard cock into her wet pussy.  He lay on top of her sucking one tit and then the other.  She held her tit so Tim could suck whichever one he wanted and as long as he wanted.  When he bit her nipples, Cynthia mewed with joy.

Tim sat up and pulled Cynthia to him.  His cock was buried deep in her pussy.  Tim pounded Cynthia’s hot pink pussy and used his thumb to rub her rock-hard clit.   Cynthia was thrashing around under Tim, her head moving side to side as she pulled on her tits.

“Mmmm, mmmm, now, yes, now,” Cynthia moaned.  She abandoned her tits to grab onto the couch as though she would throw herself onto the floor.  Tim continued his pounding.

When he thought Cynthia’s climax had subsided, he slammed in and out of her as much as he could.  When Tim’s orgasm was just about there, he pulled out of Cynthia’s pussy.  He let the precum juice drip onto her sparse triangle and he fist-pumped his cock to erupt.

Tim shot his cum over Cynthia’s tits and chest.  The last few squirts fell around her navel.  When he finished.  He bent over and wiped his cock head on her stomach.  Cynthia was using her fingers to retrieve the fresh cum like a vampire after fresh blood.  She licked all she could from her stomach and greedily licked and sucked all of his cum from her tits.

As he watched Cynthia collect as much cum from her body he waited until she was done.  He then moved up and straddled her chest and dropped his balls in her mouth.  Cynthia was overwhelmed with joy.  After he let her suck and lick his ball, he switched and shoved his cock into her mouth.  Cynthia started sucking his limp cock like she was starving.

Tim then moved between Cynthia’s legs.  He knew what he had done made her hotter than hell.  Tim pushed her legs up and shoved his tongue into her steaming pussy.  He licked and flicked her pussy lips and clit.  Within a couple of minutes, Cynthia was panting and cumming.  Any cum juice she didn’t expel earlier, she was squirted into Tim’s mouth now.

Again, Cynthia had to push Tim away from her pussy.  He licked his lips as he looked down and the recovering Cynthia. He bent over and kissed her stomach.  Cynthia jumped as though she was shocked.



“Damn it, Tim.  You have every nerve in my body frayed.” Cynthia panted.

“That’s just how I want you to remember me at your family reunion.  Every time you sit down, it feels like my cock pushing into your pussy or your sweet tight ass.  I don’t want you to forget me.”

“Are you crazy?  How could I forget the man that gives me a reason to breathe?  I can’t wait until Monday is here and I’m coming back.  I am going to miss you.”

“I will miss you too, but I have to get some sleep.  It’s been a long, long day.”

Cynthia watched sadly as Tim dressed to leave.  She slipped into a robe as she walked him to his car in the garage.  They shared one more passionate kiss then Tim got in his car.  She waved to him as the garage door closed.  Cynthia went into her living room crying even though she knew she would see him again.


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