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Part 7

Lillian’s Lonesome

When Tim returns from Overton, Lillian is there waiting
Lillian’s Lonesome

Wednesday morning came within seconds of going to bed. We had coffee and toast, then I got ready to go to Overton. Cynthia looked wonderful in her see-through robe. She walked me to the door and gave me a gentle kiss.
“Good luck, Baby. I’m going by my house to check on things. I may stop by to see my brother. Call me when you can. And Tim, I am very proud of you.”
It was a very beautiful afternoon, and the road to Overton is mostly tree-lined. A relaxing drive, to be sure. When I got to Overton, I went into the D.A.’s office, you would have thought I was the King of England walking in. Everyone was saying how grateful they were and that if it weren’t for me, they would have never caught the guy. Everything came to a halt when Mrs. O’Connell came in.
“Mr. Ouster, it is a pleasure to see you again. I must admit, I wish it were under different circumstances. We owe you a great deal of gratitude. You will be compensated for your time.”
“Mrs. O’Connell, the pleasure is mine. I am happy my services have done the job you requested. I am always at the beck and call of the town of Overton’s police and city council. My compensation is seeing this goofball behind bars.”
The D.A. is a very nice guy, but I wouldn’t want to be on his bad side. He gives “just business” a brand-new meaning. He said I could go back to Medford and would give me as much notice as possible when I testify. That was fine with me.
‘Mr. Ouster”, Mrs. O’Connell spoke up, “When this horrid business is over, I would like for you to join us for a victory dinner. I will be held in the civic center, so the people of Overton can attend. No speeches or anything boring. Just a celebration.”
“Excellent, thank you Madam Chair.” With that, I left for home.
When I got back to the shop, I was almost scared to look at the phone recorder. But I was lucky, there were only seven messages from Lillian. I wonder what Lillian wants. I may hate myself, but I’ll deal with that in the morning. What I need is a good night’s sleep with no one getting needy during the night.
The following morning was grey and brought drizzling rain. The front door opened and Miss Thompson from the library came in. She was carrying two laptops and, as always, a cheerful smile.
“Miss Thompson, why didn’t you call? I would be more than happy to meet you at the library.”
“Tim, I know you would, but even a musty old bookworm, needs to shake off a little dust now and then. I needed to do a little personal dusting.”

“What seems to be the problem with your laptops? They don’t appear to be that old.”
Miss Thompson explained, “I have no idea who uses them, and they seem to be very slow.”
“Miss Thompson, let Doctor Tim examine your patients.”
When I got into them, they just needed a little maintenance. Nothing major, no one had taken care of them. They just had too much junk in them. I told Miss Thompson, if she has about thirty minutes, I think the laptops would be good for another thousand miles.
She wanted to do some shopping and window shopping on Main Street. She said she may be gone for a couple of hours. Bless her heart. What a sweet lady. I often wondered if there was a Mr. Thompson.
My mental wandering was abruptly halted by the ringing of the office phone. Guess who?
“Good morning, Lilian. How are you?” In my mind, I was thinking, horny. “What do I owe the pleasure of your call this morning?”
“Tim, I have not seen you in two weeks. My laptop is giving me all kinds of problems. I, I mean it needs to be looked at, and soon.”
Laptop? I’ve heard it called “cookie”, “winkie”, or “pussy”, but never a laptop. Oh well, to each his or her own.
“Lillian, I have been thinking about you a lot. I do miss seeing you, too. I had to go out of town, it was a business trip and might be very good for my business. And I do have to be available for a trial in Overton. My security system caught the person who was hacking their system.”
“I need to see you, Tim. Since you have moved to Medford, I’m, well you see, I just need to see you.”
“Let me call the Sheriff in Overton. Maybe he can tell me if I will be called tomorrow. If not, I will be over tonight, I cannot promise you right now. I have to call.”
“Fine, let me know as soon as you can. And I’m sure Cynthia would understand. I’ll pick you up to avoid suspicion,”
“Good afternoon, Sheriff, Tim Ouster. I am wondering if you have any idea when I may be needed for court?”
“Your timing is excellent. I have just finished talking with the D.A., he said the judge won’t be able to start the case until Tuesday of next week. This is only Wednesday, I would suggest that you be available, possibly even on Monday. Is that possible?”
“Sheriff that will work out just fine. I will keep my phone on should anything change.”
“Well, it looks like your day has been successful, Miss Thompson. And obviously, you have made some shop owners happy as well.”
“Yes, I was a bit bad today. But I haven’t played hooky in a long time, Tim. The library keeps me on because I’ve been there forever. They don’t need me, but I do need them. It gets me out of the house. Now, how much for the laptops?”
“Miss Thompson, there is no charge. And how about if I drive you home? You have quite a few packages.”
“Tim, you are a good guy, I will take you up on your offer.”
When I got back to the shop, I returned to the task of packing for a stay at Lillian’s. She treats me quite well, but her timing needs some fine-tuning. She always has great food and is fun to be around. And I must admit, she is a good lover.
My phone rang, it was Cynthia. “I was just thinking about you. What’s going on?”
“I’m sure Lillian has tagged you for a, shall I say, dinner together. Tim, I want you to know, I remember our conversation.
“I’m glad you remember. You are my lady.”
We talked for a few minutes, and it was a pleasant conversation. I went back to packing for Lillian. I don’t know what I was packing, it seems most of these rich ladies never wear clothes. I knew Lillian would be sliding sideways into the drive at any moment. Just about then, I heard her horn. I got in her car; a boat is more like it. She was wearing a see-through robe. Dinner is ready.
When we got to her mansion, she had rib-eye steak sandwiches and beer. Yes, I can be persuaded. Lillian asked if I wanted to get comfortable, so I took her up on the offer. I came back wearing only my briefs. She had shed her robe, so, I just took off the briefs and gave them a fling. Lillian loved that.
I started walking toward her. It was visible, my cock was getting ready to enter her. Lillian smiled a seductive smile. She got down on her knees and opened her mouth. I slid my cock down to her tonsils. Her one hand grabbed my ass cheek the other grabbed my balls. Lillian was sucking my cock.
Her nose was against my pelvis, and she was sucking me like my cock was a soda straw. She raised her head enough to concentrate on my cock head. She had it sucked between her lips and flicked it with her tongue. It was wonderful. I put my hands on her head and shoved my cock back to her throat. Lillian was moaning with delight.
I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my cock out of her mouth. I sat her on the couch with her butt just on the edge. I spread her legs and flicked my tongue at her. She pushed my head into her bush, and I began to lick and suck her dripping pussy. She always has an intoxicating fragrance. I love sucking her and licking her clit.
I reached for her large breasts and got a firm hold of them. I was milking her as though I would get liquid from them. I did not forget her hard nipples. I pinched and pulled hard, then went back to milking her. The more nipples pinching and pulling. Lillian’s moans were louder and more often. I knew she was about to climax.
I let go of her nipples and got on my knees. I moved up to steaming pussy and shoved my cock in. I grabbed her tits and started the milking and pulling. Within a couple of minutes, Lillian was panting, moaning, and squirting her climax, soaking my cock and balls. I didn’t slow down. I pumped Lillian’s pussy through her climax. My relentless pounding of her finally resulted in my shooting stream after stream of sperm into her melting pot.
She slid on her side, and my cock slid out of her. I got her completely on the couch and stuck my cock back into her. I pumped her until my limp cock would not stay in her drenched pussy. I got up, and Lillian had her arms outstretched. I straddled her and slid my limp cock into her mouth. Lillian sucked it like we were just getting started. She was a sex machine.
When we finally separated, Lillian saw the puddle of sex juices we had deposited on her couch. She looked up at me and smiled.
“Now, do you believe I needed to see you? Just look at the puddle of juice I have been holding just for you. Tim, you know you can have as much as you want as often as you want. I don’t care if you call me at one in the morning. I would be ready for you.”
“I know Lillian. I do appreciate your giving of yourself and everything you do to please me. You are a wonderful lover and a very sexy woman. I love the color of your eyes and hair. Your lips are soft as flower petals. And your other petals are intoxicating I wish I could be inside you right now, but he does need his rest.
We ate and drank some more. The conversation came around to the trial in Overton. I told Lillian what I could. When I could tell her no more, she understood. It was a very good evening. I got to know more about her, and I told her more about me.
We started getting back into our sexual mood. Lillian suggested going into the bedroom. I was ready to enjoy more of Lillian. I wanted more of Lillian.
When we were in the hall just outside of the bedroom, I took her in my arms and gave her a long hard kiss. While I was kissing her, it felt as though her knees were weakening. I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her next to me. She was rubbing her pelvis against me. She reached behind me and grabbed my butt cheeks.
We got into bed and started hugging, kissing, and fondling each other deeper. She was running her finger between my butt cheeks. Lillian was getting serious. She had me get on all fours. She got behind me and was kissing and licking every part of my butt cheeks and more. The entire time she was attending to my ass, she was pulling on my stiffening cock. Lillian was giving me a great hand job while she got her kicks with my ass.
“You have had some fun, Lillian, now I want to have some fun. On all fours, so I can get to you. And if you’re good your back door.”
The look on her face was pure lust. Lillian loved having her back door filled. And I was going to oblige her. She already had a tube of gel on the bed.
I got behind Lillian and gave her ass a few good swats. She moaned in approval. I ran my finger between her ass cheeks a few times, then gave her a few more swats. I could see Lillian was getting wet and ready.
So, I pushed my finger at her tight opening just to tease her. She started moaning. I took the gel and applied an ample amount to her tight opening; I did the same on three of my fingers. I know what Lillian likes.
I slid a finger into Lillian’s back door. She inhaled sharply and released a long moan. I massaged her sphincter with my finger and Lillian was pushing back to ensure my entire finger was inside of her. She was relaxing her muscles, so I inserted another finger. Lillian started panting. She was enjoying this a lot. Without warning her I inserted the third finger.
“Oh, Tim, yes. You know what I want.”
I continued my three-finger massage of her backdoor. Keeping an even steady stroke. That’s what drove Lillian to her brink. Her backdoor was more relaxed, and she was pushing back forcing all three fingers completely into her. I knew it wouldn’t be much longer.
“Tim, I want your cock. I want it in me now.” Lillian demanded through her lust-induced panting.
I moved closer to her backdoor and guided my rock-hard cock to its target. She had very little resistance by now. I was slowly sliding into her bowel and Lillian panted harder and faster. She was getting the treatment she loved and could never get enough.
I continued an even stroke into her. Lillian was in heaven. She panted, moaned, and pushed back to be sure she was getting all my cock. Having her flesh slap against mine was arousing more and more. So, I began to pump her harder. With each reentry, my balls slapped against her wet pussy. I thought it was time to put Lillian and myself out of our sexual misery.
I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back as much as I could. Then I started pounding Lillian. She continued to push back so we were pounding in unison. She was panting heavily and moaning. I continued to pound her. When it happened, it engulfed her.
Lillian inhaled sharply and exhaled quickly, she did this over and over, then I felt the splash against my balls and the loud moan from Lillian. I held onto her hair and pounded her back door holding off as long as I could. When I climaxed, it was the hardest I had ever experienced. I covered Lillian’s insides with all the hot lava I held in my balls. With each stream, Lillian squealed with approval. I collapsed on top of her.
“Stay there Baby. You feel so good on top of me with your cock still in me. Stay in as long as you can.”
It wasn’t long before my strength began to diminish, and her body forced me out. I lay next to Lillian, and she turned to face me. Her face was red, and her forehead had beads of exertion from what we enjoyed together. She cuddled up next to me.
“Lillian said, “I have never been so satisfied in my life. You know just what I want, and when I want it. I was going crazy the week you were gone.”
Lillian said she was hungry and went to freshen up. I could use some food and another cold beer. I suggested Clancy’s Bar. He has great pork sandwiches and fries. Lillian liked the idea, so out the door, we went.
For a weeknight, Clancy’s was quite crowded. We found a table on the far side tucked in a corner. That was perfect. Our drinks were brought to the table, and the server took our order. Lillian asked about the upcoming trial, and I told her there wasn’t much I could say concerning the trial. She did ask if Cynthia was subsidizing my business, and I told her she had sent me several customers.
Sheriff Thompson came by the table. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go over but I had nowhere to hide. I’m glad I was sitting opposite Lillian.
“Good evening, Lillian, Tim, how are you this evening? I imagine you are happy to be back in Medford, even with that messy business in Overtone.”
“It was nice to get away,” Tim said. “But home is where I feel the most comfortable. I am very thankful to George. Without his help, I may not have been able to go.”
“Sheriff Nelson and the entire force are very grateful to you. You gave them a real service. And Amanda O’Connell, to hear her talk you can walk on water. I know how they feel. You did the same for us. Well, enjoy your meal. Lillian, good to see you as always,”
We finished our dinner and relaxed over a couple of more drinks and more idle conversation. Lillian wanted to unbutton her top button, but she was facing the people. I know what she was hoping for, but I wanted some rest.
When we got back to Lillian’s, we had another drink. I was exhausted.
“Lillian, I do apologize, but I need to get some sleep. After a good night’s rest, I will feel much better.”
I got in the shower, dried off, and got into bed. It wasn’t long before Lillian was next to me. She pushed her sweet round butt into me, and I put my arm around her. I held her right breast, and she was happy.
“Good night, Tim. Sleep well,” was the last thing I remember Lillian saying.
Morning came within seconds of going to bed. We had coffee and toast, then I got ready to go to Overton. When I got to Overton, it was nine-fifteen. I had time to kill, so I went to the local diner for a cup of coffee. As I sat there watching the steam rise from my cup, I started thinking about my life. I came to Medford to get out from under all the crap of the city. Where am I?
I have helped a couple of people, but I haven’t done what I came here to do. A small computer repair shop. But I’m engulfed with these older women for the sake of sex and nothing more. I have always preferred older women, and these ladies fit the bill perfectly.
I don’t give a damn about their money, but they sure as hell do. Weird. It’s kind of like I’m fucked either way. Shit, time to get to City Hall.
It was ten minutes of the hour when I walked into the office. O’Connell’s secretary announced my presence and closed the door behind me. Ms. O’Connell motioned to a chair by the Sheriff, and I sat down. She called the meeting to order, and there was a court stenographer to capture the event. We were just getting started when the secretary interrupted the meeting.
“Madam Chair, I apologize for this interruption, but Officer Carl Himmel is in my office demanding to be heard. He is not scheduled for this meeting.”
The Sheriff interrupted, “Madam Chair, Officer Himmel is the cousin to the person we have in custody and charged. He had not informed me of this or his intentions. Carl is a good man; I would appreciate the time to have him heard.”
“Very well, Sheriff. Miss Duggins, please show Officer Himmel in.”
When Himmel entered the room, he came to full “Attention”. Then he waited.
Ms. O’Connell spoke, “Officer Himmel, I would like an explanation for your appearance at this meeting. It is private. What have you to say?”
“Madam Chair, Sheriff, Mr. Andersen our D.A., please pardon my interruption of this meeting. I respectfully wish to resign from the police force of Overton. I am here to surrender my gun and badge to you Sheriff Nelson, or you Madam Chair. I am no longer fit for duty with this honorable office. I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to the Chair and my Sheriff for their kindness and guidance during my tenure.”
Sheriff Nelson got out of his chair. He looked at Himmel, then at the rest of us.
“Madam Chair, may I speak freely?”
“You may.”
“Himmel, what the hell are you talking about? Did the squirrels miss you last fall? What is with you?”
“My family has brought dishonor to this office, sir.”
The Sheriff continued, “Himmel, you are a damn fine officer. Your record is spotless. We have a person charged in this case who has not been proven guilty. Officer, you know he is innocent until proven guilty. If this is your wish, I order you on temporary leave, with pay, until this matter is satisfied in a court of law. Then I will listen to your request. Understood? I will not accept your gun and badge at this time. If necessary, you will be called to duty.”
“Yes, sir. Thank you,”
With a snap salute, a sharp turn, and Officer Himmel left the room.
“Madam Chair, I apologize – “
“Sheriff, no apology necessary. Himmel is a great example of how you deal with your officers. You are to be commended. When this business is over, I will have a conversation with Officer Himmel and praise him for his behavior.”
After that, the meeting went along as planned. The D.A. asked what changes I had made in the system. I told him what I had done, and then George had his opportunity to explain how it made identifying the perpetrator and having full proof of his identity clear-cut. The meeting was ending, and Ms. O’Connell advised me that when my testimony was necessary, I would be given proper notice.
Everyone was leaving the office, but Ms. O’Connell made a gesture for me to stay behind. I can only guess what type of community service I would be required to serve.


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