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Part 5

Life With The Rich

Cynthia drags Tim to a party with her rich friends
Life With The Rich

The following morning was beautiful. The sun was bright, and the sky could not have been bluer. I finally figured out the two-hundred-dollar coffee pot and was thankful that Cynthia fell asleep as soon as we got home. I enjoy the sex, but last night I was just tired.

I was sitting, naked of course, in the kitchen looking out into the pool. The setting was like a plush garden like those in England. While I was mesmerized by the beauty of the pool area, I didn’t hear Cynthia come into the kitchen.

“Good morning, Tim. I trust you slept well.” Cynthia purred.

“Oh course, I had a beautiful bed partner. Can I pour a cup of coffee for you?”

“Yes, please. I am sorry I fell asleep on you last night. I hope you’re not disappointed with me.” Cynthia can even pout verbally.

I brought her coffee to her and kissed her on her lips. Cynthia’s seductive smile said it all. I sat next to her, and we were enjoying our coffee. I reached over and patted her on her bare butt. Another smile of satisfaction, or of what was to come. This time, I would be the hunter and she would be the hunted.

“No, I guess you were sleeping so soundly, you didn’t feel me squeezing your right breast? I must not have been doing a very good job, then. I must need more practice.”

I stood behind Cynthia, reached around, and began fondling her large breasts. Cynthia started to coo.

“Don’t stop. Go ahead and enjoy your coffee. I’m just practicing my technique.” I told her.

I continued fondling her and started gently kissing and licking her neck. I would sneak in a nip on her neck. That made Cynthia inhale sharply. She was getting hot slowly, just as I wanted.

“How can I concentrate on coffee when you’re milking my tits and pinching my nipples? Damn it, Tim. You know you own me.”

With that, I removed the coffee cup from her hand and placed it on the table. I turned Cynthia around and picked her up. I sat her on the table and sat down in the chair in front of her. She gave me that seductive look she has and laid back a bit.

“And what are you going to do to me?”

“Well Cynthia, you said when you picked me up, you needed to relax. Well, I need to relax this morning.”

I gently pushed her to a lying position with her soft round ass just at the edge of the table. When I put her legs on my shoulders, Cynthia was beginning to moan. I was tonguing her vaginal lips, and Cynthia laid her hand on my head. I wrapped my arms around her legs and flicked her lips. She was starting to move her hips to meet my mouth.
When I concentrated on her swollen clit she moaned all the more. I was flogging her clit with my tongue and Cynthia’s orgasm flowed onto my tongue and into my mouth. I was determined to lick every drop just as she demanded every drop of my cum. Cynthia had her hands on my head and would raise her hips to ensure I could not stop. Finally, she sighed heavily, and her body went limp.

I stood between her legs and guided my aching shaft into her waiting opening. The wet warm muscles engulfing my cock felt so good, I wanted to explode then, but I want more from Cynthia this time. My intrusion gave Cynthia’s sex drive a new life. My constant stroking of her vagina and hitting my pelvis against her stiff clit was taking its toll on her.

Cynthia was moaning and cooing for all she was worth. I was about ready to climax. I grabbed Cynthia by her arms and pulled her to a sitting position, then onto the chair. I grabbed her hair and shoved my cock into her mouth. I didn’t have to do a thing, Cynthia started sucking on my shaft determined to get as much of my sperm as I had gotten from her vaginal juices.

She stopped, got down on her knees, and started to suck my cock. Her mouth is like a vacuum. I could feel her sucking down to my balls. I exploded and drenched her throat with a full load of thick cum. She didn’t stop. Cynthia grabbed my balls, pulled them, and sucked everything out of them.

When I had finished, I helped her back onto the chair and refreshed our coffee. Cynthia was looking at me as though she couldn’t lift her cup. I bent down and kissed her firmly and slid my tongue into her mouth. I licked her tongue for a minute then withdrew it and sat next to her. She held my limp cock the entire time.

“What a beautiful way to start a morning. A hot tongue and a hard cock. Tim, there is nothing wrong with your techniques. Trust me.”

Cynthia and I were hugging and kissing during our casual conversation when a bright happy voice came from the front foyer. It was Patricia Albertson. Dressed for the occasion, of course. With all their money, don’t these people ever wear clothes?

“Good morning you two. Isn’t it a gorgeous day? Cynthia, you mentioned last night about some cocktails by the pool today, is that still on? Have you eaten yet today?”

Cynthia and I looked at each other. She just burst into laughter. I was smart enough to hide my blushing face in the coffee cup. Pat stood there for a second when she realized what had gone on before her arrival. All she had to do to verify it was look at my limp rod looking at the tile floor.

Pat gave Cynthia the usual peck on her cheek and gave me a side-to-side hug. I thought of grabbing a quick feel but thought better of it. Cynthia was making some sandwiches and, of course, mimosas. What else would you have at ten thirty in the morning? The vodka martini is a no-no before lunch – I guess. I stuck with coffee for now.

The party went out to the pool to enjoy the sunshine. Now I see how these fine folks have a kick-ass tan. Sitting around a pool, nude, drinking mimosas at ten-thirty in the morning, you can’t help but get a tan. And considering I am sitting butt naked with two rich very attractive women who are also butt naked, it was obvious I was not against being here.

The doorbell rang signaling lunch had arrived. Cynthia got up and headed for the front door. I imagine the driver would either drop lunch when Cynthia opened the door, or he was used to their way of life.
When she came back, Cynthia asked if I would refresh the drinks. I am ready for a beer. When I was walking toward the house, I could swear I could feel four eyes following me.

I returned with their drinks and my beer. Now I am sure all eyes are upon me, I mean him. I walked between them to set their drinks down. As I did, I flexed him. The smiles widened from the ladies. I moved over to my chair opposite them. I spread my legs just enough for them to see my cock and balls.

Cynthia got up and went into the house. I walked over to Pat and asked if I could refresh her drink. She looked up at me while her hand was exploring my stiffening cock. Pat moved her legs between mine and was stroking my cock. By now, she had her hand wrapped around my cock and was giving me an expert hand job. She stroked me for a while, then sucked the length of my cock into her mouth. Her tongue was amazing.

Cynthia was returning from the house with a tube in her hand. She walked up to me and kissed me hard and long. Cynthia slid her tongue into my mouth, and I sucked it. She returned the favor. I broke from her lips and started sucking her breast. After a few minutes, Cynthia pulled her breast from my mouth. She looked at me with that seductive smile she had.

“Pat, stop sucking his cock and bend over the table. I know what you want, and Tim can give it to you.

Pat did as she was told. Cynthia opened the tube and applied a generous amount on her butt. As she did, she gently pushed her finger into Pat’s hole. Pat was starting to moan. Cynthia covered my cock with the gel and guided it into Pat’s tight opening.

As I slid my shaft into Pat’s bowel, she began to pant and moan. I stroked her back door gently with long slow strokes. Cynthia crawled onto the table and slid her wet vagina right into Pat’s face. The sight of Pat licking Cynthia’s opening and my inside Pat’s bowel made the scene almost surreal. Cynthia was pulling on her hard nipples, so I reached around and grabbed Pat’s full breasts. Now my cock only wanted release.

The harder I pumped Pat, the more she worked on Cynthia’s clit. Pat had Cynthia’s legs in an arm lock. Cynthia was pushing her dripping vagina into Pat’s mouth, and I kept pounding on Pat. The three of us were locked together in pure lust when Cynthia’s climax flooded Pat’s face. Pat refused to stop licking Cynthia’s lips, and finally, Cynthia pushed herself away from Pat.

I was slapping my loins against Pat’s beautiful round ass. My cock stroked in and out of Pat, and I hit her cervix with the head of my cock. With every hit, Pat would let out a loud moan. Then Pat moaned. Just at that second, my sperm splattered her vaginal walls with all of its force. Each time my cock pushed into her I would shoot a stream of hot lava.

Cynthia got off the table and came over to me. Pat and I were still hooked together while Cynthia was tongue-wrestling with me. Cynthia and I were still lip locked when my exhausted cock slid from her tight opening. Pat slid into the chair closest to her. Cynthia sat in a chair opposite Pat. I used the table for stability. I grabbed my beer and took a long pull from the bottle.

Pat excused herself to freshen up. I told Cynthia I was going to do the same.

“Tim, I love having you here as do my friends, as you have found out. But can I make a reservation for the next load from your balls belongs to me? Elenore got one last night, I admit I fell asleep, and Pat was the lucky recipient this morning.”

“Cynthia, I promise you will have the next recipient. And you can choose where you want to receive it. When Pat’s visit is over, you and I will have the rest of the day, and you can have everything I have.”

When Pat returned, she was smiling from ear to ear. She came right over to me and gave me a heated kiss. Then she turned to Cynthia and kissed her just as hot. She sat down and downed her drink.

“Cynthia, dear. I hate to drink and run, but I do believe I need a nap. Albert is out of town for three days, so I have the entire house to myself. God knows whom he’s screwing while he’s out of town. I hope I did not upset you, I mean with –“

“Pat don’t worry. I understand things will happen. Tim and I discussed it, and all is well.”

When did we discuss it? I’m with all of these rich women, and so far, it seems as though I fit in. All four of them. At that moment, Cynthia’s phone went off. I told her I would walk Pat to the door but got a look from Cynthia.

When I returned, Cynthia had finished her conversation. She was giving me an odd look. Well, let’s find out what’s happening,

“Tim, that was Elenore on the phone. She said she was so glad you could handle the situation with Avery. She also admitted she forced you into having sex with her. She was always a flirt, even in college.”

“Cynthia, to be honest with you. I don’t know why that happened with Elenore. The commotion with Avery started, she pulled me to the side, and it happened. I am sorry.”

“I knew she would want to have sex with you. And Pat doesn’t surprise me. But I am the one who will be true to you. If anything happens to your business, I will be here for you.”

“Cynthia, can I be honest with you?”


“Do you consider us lovers?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Does it upset you if I have sex with your friends?”

“Yes, in a way, but I understand.”

“If this relationship continues, do you understand, if I have sex with them, you are the first in my life? They would only be for their satisfaction. Not that I am interested in them.”

Cynthia looked serious, “Tim, do you mean if you have sex with the others, it is just sex, but between us, it is something special?”

“Yes, Cynthia that is exactly what I am saying. I will make love to you as often as we can. I will have sex, but I am not interested in a serious relationship with them as I am with you.” Fair enough?”

“Yes, Tim, I was hoping this would work out this way.”

The sun was warming the pool area. I suggested we go into the pool. We both dove in. The water was perfect. I walked over to Cynthia; I loved the way her large breasts floated in front of her. I picked her left breast out of the water and began to suck it. Cynthia reached for my balls and began massaging them with her expertise.

“Cynthia, if you make my cock hard, I am going to put it in you right here. I want to feel your tight muscles around my cock and milking the sperm from my balls.”

“If that’s the way it is, I want to go to the steps, so you can do me doggy style. I want to feel your body slapping against my ass. You know how crazy you make me.”

We walked over to the steps; I was following Cynthia. When we got to the steps, I noticed she had the tube in her hand. She stopped on the steps that would be just high enough to keep her butt out of the water.

Cynthia sat on the step and pulled me to her. She began sucking me, one of her favorite sex acts, and she is damn good at it. After a while, she handed me the tube with that seductive smile of hers.

I squeezed some on her tight opening, and she started cooing. I gently slid a finger into her and Cynthia was moaning. I gently slid my finger in and out of her bottom, and Cynthia moaned a bit louder. She moaned more, put in more. I slid a second finger into her and Cynthia started panting.
I continued fingering her sweet round butt as Cynthia moaned. More. I removed my fingers and added more from the tube. Slowly and gently, I slid three fingers into Cynthia. I had just entered her, and she pushed back on my fingers and slid back and forth on my fingers.

Cynthia looked over her shoulder and said, “I want you now, I want your cock.”

I grabbed the lube, lubed Cynthia’s bottom, and applied a good amount to myself. I guided my aching cock into her tight bottom. When the head of my cock was parting her sphincter, Cynthia pushed back. I found my cock buried balls deep in her bottom.

Both of us consumed by lust started mating like two crazed animals. I would grunt as I slammed into her, and she would moan and almost growl as though she were in heat. Our coupling sent waves across the pool. Flesh from our coupling slapping and splashing against each other under the sun.

When the time approached, Cynthia was moaning quite loudly and slamming into my drilling cock. I was ready to explode when Cynthia started moaning and said Now, Baby, Now.

When Cynthia said that I spewed a full shot into her bowels. She responded by flooding my cock and balls with her vaginal fluid. I grabbed a handful of hair and pounded her harder. Cynthia responded by bouncing harder against my loins and she shot streams over my genitals.

I had given her every ounce that was left in my balls. Cynthia slowly slid from my retreating cock. She had released every drop of her climax that she had. She sat down on the steps of the pool, and I sat next to her. We looked at each other, wrapped each other in our arms, and kissed and sweet loving kiss.

“Tim, you do own me. You know everything I need.”

“We are good together. We make things work.”

We were sitting on the pool steps, hugging, kissing, and enjoying the quiet time. I would rub her breasts; she would massage my balls. We were having a wonderful time together. I realized I was in love with Cynthia, but there was that opening of having sex with her friends. I couldn’t tell if she was “in love” or if it was comfortable for her to stay in her circle of friends.

Our reverie was ruined by my phone screaming at me. I looked at Cynthia, and she knew I was pissed. I got out of the pool to answer it.

“Tim Oster, how can I help you?”

“Tim, it’s George. I hate to ruin your vacation, but the Sheriff needs you here in Overton. They have found out who has been trying to hack into the system. The courts would want to know what changes were made to the system. They need proof, you understand.”

“Sure, George. Will tomorrow be workable?”

“Yes, we need to nail this guy. Your testimony will be almost the basis of our case.”

“I’m there. I will be there in the morning.”

When I finished my conversation, I told Cynthia about the situation. She sat there listening and had a pouty face. But she was understanding. She agreed to go to bed early, so we could be in Medford, and I could get my car. I didn’t want to leave.

Departed Soul




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