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Letting Loose On Holiday

Teacher takes all in the Islands.
Letting Loose On Holiday

It had been a long winter and with spring break coming up Anna decided to book a vacation. She needed a warm climate with lots of sun. She decided to take her week and go to the Caribbean. She had not been able to have one of her special weekends in a long time events always seem to conspire to occupy her every weekend since her last escapade. She really missed her weekends of sexual depravity. In fact just sitting and peeing in the morning, the smell of her own urine would often excite her. She would recall being tied up in the bathroom of that seedy bar and being used by all the men, fucked and pissed on all night long. As much as she loved her job teaching, she needed a break.

She searched the Internet to find a deal she could both enjoy and afford. Happily she found the perfect spot and quickly booked the week. Although spring break was still a month away, Anna relaxed immediately, just knowing it was booked and paid for made all the difference in the world.

As the day of departure grew nearer, she found herself becoming more and more excited and so did the kids in her class. She realized that there was little difference between her and the class, everyone was ready for a break. While packing for the trip Anna wondered if she might find the right place to enjoy her own perversions. She wanted to relax for the most part but she also wanted to have that freedom she felt every time she allowed herself to be used in a dirty seedy manner. Not being able to escape to her city slum bars for so long made her very horny.

She almost had an orgasm as her flight left the ground on its way to her island paradise. The possibility for adventure, and the long sunny days at the beach, were a dream come true for Anna. She had a few drinks on the way and was anxious to deplane and get on with her vacation.

Anna decided to treat herself and elected to take a cab to her hotel rather then wait for the shuttle. She could not wait to put her bikini on and ‘chill’ on the beach. She waved down a cab and allowed the driver to load her bags in the trunk. She then told him her destination and off they went. The driver turned to her and before she knew what was happening he sprayed something in her face and said.

“Welcome to my island.”

Anna was caught unawares and belatedly tried to wipe the mist from her face but the next thing she knew her world disappeared. When she came to sometime later she found herself naked and strapped to a cot in what looked like a locker room. Still dazed by the effects of the drug she spent more time wondering where she was then worrying about her circumstances. It seemed odd that she was on a cot in a completely tiled room, lockers of some sort lined three of the walls and urinals and a shower room lined the fourth.

As she realized that she was now imprisoned in a Men’s locker room a man walked in. He was not the cab driver, at least she didn’t think he was but who could be sure. She opened her mouth to speak but he beat her to it.

“Welcome to the Men’s Club, Anna.”

“How do you know my name?”

“We have all your baggage and your purse, we know a lot about you Anna.”


“Why have we taken you? We always take someone foolish enough to travel on his or her own and not use the safer modes of transportation. Don’t worry we will eventually let you go.”

“What are you going to do with me?”

Anna was not panicking and that seemed to puzzle her captor. In fact she was beginning to like what she hoped was happening to her. She was naked, restrained and basically in a bathroom. She looked at her captor and waited to hear his reply.

“Well we plan to use you this week in anyway we see fit. We are a select club here on the island and we from time to time like to take an attractive woman and use her like a cheap piece of meat until we tire of her. We have over a hundred members and most to the local police and judiciary are members so we never have to concern ourselves with the law. Usually when the women are let go they elect to just keep quiet about it and preserve their own reputations, especially once they realize that no one on this island would help them.”

“No one has ever complained once they get home?”

“No, not to our knowledge. Oddly, one woman came back, perhaps looking for more. Unfortunately, we never do repeats, no sport in it at all.”

“Well it looks as if you have the advantage here. I have no help from the local law enforcement types, you have me tied up, so when do you start?”

“We will begin later this afternoon. We have a big party today, lots of drinking and then as the members wish; they know to come here and do what they will. Sometimes they come in alone more often they come in pairs or groups of three. Feel free to scream or whatever we are quite isolated here and in fact those complaints or screams will only turn the men on.”

“I assume I will be fed! Given some drinks too! Is that allowed?”

“Certainly Anna. We know to keep your strength up, keep you fed and watered etc. You will have no shortage of food and sustenance.”

He left her to herself and Anna spent a few hours anxiously waiting for the abuse to begin. She wondered if they would discover her desires for this abuse probably exceeded their desire to abuse. She would have to at least pretend to be put out by all of this if she wanted to make sure she got her own satisfaction. She could feel her pussy leaking onto the cot and her nipples hardening at the promise of being used and could not wait much longer for the action to begin.

She heard them gathering and the loud laughter from the other room as the party began. Soon her time would start. Long before she heard the door opening she was ready to cum. She looked over and saw that just a single guy was coming towards her, nice looking older guy. He was tall, maybe six feet or more and slender. He went to the urinals and began to pee. She heard him stop and he turned to her and walked over his cock still out. When he got closer he resumed peeing on her, covering her tits and face with the warm stinky fluid. Anna came.

She was too absorbed in her own orgasm to see that he left as soon as he finished, not bothering to even touch her. She was disappointed but had no time to think of that as a couple of guys entered and came to her. Neither said a word but one of them took out his cock and put it to her lips. She opened her mouth and allowed him to fuck her face. She felt rather the saw the other cock as it entered her wet hot pussy and knew that her week had finally began. Both men used her hard, not caring at all for her needs as the one in her mouth forced its way to her throat making her gag.


Was all she had time to get out before he rammed his hard cock back in. She felt the man in her pussy start to erupt and he pulled out dumping his hot sticky load on her belly and tits. Soon the guy ravaging her mouth came, spurting once in her mouth before pulling out and covering her face with his ejaculate.

And so the week began. Anna was used well into the night. She was ultimately released from the bed and tied to a structure that made all of her holes available at the same time. Consequently she was often taking three hard cocks at the same time. Anna lost track of the number of orgasms she had, never counted the cocks; she didn’t care. As long as they continued to use and abuse her she was happy. Her body was covered in cum and piss, the floor around her wet and sticky from the fluids dripping from her. The room smelled of piss and she loved it.

Sometime later she was returned to her cot, it was soaking wet and stinking of piss as she was tied to it once again. The activity slowed but never stopped and she napped as she could between the men who used her. She was peed on most of the night and forced to allow some of the guys to pee in her mouth and made to swallow. She was fed and given liquor and beer to drink and as her own need to piss came, she just let loose where she was, in the middle of a fuck or lying in her own cot. By the time the sun rose Anna was beginning to feel alive. This was better then her city jaunts.

For the next few days Anna never left the room. She would from time to time be tied elsewhere, in different positions, but always in the room. She was never washed and towards the end of the week her hair was matted with dried cum and stale piss. Her mattress was like a sponge and every time she moved on it piss would drip onto the floor. Her pussy was sore and so was her ass. Her mouth and throat felt bruised and she still wanted more.

On what would turn out to be her last day, she was moved outside. For the first time since arriving on this island Anna saw the sea and the beach. The bright sunshine felt wonderful on her abused body and even though she was tied once again she felt great. She was positioned once again so that all of her holes were available and a sign was erected near her. On the sign was printed the following.

“This slut will allow all to fuck her and to use her in any way, come enjoy this slut and get your picture taken for a free memento of your stay in the islands.”

Anna realized that the club had finished with her and now she was to be left in the open and used by any and all that came by. She hoped that this section of the beach was a busy one, she was already feeling empty and wanted cock. She was able to look up and down the beach and saw quite a few people either lying in the sun or walking and she waited patiently for someone to come and fuck her. She did not have to wait long. Four college age guys, slightly drunk, but ready to have their free fuck approached her.

It wasn’t long before the guys had dropped their swim trunks reveling four deliciously large cocks. She licked her lips as she waited for them to decide who was doing what. Finally they all decided to do her one at a time and Anna saw them all walk behind her. Suddenly she felt her pussy stretched as a cock invaded her well-used cunt. Barely able to feel him she did her best to squeeze her cunt around his cock as he fucked her hard and fast. She saw a flash in the corner of her eye and realized someone had taken his picture as he pummeled her. He was good and she loved it as his cock splashed inside her and erupted. She had no time to savor the feeling as her pussy was quickly filled again. She was soon lost in the day, cocks entered her pussy and ass all day most of them depositing their seed in her but many covering her with cum as well. She had her mouth worked all day too and realized that as the day wore on the men using her got older and dirtier.

She was servicing the old homeless street men. Men who had not washed or showered in months, whose only opportunity for a rinse came with the rain. She had stinking cocks in her mouth so foul that she was ready to gag but managed to hold on. Towards the end of the night she took a particularly nasty cock in her mouth and when he came the taste was so bad she did gag and spit out all he had managed to deposit in her. He slapped her face and the pissed on her. He grabbed her hair with one hand holding her head up and forcing her mouth open as he filled her mouth with his piss. She had no choice but to swallow it and was sickened by the taste. Needless to say that by morning she was herself a stinking, sticky mess from a week of cum, piss and now sand.

She was untied and led into the club and tossed to the floor of the locker room that had been her home for the week. He pissed soaked mattress and the urine and cum covered floor assaulted her nostrils as she lay there. She was suddenly hit with a cold spray of water and rolled over to see a man in a janitor’s outfit hosing her down. He then used a rough rag to wipe her body of the dried cum and piss, regularly returning the cold hose to her, rinsing off more and more of the week.

He tossed her some shampoo and she did her best to clean her matted hair. She managed to make it presentable but the smell of piss and cum would be there for a few more days. Once she was done the janitor pointed to her luggage and left. Anna found her clothes and return plane ticket. She dressed and went out the only door she saw into a waiting cab. It was the same driver who had taken her here.

“Did you enjoy your adventure Anna?”

“Yes, thanks. It was all and more then promised on the Internet. Please let everyone know how grateful I am.”

“Will do, glad you’re satisfied. I hope to see you again.”

“Well only time will tell.”

He then handed her a large manila envelope. Inside were photographs.

“Some mementos of your week Anna.”

Indeed inside were hundreds of photos. All of them showing the many men and the way she had been used; pictures of her ass being stuffed with cocks and hands; pictures of her pussy dripping cum; pictures of cum draining from her mouth and others of men pissing all over her. Yes she thought, I would come back again some day.

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