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Giving Him Something Special

She shares new parts of her body.
Giving Him Something Special

“It was going to be great to finally have a drink again,” I thought to myself as I was getting dressed. Since giving birth to my daughter a few weeks ago, It has been nearly a year since I had my last drink, and I was really looking forward to socializing again. And tonight, I had planned a special evening that I hoped my hubby would remember.

It was a wedding for one of his co-workers in a posh metro hotel, only about 20 miles away from our home. But since we decided to make the most of it, we got one of his relatives to baby-sit the little one while we stayed at the hotel overnight. This way, we could both drink and hopefully we could rekindle a bit of the desire that filled our marriage…only postponed temporarily towards the end of my pregnancy. I wanted tonight to be special for us, and wanted to try and shock him as best I could…. fulfill one of his fantasies to try anal.

For those of you thinking about trying it, let me suggest to the ladies that you take your time to prepare for your first anal experience. I figured it would be a bad idea to first make an attempt with Rob, in case it hurt or if I was so nervous that I couldn’t relax to let him inside me. I made my first attempt while taking a nice warm bubble bath two weeks ago. Lying back in the tub, I ran my fingers along the inside of my thigh, slowly sliding back to my pussy. After teasing myself for a few moments, I slowly tried to play with my anus. Running in circular patterns around the outside, I gently began sliding my middle finger inside. It was very tight, but I tried to relax and softly exhaled as I further pushed it up inside me. I only was able to start with the tip of my finger, but it appeared to be a good start.

A few days later, finding myself with a quiet moment alone, I tried my finger again. Stretched out across my bed, I reached into the drawer and pulled out some lubricant. Squeezing a generous amount onto my fingers, I began to massage my body, making my warm spot all shiny and slippery. I couldn’t resist also rubbing more forward, massaging it into my lips and taking a moment to further get me into the mood. I then refocused my attention back, starting to slip my middle finger inside. I would push my finger deeper as I exhaled in short panting… having a baby recently it felt only natural. With my one finger all the way now inside me, I lied there for a moment to take in all the sensations caressing my body. Some of them were odd, but continuing to pay attention to my soft lips below helped me to focus on the enjoyment of the moment. Mustering up the courage, I pulled the finger back a bit and began to experience the feeling of it pumping in and out of me.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

There I was, lying on my back against the bed, both hands reaching down below me… one playing with my pussy and the other playing with my ass. I was just starting to try placing a second finger inside me when the cries of my newborn daughter meant it was time for another feeding. Being alone in the house with her in the afternoon, I didn’t bother putting on clothes. I just walked into the nursery, picked her up from the crib, sat down on the rocking chair as she quickly connected her mouth to my breast. Still sensing the lingering feelings from inside my body, I felt I was ready to try and surprise Rob for our first special weekend in months.

Getting ready for the wedding seemed to take much longer than usual, but I wanted to make sure everything was perfect for our night together. I had gone earlier in the day to get my hair colored and styled for the evening… a simple up-do that revealed my neck. I waited to do the makeup myself later in the day. Having started to lose all the baby weight, it felt nice to be back into a more comfortable sized outfit. I took out one of the dresses I bought during my pregnancy – I guess as a way to push myself to lose the weight quickly after she was born. It was a black, full-length gown with a mock turtleneck and full-length sleeves. The back was almost entirely sheer, with a zipper along the back and a button top around the neck. It was one of those outfits that required an adhesive bra – no straps around back but would smart a little when I tried to remove it afterwards. Complimenting the outfit with nude pantyhose, black lace heels and a simple strand of pearls, I came out of our bedroom to see my husband in his new tuxedo… personally I love a man in a tux and melted at the sight. He helped me into my (fake) fur coat to complete the look for tonight.

Immediately suggesting we skip the wedding and head straight to the hotel room, we stopped our joking and bid goodbye to our little daughter and walked out to the car. The drive into DC was quite heavy, but we made it to the hotel with only enough time to check into the hotel, drop our stuff off in the room, and return downstairs for the ceremony.

The evening was wonderful. It was a truly high-class affair and the family seemed to spare no expense for the wedding. There were over 400 people at the wedding, and the dimly lit grand ballroom made it ideal for us to relax and enjoy a romantic evening together. Other than the few tables of my husband’s co-workers, we knew no one else and could relax and be ourselves. Because we were spending the night at the hotel, and our room was only a short stroll from the ballroom, we both paid many visits to the bar all evening. Rob was enjoying his scotch, while I found a sweet, older bartender only too willing to make me margaritas all night long.

It was also refreshing to be dancing on the floor again, able to actually wrap my arms around Rob’s neck without my belly getting in the way. I was out on the floor most of the night, enjoying my free expression. We danced a few slow songs together, and I remained on the floor with some of the other office wives for a few more. I even danced with two of Rob’s co-workers at his suggestion. One of his partners came without his wife, who was dealing with a family illness. He and I danced one number, and I could see how nervous he was placing his hand around my back. I sensed he was trying to determine how I was wearing the outfit without a bra, a mystery that only we women can truly understand and appreciate.

It was just after midnight that we bid our goodbyes to the bride and groom, as well as the remaining co-workers, and the two of us staggered off towards the elevators. Entering the elevator car alone, I couldn’t resist the urge to pull him close to me and start to kiss. The ride up only lasted a few seconds, but seemed an eternity as we wrapped our arms and lips around each other as sounds of panting began as our faces embraced one another. His hand, starting along my back was now rubbing against my hips and outer thigh. As our lips separated, I reached in closer towards his ear and whispered, “I have something special for you tonight.”

The elevator door opened and we walked arm in arm towards our room. Rob pulled the key card out of his wallet and was trying to get it unsuccessfully in the lock. Also being distracted by my continual grabbing and pinch of his butt, I made some off hand comment like, “I hope you don’t have that much trouble getting it in later.”

Not appreciating my teasing, he turned towards me as the door opened finally. He grabbed me by one arm and picked me up. Playfully kicking and beating his chest, he walked inside the room with my in his arms and tossed me onto the bed. It took me a moment to get onto my knees, standing on the bed… first feeling the true effects of all my drinking tonight. I admit I wasn’t a total lush, but not having a drop of liquor in nearly a year turned me into a bit of a lightweight.

Rob stood there, watching me attempting to compose myself, laughing at my expense. He walked over towards me on the bed, as he started to unclip his bowtie.

“So what was this special night you had planned cutie,” Rob asked as he started to slip out of his jacket.

Reaching out to place my arms around his next, “Well baby,” I began as I placed soft kisses on his chin and lips. “I thought it was time I fulfilled one of those little must-haves that men always want.”

“And what would that be?” he asked as his attention and hands diverted to my chest. I think he must have thought that I was going to let him suck on my breast milk tonight, something he had joked once.

“Well, if you’re hungry little boy, you can have some of me,” I assured him as I took his hands and placed them on my breasts. “But I thought you might also like to try something new… Baby, would you like to put that large hot cock of yours in my tight little ass?”

He became speechless, but watching his eyes bulge told me that he was more than eager to try it. Almost like turning into Mr. Hyde, Rob became an animal pawing at my body and pulling tight against me.

I turned around on the bed and asked him to help get me out of the outfit. He unclasped the top and slowly unzipped the dress. Holding the fabric by the shoulders, I slid my arms out of the sleeves as the dress quickly dropped to the bed. His arms reached around the front of me towards my chest, but knowing I had to remove the adhesive bra, I took his hands aside one moment, assuring him they would return momentarily. I reached around the sides, quickly tugging the straps off, removing the breast supports.

Now kneeling in front of him, wearing only pantyhose and heels, I wanted to start to undress my lover. But Rob had other interests in mind. He pushed me back on the bed, as I fell towards the pillows. Still mostly dressed, he climbed onto the bed and parted my legs. Reaching down towards my body, he grabbed onto my pantyhose near the crotch and tugged against them until they tore apart. I wasn’t sure what was turning my gentle lover into a wild animal, but the contrast compared to an evening of formal attire to a night of raw sex was starting to drive me wild. Maybe it was the liquor, maybe the new experience I had suggested, or maybe it was how we were dressed. I didn’t care. All I wanted was to experience raw, hot sex with this man.

Dropping his head into my lap, his hands started to grip the sides of my thighs as he started to blow against my lips. Then, he runs his tongue, dripping with moistness, along the sides of my warm insides. It was so unlike him. Usually, he would be coy and playful, but tonight, he was hard and forceful. After running his tongue from bottom to top and back several times, he took his hands and parted my lips. Curling his tongue, he started to push it in and out of me… fucking me with his mouth. He continued pumping me with his mouth, as one of his hands started to reach up towards my breasts.

Thinking he was going to play with my chest for a while, his hands continued up towards my shoulders and onto the mattress below me. Lifting up, I knew he wanted to be inside me. He remained in his tux, and only unzipped his trousers, reaching in to pull out his hard and pulsating cock. He knew that I loved having sex with clothes on…

He shifted up and took my legs and lifted them against his upper arms and shoulders. Not even waiting for me to first guide him into me, he leaned against my body and, almost instinctively, his cock slide right inside by waiting and wanting pussy. First penetrating me, he paused for a moment and stared into my eyes with a blank stare. I could tell he had his share of liquor that night and his mind and body were focused on one thing and one thing only. With a light silent sigh of anticipation, he started pumping his cock in and out of my body, holding my legs straight up in the air. Feeling the tugging of the pantyhose, I reached down and pulled them apart further, making it more comfortable for my lover’s cock to ride me with ease.

I would never tell him, but I loved when a man became forceful during lovemaking. There was something primitive about it and I enjoyed being the object of his attention. I was powerless and under his complete control, with my legs being held up in the air with his hard body pushing in and out of me. All I could do was lie there, my body and the mattress being shaken from the strength of him pumping me.

“Ooo… errrr… mmmm..” were the only sounds I could make, looking into my lover’s eyes as he forced himself in and out of me. At first, I took my hands and started to unbutton his vest and shirt, digging my nails into his chest. But he wanted to focus more on me, grabbing my hands and placing on my own chest. I knew what he wanted.

Having been several hours since a feeding, my breasts were starting to swell and ready to feed my innocent newborn. Cupping my breasts in each hand, I took to pinching each of the nipples hoping the first traces of milk would start to emerge. I squeezed my breasts together, looking straight into his eyes asking him, “You want to taste me baby?” His response was silent. Just the picture of watching me play with myself seemed to place him into a deeper trans, pushing harder against me, forcing my body in rapid motion against the pulsating mattress.

Having worked at the plan for this evening, I didn’t want to waste the preparation were he to come now inside me. I knew I would have to take control of him, and demand the same heir of force against his body if I were to be successful. I reached up and grabbed his face in my hands, and demanded he “let me up.”

“Lie on your back, baby, and do what I tell you,” I commanded as he stopped pumping his cock, which was still deep inside me. He paused and looked down at me and I again commanded him “pull your cock out of me and lie down!” I ordered.

If almost instantly, he turned from beast to passive lamb, doing as I said and anticipating what was about to come. “Take off your clothes,” I instructed him as I reached over the side of the bed to my overnight bag, where I hid a small bottle of lubricant to ensure things went smoothly.

With his clothes mostly off, I pushed them onto the floor as I crawled on top of Rob, my head facing his feet. “Tear apart my stockings,” I told him, as I wanted my ass to be open for his touching. He started tugging softly and the nylons separated further as they fell apart. My legs were still covered, although the pantyhose now had runs all the way to my ankles. I left my heels on, knowing how much he loved to see my feet wrapped in shoes.

My ass now exposed and lying spread in front of him, I opened the bottle and squeezed some of the jelly into my hand. Passing the bottle back to Rob, I told him to take a generous amount and spread it all over my ass. He must’ve squeezed the entire tube into his hands, because I felt a sea of lubricant against my body as he started to rub it on me. He started at the small of my back and worked down the valley along my ass towards my already dripping lips in front.

I rewarded his good behavior by taking his still pulsing cock into my wanting hands also dripping with jelly. His moans of approval were quickly followed by his fingers starting to explore the rim around my opening. I was starting to become nervous and began tightening my body. But I took a deep breath, held it in and slowly let it out. Doing this a few times, I wanted to see if I would be ready for him.

“Start to put one of those fingers inside me… would you like that baby?” I instructed him. He was unsure of how to do it so I told him to follow my instructions. He started running his middle finger in circles around the opening, placing more lubricant on his finger. Wiggling the tip of his finger, as I started to exhale from a deep breath, he managed to slide inside me. I told him to wait, leave it there. I relaxed to the sensation and then assured him it was ok to push it in further.

“Mmmm… good boy,” I comforted him, not totally in control of our lovemaking. He began to push his finger slowly in and out, while sliding his finger around the opening inside me at my instruction. As he pushed softly, I rewarded him by stroking his shaft. I would stop if it became to forceful or if the position was awkward. Quickly, he got the hang of how this new part of my body wanted to play. His heavy breathing, coupled by my panting and sighs seemed to have him affixed to my body.

“Oh, that’s gooooood baby,” I assured him, though shudders of sensations were making my body shake as I said it. “You think you’re ready to try the real thing?” I asked him while my hand continued to pump his shaft now immersed in the lubricant.

I lifted my leg off of him and turned around to face his body lying below me. I thought this would be an ideal way for our bodies to first meet, so we could see each other’s reactions and make sure it wasn’t hurting either of us. He wanted to take the lead, but I took his cock back into my hand, assuring him that I was still in charge and he would do as I told him. Resting on my knees above his hard body, I slowly started to direct the tip of his pulsing cock towards my waiting hole.

Holding his cock firmly in place, I started to lower my body onto his. Positioning his tip just below me, I rested myself lower, trying to let him slide into me as I dropped. The tip started to enter me, reaching towards the muscles slightly inside me. I assured him everything was ok… silently moaning and letting him see my aroused eyes affixed on his.

Taking a deep breath, I held the moment, and then started to exhale in pants while trying to relax my muscles. On my third pant, his cock popped past my muscles and it became engulfed inside my tight ass. My hands resting against his body, I told him not to move as I began to absorb his cock and the sensations it was giving my body. As I grew accustomed to the feeling, I started to raise and lower my body, trying to take a little more of his cock with each movement.

“Touch my pussy,” I told him as I continued to experiment shifting around with his cock in my ass. Moving around in side-to-side, as well as front to back motions, he was silent and staring through me… locked away in the ecstasy of the moment. He was all-too willing to start playing with my pussy with his hand, wanting to take a more aggressive part in the act. Running his fingers along the sides of my lips, his slid one inside my wanting pussy. His pulsing finger rubbed up close against the back of my pussy, where his cock pumped only a fraction apart. The sensation of feeling both hard masses rubbing against one another inside me was intoxicating.

“Would you like to pump me?” I asked as I started to lean down against his body. He was cautious at first but my sighs and moans from his touching gave his the encouragement to continue. I fought off the odd sensations that were running through me as his one hand was making me fall more under his spell.

Leaning my body closer to his, Rob took his other hand and started to play with my wanting breasts. He leaned up and took one of my nipples in his mouth and started to suck on it. My body was on autopilot and immediately responded as milk began to emerge from my breast. But suddenly sensations from all across my body were in paradox.

I felt my lover playing my pussy like a violin, knowing just how to touch and caress it. His cock, buried deep in my ass, was pulsing in a primitive and somewhat dirty sex act. And then, to have him sucking my breasts as a woman would do as a most innocent act of motherhood… I never felt like such a complex creature before in my life.

I enjoyed being in charge and continued to talk dirty to him as I remained in control. “That’s it baby… fuck my ass… let me feel your hot come deep inside me.” I became more relaxed with his cock in me, as he switched breasts and continued to play with my pussy. Not caring who heard us, I let out two loud screams as I reached my first orgasm.

“Don’t stop fucking me Rob…. Pound my ass,” I commanded as I came the first time. He continued to pump me while his hands explored every inch of my body inside and out.

“You want to come inside me?” I asked, wanting to know if it was still good for him. He could barely speak and responded simply by tightening his grip on my breasts, now flowing with milk.

His pumping got harder and faster, and I knew he was on the verge of an explosion. “YESSS, c’mon baby and give it all to me.” The headboard was no longer rattling, but instead slamming into the wall behind it.

The raw primitive sex we were having would not allow him to make any words. All he could do was grunt and pant as he clung tighter to my body. Pumping me wildly now, he reached up and wrapped his arms around my back and grabbed onto me as his pumping turned to hard pulses. I too tightened, and his cock popped out of me, his warm juices pouring out all across my ass.

We held each other and continued to kiss. Being in a hotel, we weren’t concerned about cleaning up and instead simply collapsed into each other’s arms and passed out from the force of the evening and the effect of the intoxicating drinks and sex.

We awoke the next morning to a room that smelled of sex. Opening the windows, we climbed into the shower together and kissed for a while as we washed each other…our hands occasionally exploring the other’s body. Running late, we didn’t stop for breakfast but quickly checked out to return home and relieve my sister-in-law who was watching our little one.

As she left to run errands herself, I went in to feed my daughter. Wearing a denim mini skirt and blue sweater, I went back into the nursery for the feeding. I could tell Rob wanted to join us. I invited him to come and watch but all of the milk was for the baby. After I put her down for her nap, we returned to our own bedroom where we again made love – he sucked my breasts again as I had him come in my mouth.

Since that night two weeks ago, I have continued to have sexual arousal every time I breast feed. I sense his lips and his body close to me. And now that I was no longer an anal virgin, I’m sure he wondered if we would ever do that again. Going to sleep the other night, I assured him that we would again try that as well as many other surprises yet to come.

Until next time…



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