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Part 9

Community Service

Madam Chair shows her appreciation for Tim's community service(s)
Community Service

The meeting had finished. Sheriff Nelson expressed his gratitude to Ms. O’Connell for her understanding of Himmel. He thanked the D.A. and there was only Madam Chair and I left in the room.
Ms. O’Connell asked me to have a chair. I sat down, not knowing where she was going to go with this. I remember sneaking out of the bar through the side door during my last visit.
She started to speak, “I am guessing Nelson and the D.A. have talked to you about the trial the day after tomorrow.”
“No, Ma’am we are having a meeting this afternoon at four at the D.A.’s office. Sheriff Nelson wanted to hear from you first if there were specific details that needed to be brought to your attention.”
“For me, everything has been covered,” Ms. O’Connell said. “I have made provisions for your stay. All your expenses will be covered by the city. Normally, I would have to say reasonable expenses, but you are a man of your word, Mr. Ouster.
I would like to meet you at Shirley’s after your meeting. Say, roughly six-thirty this evening. You know where my table is. You can have the Sheriff drop you at Shirley’s. It’s on his way home. I’ll see you then.”
I have always been fascinated by Amanda’s ability to tell you what you are going to do and make it sound like I’m doing this all for you sweetheart. Geez, she’s good. By the way, I haven’t told anyone that I hate courtrooms ever since getting rid of the nut I was married to.
The meeting with Nelson and the D.A. ended. I spent two hours listening to just tell the truth and the facts. Try shucking that down from the terms legal beagles use. Just remove “bull” from bullshit and you’re good to go.
Nelson dropped me at Shirley’s at exactly six-thirty. Imagine that. I thanked him and got an “enjoy your evening” knowing smile back from him.
I walked into Shirley’s, which is a very nice restaurant/bar place. It was easy to find Amanda’s table. It’s the one with the halo above it. But that halo can lose its glow quickly. And I am sure it will be lost before sunup tomorrow.
I walked up to her table, “Good evening Ms. O’Connell, how are you this evening? You look beautiful as always.”
“Thank you, Mr. Ouster, you are very kind. Please join me.” Instant beer.
We talked about the trial and other things. She was very good at asking about my ideas and interests. She must make a killing at cocktail parties. But she always made the conversation interesting. I still marvel at how the drinks show up just when one was finished.
We had finished a wonderful roast pork dinner and the conversation was slowing a little. I had the feeling we would be leaving soon. And I was right.
“Mr. Ouster, would mind joining me for a nightcap?”
With that question, Amanda dropped her shawl to reveal her two large breasts through a see-through blouse, which she abruptly rearranged to cover up her breasts. I got up, pulled her chair from the table, and followed her to her special parking spot.
I was in a mischievous mood. I opened her car door, and as she was getting in, I pulled the shawl from her shoulders. She stopped and backed out of the car. Amanda looked at me and smiled. While she stood there, I proceeded to unbutton the rest of her blouse. Amanda stood there watching every movement. I kissed her while I pulled on her nipples. Amanda yelped and smiled.
“Get in the car, Tim. I’ll drive.”
Amanda backed her 1998 boat out of its parking place, pointed it toward a back street, and floored it. All four hundred and seventy-two horses that were under the hood sprang into action. She didn’t slow down until we got to an old road. Mostly covered with weeds. She drove quite a distance until we were at an old house. It looked as though it had been here for decades if not centuries.
“We’re here,” Amanda announced. Where the hell is here?
We walked to the back of the house. She unlocked the door, and I was amazed. The interior was in great shape. She walked into the adjoining room and there was a waterbed, the likes I had never seen. I walked over to Amanda and removed her blouse. I looked at her double D tits, then at her.
“Those belong to me, Amanda O’Connell. You belong to me.”
“Yes, you are right Tim. Since your last visit, I could only think about that stiff cock of yours filling my body, every opening. I want you to have sex with me as often as you can. No one else will ever touch my body but you.”
We undressed, and when she bent over to step out of her designer jeans, I walked up behind her. I put my arms around her and nibbled her neck. Amanda’s knees were getting weak already. While I nibbled and licked her neck, I had Amanda’s large tits in a firm grip. She put her hands over mine and encouraged me to squeeze them.
When she reached for my growing cock, I grabbed her wet spot. Amanda was wet enough that I could slide a finger between her wet lips. She was pulling on my cock for a few minutes when she bent over just enough for me to shove it into her. Oh, yes. Yes. Amanda whispered.
I love being inside Amanda, and for her enjoyment, I massaged and pulled her swaying tits. I would let her tits go just to watch them in the mirror, swaying back and forth to my pumping. Amanda was panting, I knew her climax was not far off.
I grabbed her nipples and pulled them until she moaned, and I slammed my cock into her, Amanda let out one long moan, and her climax flowed down my cock onto my balls.
I was pumping her through her climax and enjoyed the sounds she would make. I loved her sounds of sexual abandonment. Then Amanda was finished. She lay back on the bed, staring at my rigid cock.
“Now. My turn. Your cock is mine now.”
Amanda got on the floor in front of me. She turned her head so she could suck my balls. She used her hand to spread my legs a little farther apart, now her finger could push against my ass. She changed her mind, grabbed my ass cheeks, and swallowed my cock.
Her nose was against my pelvis, and she was sucking it without moving. It was maddening. This went on for several minutes. Then Amanda stood up and lay on the bed with her legs spread. I got between her legs and sucked her pussy lips into my mouth. I ran my tongue between them and listened to Amanda coo with delight. She tasted delicious.
“I want to cum on your cock. Put your cock in me.”
I moved up so I could guide my cock into Amanda’s waiting pussy. When I slid it in, she moaned in delight.
“This is what I want,” Amanda purred.
I shoved my cock as far in as I could. She loved it. I was shoving it in and out of Amanda and she was panting and moaning and humping back to meet me. I shoved it into Amanda with firm rhythmic strokes. Each stroke brought a moan of pleasure from her.
I sucked her large tits and continued my pumping. When I would bite her nipples, she would moan and pant Like that, yes like that. The more I pumped Amanda and sucked and bit her tits, the more she moaned with pleasure. I let her tits go and pushed her legs to her head. When I did that, I knew I was hitting her cervix.
After I hit her cervix for the fourth time, Amanda’s climax shot from inside her pussy. With each stroke, Amanda released more of her vaginal nectar covering my cock and balls. I continued pounding her until she collapsed on the bed.
I moved toward Amanda’s head. She turned her head, and I pushed my cock into her mouth. Amanda grabbed my ass cheek and pushed my cock deeper down her throat. Her head started bobbing on my cock. She wanted to feel my cock past her tonsils. I let her suck me until my cock was limp. She looked up at me smiling.
“I know there is more cock from you if I want it. You will give it to me whether I want it or not Tim Ouster. I may own this town, but you own me.”
“I love making love to you Amanda. I’m afraid if they find out your reputation will be destroyed. That would kill me.”
“Tim if they were standing there and watched us the entire time, nothing would ever be said. I’m sure they know we are intimate. Nothing will ever be said. It’s not like in Medford. Cynthia and Lillian are known as the Medford Meddlers. Here, I am the law. When I die there is no one to follow me. Then, they can talk and gossip all they want. In the grave, I will care less than I do now.
With that being said, Amanda got up and stood at the edge of the bed.
“Slide that hot butt over here. I want you sitting right on the edge. That cock of yours has had plenty of time to recover. I want it in my mouth. I want to feel your balls on my chin.”
I’m not the type of guy to pass up a good blow job, my ass is moving to the edge of the bed. When I got to the edge of the bed, Amanda was on her knees waiting. Never keep a lady waiting. Especially one that gives good head.
Amanda grabbed my awakening cock and licked the head. She held it to the side while she licked my balls. My cock was growing in her hand, and she began to stroke it. She sucked my balls into her mouth and then gave them a good suck. She would pull them while they were in her mouth. Damn, it felt great.
I laid back on the bed and propped my feet on the bed. Now, she could lick and suck anything she wanted. She even gave a few teasing licks at my butt.
“Does this make it easier for you to do what you want?”
“Does this answer your question?”
She sucked my balls back into her mouth and was giving me an outstanding hand job. Her grip was just tight enough, and she had perfect speed. She released my balls and immediately swallowed my cock to the hilt.
She opened a drawer from the nightstand that was right by the bed. She had a ball cinch and a cock ring. She put the ball cinch on my sack, then applied the cock ring. She had me stiff as a steel girder. Amanda pulled my cock skin down completely exposing the head. She was treating it like a lollipop. Suck a little, lick a little then suck some more.
“Move farther onto the bed, Tim. I want to mount you. You can lick me first. After I cum on your face, then that’s when that wonderful cock of yours will come into play. I hope you enjoy this as much as I’m going to.”
With that, Amanda sat on my face. Her perfume was stimulating, and her juices were sweet. I reached for her tits, and she moaned in appreciation. She rocked back and forth on my face while I licked her sweet pussy lips. Amanda started her climax within seconds. After a full minute, it seemed as though she was still climaxing.
She rested sitting on my face for a short time, then sucked my cock again. I thought, if she is going to sit on my cock, she is wet enough. Go ahead and suck me, but if you’re just getting it wet, don’t bother.
She had every intention of sitting on my cock, but I didn’t anticipate her lowering herself and guiding my cock up her ass. It felt so tight, I thought I was going to climax then. But it didn’t matter, she had my cock in a ring, so it wasn’t going to go limp any time soon.
As she lowered herself and inserted my cock into her butt, Amanda had a smile on her face of a woman with nothing but lust in her heart. When her ass cheeks covered my balls, Amanda smiled at me and began rubbing her clit. She was riding up and down with my cock in her ass and rubbing her pussy. Amanda was smiling, panting, and dripping on my pelvis.
She was sliding my cock in and out of her faster and faster. Her hand was slapping her pussy vigorously, the other hand was pulling her tit. Watching Amanda get off on my cock and the feeling of being buried into her butt was unbelievable.
Suddenly Amanda shouted out and I could feel much more juice coming from deep inside her pussy, and from her butt. I couldn’t take it any longer. I shot a stream of cum deep inter her bowels. She continued to pump me, so I reached for her large tits flopping in front of me.
When I grabbed them and yanked on her nipples, Amanda shouted again, and this time, she fell from my cock, onto the bed. I was still standing strong due to the cock ring she had attached to me. With the cinch on my balls, the orgasm was twice as strong. Amanda just lay there panting. I was tempted to shove my cock into her mouth but thought better of it.
Amanda was releasing my cock and balls, smiling the entire time. When she removed the ring, there was still a little life left in him. I thought to myself, next time Amanda, I will be better prepared for your insatiable sex drive.
Amanda looked at me, as though she was in love with me. She moved her face to kiss me, and I met her lips. She moaned with pleasure as we kissed. Amanda O’Connell is one hell of a lover.
“Sorry about the cock ring and all. Tim, you had me so turned on, I had to do what I did. I hope you’re not mad or upset. I have not been with anyone since your last trip here. I’m hoping that you can visit Overton as much as possible.”
“No reason to be sorry. But a question, Amanda. Do you want me to visit Overton, or Amanda O’Connell as much as possible? If it’s just to visit Overton, I can do that online. If it’s to visit Amanda O’Connell and spend time with her, THAT I will plan for.”
“Tim, I would love to fill my diary with our times together. Daily. I know that isn’t possible, but can you try to visit me once or twice a month?” Amanda was pleading.
“Only if you promise to be as wonderful as you are. Maybe at first, I was a bit overwhelmed by Madam Chair. Now that I know the real Amanda, I will visit as often as I can.”
It was after two in the morning when Amanda dropped me at the back entrance of the hotel. I will probably go to Medford tomorrow. I intend to sleep as much as possible.


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