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Part 3

Chapter 3 – The Referal

Tim is well paid for his services
Chapter 3 – The Referal

The morning after I installed the security login for the Sheriff, my phone went off at eight-thirty. It was the Sheriff. He wasn’t upset, so I was feeling pretty good.

“Good morning, Tom, how are things?”

“Doing good, sir, thank you. Are you having any problems with the new security login?”

“No, not at all. They guys followed your easy directions; everything went like clockwork. But I may have a job for you if you are interested. It’s in the next town, so you may need to spend the night. It is for the Sheriff there.”

“If I can do it, and guarantee it, I will be glad to do it. Do you know what it is?”

“Yes, they want an upgrade to their system. My guess is they are trying to stay up with the times, or the crimes. I’ll give them your number and you can work out the details. By the way, I did not mention your kindness to our community. I know you will be fair with your charges.”

Later that afternoon, the phone went off. It was Sheriff Nelson of Overton. We had a good conversation, and we set up a meeting with the head of the town council for this Thursday at eleven. He said we could stop at the diner and have lunch or the local bar. He had one of the office staff give me the necessary information I needed to figure out what was needed, and what I would charge.

Thursday morning, I arrived in Overton. A very nice community with eleven hundred residents. I stopped at the hotel and settled in my room. The desk called up and said the Sheriff was there to pick me up for the meeting. I hadn’t expected that.

When we arrived at the town hall, I was impressed by its hometown appearance, yet quietly demanded your respect. The town council, Sheriff, and I were standing outside making acquaintances when a 1998 Ford Mercury Marquis boat pulled into the spot reserved for the “council chair”. The vehicle appeared as though it had just left the showroom.

The lady who emerged from the vehicle was dressed for business, nothing else. I wasn’t sure how I should approach her. The Sheriff made the introductions.

“Madam Chair, this is Mr. Tim Ouster. He is here to discuss the upgrade of the Police Security Systems. The Sheriff, Cynthia Crenshaw’s brother, had work done for their system. He is quite pleased with the results and cost. Tim, may I introduce Ms. Amanda O’Connell.”

“Ms. O’Connell, the pleasure is mine,” Tim responded. Amanda smiled.

They went into the town hall and the meeting began. The office manager, George, explained what he thought would enhance the security system. Tim explained what he could do to enhance it. It would be simple, but it would be very effective. Tim even suggested having it accessible remotely by only one person. Anyone else would have to go into the office and access it manually.

Tim and the Sheriff left the council chambers as the members considered his proposal. He felt confident about his plan but wasn’t sure how Ms. O’Connell would react. He thought she seemed to be a bit old-fashioned. She may not be easy to persuade when it comes to change.

After about thirty minutes, George asked me and the Sheriff to come back inside. There were a few questions, and then Amanda spoke up.

“Tim, if I may, your suggestions seem to fit the issues George and the staff have outlined. I trust George because he is aggressive in his thinking. I like that. We have also discussed your charges. They are much less than we anticipated.”

“Ms. O’Connell, I don’t mean to brag, but I am good at what I do. I also know the police department is very good at what they do. If there is something I can do to help I am at your service. I also want the taxpayers to know, they are getting their money’s worth.”

“Excellent, then our business is finished. When can you start?”

“I can start first thing in the morning. I would ask George to be available. He knows the system and would be a great help. I may have to shut down the system at the end and restart it. I don’t think it will interfere with the daily routine.”

The group left the town hall. The Sheriff had to return to work. He told me to go to Shirley’s Grill and put his lunch on the city tab. Which I did.

The next morning looked as though some heavy weather would move in. The hotel was only five blocks from the police station, so I wasn’t concerned. I got in and went straight to work. George and I had the upgrades installed and ready for the restart by two thirty that afternoon. Job well done, and my hunger alarm was going off.

When I walked out of the station, the sky had darkened. I thought I’d press my luck and have lunch before the weather turned. I walked across the street to Shirley’s and found a table. I had just sat down when a server stopped at the table.

“Excuse me, Ms. O’Connell wants you to join her. I will show you to her table. Please follow me.”

“Ms. O’Connell, I’m honored. I appreciate your invitation.”

“Tom, Amanda if you would. I must show a certain stuffed shirt around here. My great-great-grandfather founded this town. He was treated like a king, and they think I should be treated the same way and yes, I am rich. When we’re in public, we can put on the show, but here together I can be just me. I do want to sincerely show you my gratitude for being concerned about our taxpayers. I would give you the key to the city, but I don’t know where the hell I left it.”

Amanda is an amazing woman in her own right. She plays the game, but “her” town is her heart. We talked about the beginnings of the town, and how they got rich from the railroad and then investments. She told me she drives the 1998 so the people don’t feel she is throwing her wealth in their faces. She is a caring woman.

She asked about me. Where I was born, if I had been married, all the polite conversations. But she seemed interested. I told her how I got into computers, and how I loved to take my coffee and sit by the lake to unwind.

Our luncheon, if you will, was interrupted by a loud crack of thunder. The lights flickered for a moment then settled down. The thunder outside was rolling. My thought was to just sit it out here. When it calmed down, I’d dash to the hotel. So, I get a little wet, more like drenched.

“Tom. Do you like to watch storms?”

“Yes, I do. The sheer energy fascinates me. I’ve loved them since I was a kid.”

“Shall we watch it from a better perspective?”

“Sure, where?”

“Follow, me.”

She led me through the back of the bar and out a metal door. There sat her ‘98 Ford, dry as a bone in the desert. I opened the door for her, then got in from the other side. Then push of a button, the garage door opened, and we were driving into the tempest. Amanda loved it.

She drove to the edge of the city to a park. The thunder and lightning never left us. Amanda pulled into the park and stopped at the far end. The view over the lake was spectacular. The lightning was reflected in the lake, the thunder would reverberate against the car. There was no sign of it stopping. I looked at Amanda, she was enjoying herself as much as I was. Amanda moved closer to me. Her perfume was intoxicating, and I knew why we were enjoying the storm.

I turned to her and kissed her softly. I lightly licked her lips, and her response was to slide her tongue into my mouth. I wrapped my tongue around hers, and she began to unbutton her blouse. She removed her blouse and unhooked her bra, as she did the thunder and lightning exploded around us.

I moved so I could suck her breast, and she pushed my head against her. She held my head and let me suck as long as I wanted. When I wanted her other breast, she moved so she was easily accessible to my desires. I unzipped her slacks. She raised her butt high enough for me to remove them. Amanda motioned to the back seat. In this car, we would have enough room for our sex romp.

As Amanda was crawling into the back seat, I grabbed her silk panties and slid them from her.

“You have me naked. Now, it’s your turn. Strip for me.”

I slowly began removing my shirt. She was smiling a sexual smile. I knelt on the front seat as I unzipped my jeans and slid them down my leg then off. I did the same with my briefs. When my cock jumped out, I looked at Amanda.

She was rubbing her well-trimmed pussy. I started to climb over the seat. When I was halfway over, she grabbed my balls and was licking and kissing my ass cheeks. Her tongue was hot against my skin.

When I got in the back seat, I grabbed Amanda’s legs and pulled her down. When she was on her back, I pushed my head between her long legs and began to lick her warm wet pussy lips. She pulled her legs behind her head. That gave me full access to her waiting opening. I started licking her back door. I tried to poke my tongue into her. Amanda loved the attention.

Then, I would spend time licking the droplets from her wet sex opening. She would mew when I would suck her labia into my mouth and run my tongue up and down the lips. Then I would poke my tongue into her warm vagina.

She was pushing her soft lips into my mouth. I had reached for her full breasts and milked them as hard as possible. Amanda inhaled deeply when I crushed her nipples between my thumb and finger and pulled them away from her chest.

Amanda was panting and had her hands on the back of my head. There was no escaping her grip or oncoming climax. I placed all my attention on her hard clit. Flicking it firmly with my tongue as fast as possible. I slowed my licking and she whimpered.

One final oral attack, I flicked her clit as hard and fast as possible. At the same time, I smashed her nipples between my fingers and pulled on them. Amanda let out a yelp, there was a clap of thunder, and Amanda’s orgasm flooded into my mouth.

I continued to lick her until she begged to be released. Amanda lay there panting. Completely exhausted from her ordeal. I noticed some of her orgasms were still dripping from her. When I began to lick up the golden nectar, she pushed me away, panting and whimpering.

The storm was still raging as Amanda pushed herself onto her elbows. She slid her butt under her and smiled at me. A smile from a woman who was satisfied, but not finished. She put her hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me back. She had a sexual stare and when I was on my back, my cock stared back at her. She wrapped her hand around it and was smiling at me as she lowered her head into my groin.

I felt my balls being sucked into her mouth. Her tongue massaged them and occasionally slapped them. She was making me crazy with wanting her. She released my balls and pushed my legs toward my shoulders. Amanda was licking my back door as I had licked hers.

When she licked me for a while, she would move up to my balls and suck on them again. Amanda would switch between her licking me and sucking my balls. She released my legs and sucked my hard shaft into her mouth. She was amazing. She would suck my cock and be giving me a hand-job at the same time. Sometimes she would just look into my eyes and stroke my cock.

I couldn’t take it any longer. I sat up and kissed Amanda long and hard. I pushed her back into the seat and got on top of her. She was smiling that sex smile she had as she spread her legs as wide as she could. When I got between her legs, I just pushed my demanding cock into her wet opening.

I grabbed her full breasts and sucked them and bit and nibbled on them. There was no holding back. I was pumping Amanda with every ounce of strength I had. She had me completely aroused as I had never been before. I kept my strokes long and hard, she was pushing back. She must have known I was going to climax.

I was kissing her, milking her breasts, and stroking her wet pussy. I stopped kissing her and was sucking her breast. In a low whisper, I heard her say now. As I unloaded my balls into her waiting opening, Amanda squirted my cock and balls with her orgasm. We were both exhausted. I looked at her and softly kissed her.

We dressed with the strength we had left. We were still in the back seat. We looked at each other and gently kissed again. We flung open the doors and made a mad dash for the front seat. The storm has weakened. Amanda drove me to the hotel.

The next morning, Sheriff Nelson and his crew were out assessing the damage. It was mostly tree limbs and litter. There were some outages where limbs fell across power lines. I was still assessing the damage Amanda had done to my cock. She was amazing. And she was out in the city looking over the damage as well. She cared about her neighbors.

I was getting ready to head home when I caught up with the group.

“Hell of a storm last night. I’m sure glad I wasn’t out in it.” Amanda gave me a sideway smile and I returned it. “If some hard object was caught in that wind, it could do some real physical damage.” We grinned at each other again.

Amanda came over to me, “Mr. Ouster, I appreciate your services to me (wink) and the community. When you come back, and we hope you will, please look us up for another lunch. The lunch yesterday turned into a wonderful afternoon. Please drive safely on your way home.”
Ms. O’Connell shook my hand and thanked me again. The note she passed me was simple. “I loved the park. We must do it again.”


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