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Bottoms Up Birthday Girl

Birthday girl receives the gift of double penetration.
Bottoms Up Birthday Girl

It’s your birthday. As a special treat, I’ve allowed you to go out with your girlfriends and get drunk- but not too drunk, just frisky. After all, I’ve promised you a very special birthday surprise when you come home, which I’ve told you must be no later than midnight sharp.

You’re excited to find out what it could be. From what you know of your dirty daddy, it’s about to be something really filthy. It probably involves anal sex: you’ve known from before we even met that I was a really committed ass man. And it’s just as well you gave up the arse straight away, and are happy for your daddy to keep fucking it, since my appetite for buggery is never satisfied for long. I plunder your arse hard every night and then flipping you over onto your belly most mornings to work off my raging morning wood in your tight greasy back pussy.

The thought of what I have in store for you has kept you wet all evening – that and the lurid tales your friends are telling you of their sex-lives. But, as you tell me later, you’re really in contempt of your friends’ pathetically tepid erotic adventures, compared to the extremes of pleasure and fulfilment that you and I share. Despite the things you could tell them, you’re remaining quiet about your own perverted adventures with darling daddy. Got to keep the powder dry until you get home.

When you arrive back at the flat, I’m there to greet you, fully clothed, with a kiss. I hold you tight and my hands snake down to your rounded full buttocks. You allow yourself a little smile of pleasure and confirmation. It never fails both to excite and surprise you how I always want you the ‘wrong’ way, how, despite the availability of your juicy, open cunt, I reserve my passion for your tight, dirty backdoor.

I lead you by the hand to the bedroom, and instruct you with my hands to stop, standing still in the middle of the floor. I slowly, very slowly start to undress you. First your skimpy red satin dress pulled over your head, your arms held up submissively like a little girl’s. Then I hook your red lace bra embroidered with flowers in contrasting colours, releasing your little childish, almost flat, titties. I adore very small breasts, preferring a woman who has all her meat down below, in the hips, arse and thighs.

Now we’re down to your humid panties, You’re wearing a scarlet lace thong matching the bra, a present from me and a hint about how I want my little girl to dress for her daddy. I hook my thumbs under the skimpy material at your hips and peel them slowly down until you are standing in a puddle of red lace. I walk around you slowly savouring the sight of your beauty, your shameful nakedness, your helpless desire, the full black bush I asked you not to shave and which you were delighted to let grow thick and luxuriant for your master’s pleasure. You know I am also not too keen on you washing down there, so you left yourself au natural between the legs. The thing is, I love cunt: the look, the feel, the smell, touch, and especially the taste. I love to eat pussy for hours at a time. But when it comes to fucking, I live for the arse. The only time I fuck pussy is when my lover won’t surrender her arse. And then there’s no second date. It sounds callous, but I know myself and my needs too well by now to imagine I could be satisfied without anal sex.

Your head bowed submissively, you hear the familiar snap of the lube bottle cap behind you. You admit to me later that the thought racing through your head at this point were: ‘God, is he going to have me right here, just like that?’. It wouldn’t be so unusual. It wouldn’t be the first time I’d needed to take my anal pleasure hard, fast and urgently, and lord knows you knew you need to be put in your place, tonight more than ever. You feel another surge of wetness in your increasingly liquid centre, despite or perhaps because of the fact that the main bedroom light is on and the curtains are drawn for the neighbours to see. And you’re aware I’m keeping track of everything that’s happening to your body, my own senses on full alert like a wolf’s.

To your surprise, instead of the hot, fleshy bulb of my cock, you feel the lukewarm touch of metal, softly but insistently nudging into the cleavage bisecting your arse cheeks. You slowly feel it parting the flesh of your fleshy cushions, the tip nuzzling your hungry anus, coating it with the honey-like fluid of the lubricant.

You sense my body, fully-dressed, standing behind your naked one, as my remorseless hand works the buttplug into your tender, excited rectum. Further in, deeper, each millimetre seeming a milestone, the width of the plug making you feel as stretched as a mason jar and vulnerable as a kitten.

Eventually with a sudden fleshy, softly muscular contraction, the plug has passed its widest point and is now trapped in your bottom. I turn your arse towards the mirror and part the cheeks so you can see the ruby jewel nestled in the aperture of your back-pussy. I hear a little coo escape you. It’s the one you had wanted, the one you’d chosen. Though by the feel of that big stone-like weight in your bowels, it must have been the larger size, not the smaller which you had fearfully selected.

‘Was this my surprise, lover?’ you murmur into my ear, brushing my face with your long dark hair.

‘Only part of it, darling,’. I open a drawer of the dresser, and pull out something black and leather. Unhurriedly I loosen the corset-like strings on one side of it, and then smoothly draw it over your head, holding you to me from behind, tying the strings, making the mask tight on your head. Again I invite you to look at yourself in the mirror. It’s a full leather hood, a gimp mask, with a gap for the eyes and mouth.

You bridle slightly, unsure of yourself, of what I want from you. I’ve never taken you into bsdm before, and it’s something you have no experience of. I hold you from behind (‘there there, little bitch’) reassuring you that everything will be all right, ‘just surrender to daddy, let daddy take care of you’.

I take you again by the hand, and lead you, my compliant little baby girl, into the next door bedroom, where your true surprise of the evening awaits.

Despite your tangible excitement, which has by now threatened to turn your cunt into a molten gash of meat, hair and honey, you’re more than a little on edge, wondering where all this is going.

True, you’ve long known your daddy’s predilection for S&M. I was entirely open about this from the start, though so far I’ve given little rein to it. I’ve tied your hands to the head of the bed, and given you one gloriously firm but gentle spanking across my knees when you came home one day tired and cross from work. But the leather hood is something quite new and unexpected and betokens an escalation in your training as daddy’s little girl. And while I know you’re willing, eager even, to be trained, you can be forgiven a little apprehension, wondering what form the training will take.

I open the door of the spare bedroom and lead you in behind me. And there, lying on the big double bed, is a completely naked male stranger, sprawled out on his back. His body is tremendously muscular, almost hairless, his skin shiny, and almost ebony, the darkest chocolate. But no eye could help but be drawn to one portion of the man’s anatomy — his extremely large penis. Your daddy is very well-endowed, the biggest man you’ve known so far, but his cock would look only average next to this glorious piece of meat. Thick, veiny, long and curved upwards like a banana, it stood proud from the v of his thighs like a monstrous black plant seeking the sun, a fat bulbous purplish head exuding a slight trail of precum. When you’d entered the room it was actually very slightly flaccid, a fact you only realized when it began to grow and stiffen at the sight of your naked hooded form. The realization that your daddy was clearly going to let this horse-cocked stranger fuck his little girl makes you almost swoon.

The guy on the bed gets up at my request and steps forward a couple of paces until he’s standing in front of you. Slowly, leisurely he starts to touch you all over. Lightly brushing with his finger tips, then spreading, probing, squeezing, leaving no crevice, orifice or private part unexplored. All the while he’s standing so close to you that the big mushroom head of his cock bumps gently against your skin, leaving slight sticky trails as it does so. Despite his raging erection, there’s something faintly asexual about the stranger’s actions, as if he were examining produce in the marketplace, assessing it for value, for ripeness. The thought (as you later tell me) flashes across your mind that it is like being a slave at market in ancient Rome, and you realize instantly that this is what you are: your daddy’s slave-girl, to be used as he sees fit. And you’ve never wanted anything more.

After a few minutes of this, I instruct him to lie back down on his back, his prong aloft as before. I then command you to get on top of him, straddle him, and take his penis into your vagina. In a daze, you obey automatically, swinging a leg over his virile member, grabbing the shaft near the base and with the minimum of fuss impaling yourself upon it. I hear you emit a hissing groan, muffled by your hood. I can only imagine the emotions you’re undergoing as you take that cock inside you. I hear him moan too, and I am overtaken with a combination of jealousy and excitement, contemplating his pleasure at fucking my little girl’s cunt.

My own cock is uncomfortably hard and tight inside my pants, so I sit down on the sofa, which commands a grandstand view of the bed, pull it out of my pants and start leisurely stroking it up and down as I watch you slowly ride that black stud. Even though it’s his thick meat stuffing your twat, I know all your thoughts are of your daddy, as I watch you, command you, derive such exquisite pleasure from you.

I walk around the bed, admiring you from all angles. I spend a lot of time behind you, watching your peachy, porcelain-white arse rise and fall, the thick dark muff of hair disappearing into that delectable back cleavage, the jewel of the plug winking obscenely at me. I have plans for that bum, and they don’t merely include buggery.

After what feels like about an hour but was perhaps only 10-12 minutes, I utter the word ‘now’. To your surprise, your black lover instantly understands. From not having touched you at all with his hands, he suddenly thrusts his arms up under yours and then locking his hands in front of your throat, in a full nelson hold. Your daddy has often fucked you from behind holding you this way, but never from the front. With the hands locked across the throat, it’s a position that demands total submission from the subject, and with that thick dick buried deep in your body down below, you can only squirm slightly, but not hope to escape.

A light swishing sound from behind you reminds you that your daddy is still in control of this scene. You know he must have some kind of whip or cane, but the reality of the situation only comes home to you when you feel the first bite of the riding crop on your bare arse.

Though the first one stung, they got progressively harder, your daddy beating you with a genuine, though loving, desire to punish, as I mutter behind gritted teeth ‘this is for fucking another man, this is for being a slut’. I can hear you weeping behind your mask, the jolts of the blows making you move deliciously against the black man’s cock, as he holds you firm and feels you fucking him through the beating you’re receiving.

After what must be 30 or more blows, I throw the crop aside, admiring my handiwork: your once unmarked pure white arse now covered in welts, badges of honour marking you as a true submissive slut. The thought of this, and the sight of your arse enrages me with lust, and without bothering to remove my trousers, I kneel up behind you and order you to shit out the plug still filling your hole. You comply with a little difficulty, the fat stainless steel cone expelled slowly from within a ring of straining, pushing anal muscles.

The second it plops free of your body, I line up my cock and enter the now well-stretched and lubricated void. God, it always feel so good sliding my cock into your tight little girl’s arse, fucking you like a boy. It’s a dirty paradise, there’s nothing like it. Almost instantly I feel my sap rising, while you buck up and down, sandwiched helplessly between your two well-hung lovers. His arms still hold you in the full nelson, my hands are at your hips. God, I can feel his cock, the ridged underside of it rubbing against me as I thrust into your back pussy. I can hold back no longer as my balls bust wide open, squirt after squirt of pent up semen rushing from my knob to flood your bowels, while your black lover answers with a massive orgasm of his own, shooting his seed deep into your screaming womb, your cavities pumped repeatedly with warm, white spunk, our bodies suspended in an endless moment of perverted sensual intensity.

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