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Birthday Vacation Anal

Two female friends. What happens in Vegas...
Birthday Vacation Anal

It’s mid-October of senior year, with the smell of fall break in the air; time for several friends and me to head cross country for the week. We decided we wanted to go somewhere memorable and have an unforgettable experience. There had been a long debate over where we should go, but the final decision had become Las Vegas. None of us had been, so it was a perfect place to go. I was in charge of making reservations and since money wasn’t the limit, we went all out.

It’s 8am October 15th and we’re at the airport waiting for our plane to board. Anxiety and excitement filled the air amongst us, even though I’m not a morning person; I was still really excited about this vacation. This is my first vacation without my parents and I’m ready to raise hell. Ok, so I’m not going to raise hell, I’ve never really been that kind of person, but I fully intend on having some fun. After a short wait, our plane begins boarding. We fall in line and take our seats as we prepare for the 6 hour flight. Luckily they are showing a movie, so we just make ourselves comfortable, at least as comfortable as you can possibly be on an airplane.

After 6 hours our plane finally lands. We exit the plane and quickly head to baggage claim, gather our things and get a cab. Emotions arise and we’re ready to get our things to the room and check out the city. I give the driver the resort’s address and off we go. I hadn’t told my friends where we had reservations or what kind of room we had. It was all a surprise. The driver stops in front of the Bellagio. All our eyes widen in amazement as we see the massive water fountain perform a water show in front of the resort, but quickly remembering we were being charged every second for being in the cab. We got our things, paid the driver and just soaked up the surroundings.

I left my friends out front and told them I would go check us in. I head through the front entrance and over to the desk. We had already split the costs of everything, but the lady asked for a credit card to keep on file. I handed her my card and then she gave me some papers to sign. Within a few minutes I had our room keys and I went back outside to my friends. While I was inside I had seen a map of the resort and knew where we had to go.

I met my friends, hand each of them a key and head towards the room. They quickly followed behind me, but stop dead in their tracks when we get to the room. I was turning the key to our 3 bedroom villa. I had seen pictures and knew what the room was to have, but I was so excited to see it in person. We get inside and it was indescribably beautiful. Quickly we split up 2 to a room, and Taylor decided she’d room with me. Taylor and I got the master bedroom with the master bath. The master bath had a Jacuzzi in it which was one of my favorite features. We set our luggage in the room and took off to explore the rest of our villa. Outside, we had a garden, private pool and Jacuzzi all to ourselves.

Taylor and I took off before everyone else was ready, we figured we could pair off in 2’s and do our own thing tonight since we would be here for a week. Tonight we decided to go sightseeing and just see everything the city had to offer. Along the way, we spotted many hot people and said the same thing that everyone else says, “whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” We stopped at a side shop and purchased a door sign that said if the room was occupied for the night or if it was ok for the other to enter. We had a mutual agreement that if someone brought someone back to the room, that the other would take the couch for the night.

Night after night, they flew by so quickly. It was like the week had turned into a blur and it was already Friday. It was our last night in Vegas and I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity to have fun for one last night before reality set back in. The group of us decided we would dress up and go down to The Bank, one of the Bellagio’s premier night clubs. But first, we have to dig through our clothes and find something hot to wear.

I start rummaging through my clothes and find my strapless emerald bustier that zips up the front, a matching thong, a black short sleeve shrug top and a short black skirt . I set each of these on the bed and head off to the bathroom to fix my hair. Taylor digs through her things and get some clothes ready. I’ve never been a big make-up person and need help applying it, so I get Taylor to help put on some mascara and eye shadow on. While she works on herself in the bathroom, I get myself dressed up in the outfit I had picked out.

Taylor walks out of the bathroom and says, “Holy shit Tiffany!” She had never seen me with make-up on before, let alone all dressed up to go to a party. I’m looking in a mirror, giggling to myself about her reaction. I look myself up and down in the mirror, all 5’7”. I cup my 36B breasts and admire how they look in the tight fitting top, all pushed up and showing themselves off to the world. Then spin around and look at my bubbly butt pushing against the short skirt, just barely concealing it; giving my ass a light spank before turning back around. I giggle again as I turn back around to check my hair and make-up. My blonde hair is slightly wavy and has plenty of bounce tonight. I begin to apply some lip gloss and realize how much my blue/green eyes are brought out by the emerald bustier. Once I have finished applying, I turn towards Taylor and as soon as everyone is ready, we head out.

By the time we get to The Bank, the night club is already in full swing. There were people socializing, dancing, getting drinks, and at one VIP booth, someone was celebrating a birthday. The girls and I grabbed a booth, ordered a round of shots, left our things and took off for the dance floor. We were all dancing together, as guys were cutting through and trying to dance with us. Through all the dancing, I couldn’t help but over hear the loud sounds coming from the VIP booth that was having a birthday party. It was hard to pick out which was having the birthday because everyone at the table all seemed to be having a good time.

After a few minutes, the group of females all stood up and headed out towards the dance floor. One of these females in particular caught my eye. She was about 5’1”, with medium length blonde hair that was half up half down, with curls in the back and bangs draping to one side of her forehead. She was wearing this black bustier that pushed her breasts up, just as mine had. She was wearing a black blouse over her bustier that was open in the back and a pink mini skirt. As she turned around, I immediately noticed that her ample ass was trying it’s best to find its way out from under her skirt. Somehow, it managed to stay hidden, but you could tell from the way her ass pushed out against the skirt that it was nice and round. It was just begging to be grabbed.

I watched her and her friends join the rest of the people on the dance floor. I managed to weave my way through a group of people, continuing to dance with whoever was closest to avoid looking like I was staring. However, in my mind I was watching this attractive woman dancing with a bunch of her friends. Slowly the guys manage to weave themselves between the girls, splitting them up, and I decide it’s time to move closer. I move in behind her, facing away, trying to be casual and dancing with whoever just happens to be there. I know she’s right behind me, and l start to turn to face her, as I do so, the back of my hand slides across her soft butt.

As soon as my hand touches her, she turns around. Instinctively I say, “I’m so sor….” trying to avoid drama. However, she cuts me off mid-apology, “Don’t worry about it, we’re all just having fun.” I smile and we continue dancing. Several times we were facing one another, I got caught looking her up and down; but she just smiled and giggled and kept moving. Then the last time, I looked up at her eyes and realized that her eyes weren’t watching mine, but looking at the rest of me. As soon as her eyes looked up, she knew she had been the one caught this time. I asked if she would like something to drink, since we had both been out there dancing for a decent amount of time.

She accepts and we head over to my booth. I glance around the room to see where my friends had drifted off to and to see if hers were missing her yet. Neither party is missing us, so we just sit down and let our feet rest for a few minutes. After a minute, someone walks by and asks if we would like something to drink. We both order something and the lady said she would be back in a few minutes. Once the lady leaves, I realized we had never introduced ourselves. I looked up and said, “We never introduced ourselves, I’m Tiffany.” She looked back and replied, “I’m Monica.”

We made small talk until our drinks showed up. I was still trying to figure out whose birthday it was, so finally I asked. “It looked like someone in your group was having a birthday?” Monica looked back and smiled, “Yeah, a few of my college girlfriends decided to throw me a birthday party. They thought it would be fun, just us girls.” I was shocked, I figured the birthday girl wouldn’t venture too far away from her friends, but I simply said “Well, Happy Birthday!”

I asked what all her friends had planned for her other than dancing tonight, but she said that they hadn’t really planned much and they would be there through the weekend. I told her that tonight was my last night in town and if she wanted to have some fun, we could go back to my room. We decided to bail on the club, and each went off to find our friends. I found Taylor and told her I was going to head back to the room, but for them not to rush back. Upon me telling her what I did, she could see the look in my eyes that someone was going to be going with me. Taylor quickly scanned the room for someone but realized she wasn’t going to figure out who this person was. I told her to have fun and headed towards the door.

Within five minutes, Monica had told her friends she was going to go hang out with someone she had met and not to worry about her, and she would see them either later that night or the next morning. As soon as she grabbed her things, we were out of the club. Monica started walking towards the elevator and asks, “What floor are you on?” I smiled and said “I’m not…” With a questioning look in her eyes and voice, she asks, “But I thought you said you were staying at this resort?” I reached back, grabbed her wrist and said “I am, come on!”

Monica seems uncertain but she follows along with me anyway. Once we get to my villa, I open the door and let her go inside first. She walks through the place, going to the master bath and seeing the Jacuzzi, then back through the living area and out through the garden . I follow along behind, smiling, watching her as she walks and her hips cause the skirt to sway back and forth with each step. I stood next to a lounge chair, taking off my black top. Monica makes her way over to the pool, getting down on one knee to test the temperature of the water, trying not to flash what little her skirt doesn’t hide. Although her attempt to conceal her butt was significant, I was able to sneak a quick peek at her plump butt and see that she was wearing a pink thong with smiley faces and flowers.
Smiling to myself, I said, “Nice thong!”
Monica looked over her shoulder, “What are you looking at my ass for anyway?”
I replied giggling, “It’s not the first time I’ve looked at it tonight, just the first time I was able to see it.”

After Monica had tested the water, she seemed excited and wanted to go swimming. I was eager to know what she had planned on going swimming in considering she didn’t have any alternative clothes. She stood up, pulled her blouse off and tossed it onto one of the lounge chairs. After tossing her blouse, she turned her back towards me, reached behind and started unhooking the clasps that go up the backside of the bustier.

I smile and ask, “Are you planning on going skinny dipping in my pool?” Monica turns around and walks over towards me, reaching up taking the zipper between my breasts between her fingers and slowly sliding it half way down my tummy. I quickly grab her hand, and she smiles, looking up at me. I smile in return, taking a step around and behind her, unhooking the remaining clasps of her top. As I unhook the last one, she grabs her top, covers her breasts with one arm and hand, and tosses her bustier onto the chair.

Monica reaches back up, grabbing my zipper and quickly pulls it down before l could stop her. Once she got my top unzipped, Monica let go of her breasts as my top fell to the ground. She reached up and cupped my breasts when I didn’t try to hide them. As she took a hold of my breasts, she pressed hers up against me, like she was trying to hide them. I reached down and slide my hands over her ass for the second time of the evening, running my hands to the bottom of the skirt, lifting it up, dragging my nails along her bare ass cheek. After I drag my nails along her cheeks, I open my fingers wide and cup as much of her thick cheeks as I can, kneading each cheek tenderly.

I continue to knead her thick cheeks, sighing as her hands play with my breasts. As my fingers work against her cheeks, I hear a soft muffled moan. I lean over slowly, just barely pressing my lips against her neck. As soon as I do this, her hands stop moving against my breasts. I’m afraid I’ve screwed up, and lean back up, looking into her eyes to see if I’ve done something wrong. As I was looking down into her eyes, she moves her hands off my breasts and down to the top of my skirt, hooking her fingertips under the top and quickly pushing it down off of my ass. The skirt falls to the ground and her hand lands firmly on my ass, leaving a slight stinging sensation. I groan aloud as she grasps a hold of my ass and squeezes hard.

I drop down onto my knees before Monica can stop me or hold me up by my ass. My face is eye level with her tummy. I reach up and trace my fingertip over her strong abdominal muscles, impressed by her figure, hooking my fingertips under her skirt and pulling it downward, catching her thong in the process and pulling it down around her ankles at the same time. Monica stood there naked, looking down at me, with her baby smooth crotch right next to my face. I got a little lower, looking at it closely, softly cupping her warm and moist crotch in the palm of my hand, sliding my thumb back and forth over her lip, leaning forward and pressing my lips against her baby soft mound.

Once again, there is a muffled moan coming from deep inside her as my fingertips slide back and forth, barely pressing against her pussy. She pulls away quickly and jumps into the pool, popping back up above the water giggling. She places her arms on the edge of the pool and watches as l turn away from her, bending over to pick up our things off the ground, then walk over to the chair and lay them down. After setting our things down, I take off my thong and leave it with the rest of the clothes and walk over to the edge of the pool. I sit down on the edge with my feet and legs dangle in the water. Monica grabs my hands and pulls me down into the water with her.

Within seconds of pulling me into the water, she had jumped and wrapped her legs around my waist, pressing her baby soft pussy against my lower abdomen. I slide my hands back around her ass, looking into her soft, hungry eyes. I start gently kneading her butt and ask, “So what does the birthday girl want on her special day?” Monica never verbally answered my question, but instead responded with actions. Her hips began moving forwards and backwards, causing her slit to slide against my lower abdomen. I leaned down as I had done before, this time kissing her neck more than just a light peck. I used both hands to knead and work each cheek, working my fingertips deep into her meaty flesh. With each passing squeeze of her butt and kiss on her neck, her moans start becoming slightly louder.

I started giggling under my breath, listening intently to each heavy breath and moan escaping her throat; as this happens I slide my right hand further down, releasing her cheek. My fingertips softly trace up and down the back of her thigh, until my fingers are moving over her baby soft pussy lips. I’m amazed at how soft they are, but continue moving my fingers, never leaving them still. Monica grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back in response to me playing with her lips. Her action never slowed me down. I raised my eyes, looking up at the expressions that were crossing her face. Then there was a brief moment that I caught her eyes looking back into mine. In that split second, I push two fingers firmly against her opening and without hesitation, pushing them deep into her pussy.

As my fingers penetrate into her pussy, a low deep groan fills the air. I leave my fingers inside her as I walk over towards the back wall. This wall is similar to a waterfall, except the water just runs down the side without all the splattering. Once I have made it to the other side of the pool, I take another step towards the waterfall, pushing Monica’s back up against the warm concrete. With the support of the wall, I lean into her body, kissing and nipping her neck and collar; slowly start sliding my fingers in and out of her pussy. The sounds of her moans are seductive and are causing me to get more excited.

I curl my fingers up inside her, pushing my fingertips firmly against her g-spot, listening for any differences in her breathing. I hear a deeper moan, and know that I’ve hit a good spot. I start working my fingers in and out of her, keeping them curled to stimulate her g-spot with each movement. With her legs wrapped around my hips, I let go of her ass and reach up between us. I slide my hand up over her breast, cupping the soft tender flesh, gently squeezing and loving on it. After a few seconds of my hand holding her breast, I feel her nipple stiffening against my palm. Slowly, I slide my hand down, letting my fingertips brush over her erect nipple; quickly taking her stiff nipple between my fingertips and tweaking it, pinching, twisting, and pulling.

Her breathing began to intensify, as I felt her hand reach down and grab my ass. Her fingertips dug into my flesh as her body began to react to the stimulation of her breast and pussy. I start pumping my fingers as fast as they will go inside her, occasionally jerking my wrist back and forth for some different stimulation. Soon, I could feel her nails digging into my ass, and her pussy tightened up around my fingers, but I kept pumping them in her pussy, never missing a beat. As soon as her first orgasm had subsided, I removed my fingers from her pussy and looked up into her eyes.

“Why don’t you go get in the Jacuzzi, I need to run inside for a second,” I said. She unlocked her legs from my waist and stood up. I ducked under water and swam back to the other side of the pool. As I came back up, I slide my hands over my head, using the water to help slick my hair back to keep it out of my face. I pushed off the bottom and used my arms to help pull myself out of the water, giving a little show of my backside as water trickled down my body when I pushed myself up and to my knees on the edge. As soon as I was on my feet, I was off through the villa, no towel needed because I knew the girls wouldn’t be back for hours.

I got to my room, and rummaged through my things, finding what I had gone inside for, and briskly returning poolside. When I got back out there, Monica had already gotten in the Jacuzzi and was standing there with water just below her breasts. I smiled at the sight of her beautiful breasts, which she had tried so hard to hide earlier. I slide down into the Jacuzzi with her, setting what I had grabbed from inside on part of the seat under the water; then taking a step towards her, reaching up and sliding my fingers through her bangs and down around the back of her neck. It was hard to wipe the smile off of my face, but she had a look in her eyes that she wanted more.

Monica looked up and said, “It’s my turn.” She took a few steps towards me, causing me to back up with my calves against the seating portion of the Jacuzzi. She grabbed my wrist and had me turn around to face the edge of the Jacuzzi. Once I had done this, she slid her hands down my lower back, over my ass and down the back of my thighs. She guided my legs up onto the seats and pushed them apart. She takes a step up between my legs, pushing her front up against my backside. Her hands slid down my arms and placed them up on the side of the Jacuzzi, before reaching around and cupping my breasts. As her hands started caressing my breasts, I let out a long soft moan of approval. I feel my nipples begin to stiffen against her hands. Once she feels them stiffening up, she pinches them just hard enough to get a small yelp out of me. Then she releases my right breast, sliding her hand down along the wall, felling for something. As soon as she finds what she’s looking for, she pushes my body over to where her hand is.

Monica lines my body up with one of the jets, using her hips to push mine forward; slipping her right hand between my lips, spreading them apart, allowing the jet to make direct contact with my clit. This causes me to immediately lean forward, pushing my upper body against the edge of the Jacuzzi, clinching my hands together. The strong jet of water is causing my lower body to shake and twitch, as she continues to play with my breast and keep my lips spread. Occasionally, she will release my clit, leaving her fingers between my lips, jerking her wrist from side to side with her fingers rubbing my clit furiously, before spreading my lips once again to the powerful jet. It doesn’t take long for my breathing to quickly pick up. With nothing to grab on to, I reach around with one hand, grabbing her ass and pulling her close against me, holding her as close as I can.

I feel her upper body lean down over me, pressing her breasts against my back, and then nipping at my neck. My moans are now audible and more frequent between breaths. As her lips press against the back of my neck, I tilt my head to the side and lean it back against her shoulder, squeezing her ass as best as I can. Instantly my body starts to shake and her hand quickly moves from my breast to my stomach, holding me up to trying to keep me steady. She moves her hand between my clit and the jet, thrusting two fingers deep into my pussy, curling them up and scratching my g-spot, wanting to keep my orgasm going; pumping her fingers in and out as quick as she could. My body continues to shake as my pussy convulses around her fingers, panting and breathing heavily as orgasm after orgasm course through my body. After the fifth consecutive orgasm surpasses, I grab her wrist and hold it still, collapsing against the edge.

Monica slowly slid her fingers from inside me, wrapped her arms around my stomach and stayed firmly pressed up against me as my body calms back down. Once I’m able to breathe normally again, I get out from in front of her and step up behind her, just as she had done to me. She didn’t need guidance, and got up on the seat, spread her legs for the jet and slowly began moving her hips in a slow rhythm. While she was getting herself into position, I reached over under the water where I had set something down. She was too busy to notice I had gotten what I had hid under the water. I picked up glass strapless strap-on, sliding the small bulb into my pussy. I take a step towards her, sliding one hand down over her tummy and mound, pushing my hand in the way of the jet as I slide my fingers over her lips and pussy. I press my fingertips to her opening, pushing the glass toy against the back of my nails so I don’t have to search for her opening and so she doesn’t know what’s coming. I quickly move my fingers out of the way, up between her lips and along her clit, spreading her lips. Right as soon as the water makes direct contact with her clit, I thrust my hips forward and the glass slides deep into her pussy. An intensely sharp moan fills the air.

She looked over her shoulder in disbelief of what I had done, but wasn’t going to stop me. Instead, she pushed her hips back towards me, as I began thrusting the dildo in and out of her pussy, causing my mound and thighs to slam up against her ass, with each inward thrust. I lean forward and up slightly, causing the dildo to slide back and forth of her g-spot; reaching up with my free hand, cupping her soft and tender breast, kneading it, and tweaking her nipple; pressing my lips to the back of her neck, kissing up her neck and behind her ear, lightly nipping at her earlobe.

The moans and groans became louder and frequent, which caused me to go faster and harder. The cock slid in and out of her pussy with ease, which allowed for quicker thrusts. Her breathing quickly picked up, and l slipped my fingers free of her lips and left them directly against her clit, rubbing her little button from side to side and in quick circles, allowing for a different type of stimulation. Then, I spread her lips again, leaving her clit directly exposed to the jet, her hips pushed firmly back into me as the cock bottomed out inside her, as her orgasm overtook her body. However, much like she had done to me, one wasn’t going to cut it. I pushed myself back away from her hips and continued to thrust the cock in and out of her pussy, causing another two orgasms to follow along right behind the first.

I slowed the rhythm of the trusts, so that her orgasm could subside and she could catch her breath. She was still breathing heavily, but I pulled the cock out of her pussy and pressed the head against her asshole. I heard a deep groan as the glass pushed firmly against her tight little hole, but before I knew it, she was pushing her hips back against the cock. The cock slowly slid into her tight hole, as her moans became audible again. As the cock slides as far inside her as it will go, using my hand that is on her chest to pull her upper body up and against mine. I leave my fingers spreading her lips apart for the jet to still have its way with her clit, but now with her body straight up against mine, slowly thrusting the cock in and out of her butt.

This didn’t take long. With the glass stimulating the thin membrane inside her ass and the jet streaming directly on her clit, another orgasm rushed through her body. She reached around and grabbed hold of me to help support herself. I quickly released her lips and cupped her crotch, hold the cock inside her ass, pushing myself forward as I feel an orgasm rushing through my body in response to hers. I feel her body go limp in my arms, and slowly pull the cock from her ass and set it down on the seat next to where we are.

Monica turns around and faces me, looking up and rising up on her toes, sliding her hand around the back of my neck and presses her lips to mine. I slide my hands down her sides and onto her butt, softly squeezing the thick flesh as I had done earlier, kissing her back passionately. I break the kiss and pull away, taking hold of her hand and getting out of the Jacuzzi. I grab our clothes and head inside, crossing the room and entering my bedroom. I toss our clothes aside and get the door sign and hang it outside to let Taylor know the room is occupied for the night.

After I’ve taken care of the privacy issue, I go into the bathroom and turn on the hot water for the two person whirlpool. Once there is enough water, I add bath salts and bubbles. Monica goes and crawls into the warm water and I slide in behind her. I wrap my arms around her, sliding my hands over her breasts and tummy, enjoying just relaxing in the hot water with her. I lean around and softly kiss her cheek and whisper, “I hope you had a great birthday!”


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