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Long time lovers try something new.

Ten years to the day. That’s how long Julie and I had been together and on the whole they had been ten good years. We are still best friends and the sex is better now than ever, I regularly laugh at my friends who complain how their partners systematically remove sexual acts from their repertoire as the relationship progresses, I had been in a couple of those in the past myself. The rot usually begins once you start to live together, blow jobs are the first to go and then the willingness to try out new things, until finally you get to the stage where she just asks you to pull her night shirt back down when you’re done. It had never been like that with Julie though, sex was still as fresh and exciting as it always was and it is showing no signs of flagging. There aren’t many things we haven’t tried over the last ten years although there are still a couple of things I would like to try that are taboo’s as far as Julie is concerned, but I don’t push things, after all I don’t think I would enjoy it if Julie wasn’t really into it.

We have always marked our anniversaries by doing something special together; each year we take turns with the planning and this year it’s Julie’s turn. She had planned for us to have a special meal at home this year and had taken the day off work to prepare and I had agreed to finish early. That’s where it all went wrong. I arrived at the office to find a total disaster; several of my co-workers had called in sick with food poisoning after eating out at the same restaurant the previous evening and the powers that be had promptly cancelled my early finish and asked me to work later. I cautiously picked up the telephone and called Julie at home and explained the situation and she freaked, I had to hold the telephone handset a good few inches from my ear while she launched a stream of expletives at me before she quite firmly planted the handset down. I had hardly ever seen her like that and part of me was extremely glad that I was a couple of miles away from her across town.

We hardly ever fight and when we do we usually make up pretty quickly afterwards so I felt pretty down after the phone call, It was very frustrating as there was nothing I could do, I hated hurting her but I was in a no win situation so I just got on with my work somberly but as quickly as I could to try and make the best of an impossible situation.

It was around three miserable hours later that I heard the little fanfare from my computer that announces new e-mail; I went to my inbox to see that a message had arrived from Julie. I cautiously opened it, it read –


Sorry I got so mad at you but I was so looking forward to tonight.
I know it’s not your fault but please hurry home as soon as you can.

I love you,
J xxx.

Ps, I’ve been shopping ;).

I took a few seconds to digest it and then sent her an e-mail back saying that I was sorry too and I was working as quickly as I could to get home to her. I returned to my work with a new vigour, knowing that Julie was no longer mad at me made me feel a lot better and I threw myself into my work, telling my assistant to cancel all the afternoon appointments that I could get away with. A few minutes later my e-mail alert sounded again and I went back to my inbox, I was mildly annoyed at the distraction until I saw that it was another message from Julie. This time there was very little text, just the subject line that read ‘Will this make you work any quicker?’ I scrolled down the message to find a picture that made my heart skip several beats, there was Julie, standing stark naked in front of the full length mirror in our bedroom with my digital camera in her hand. I took my time to drink in the image, starting with the only part of her face not obscured by the camera, her sexy smile, and then down the long slender neck that I had lavished with kisses so many times, before reaching her firm pert breasts. I could see that she was quite aroused in the picture, her large dark nipples were quite erect and her chest looked hot and flushed. My eyes continued downwards to where she had teasingly placed her free hand over her pussy, her middle finger was depressed further then the rest so that it lay amongst the beautiful fleshy folds of her sex.

Transfixed, I studied the picture for a few more minutes before I snapped out of it and hit the reply button, sending her a message back-


God you are beautiful.

I’ve just decided I need to work through my lunch hour.


I tried to carry on working for an hour or so but my mind was elsewhere, I could think of nothing but the beautiful image of Julie. I was about to disappear into the men’s room to try and relieve some of my pent up passion when my assistant peered around my office door and announced that my wife was here with the lunch I had asked her to bring. Julie walked in wearing a long coat and a mischievous smile, I asked my assistant to hold any calls and not to let anyone disturb us.

Julie placed a lunch box down on my desk and said,

‘It’s not healthy to skip meals so I made you up a little something. By the way, does this office door have a lock on it?’

I slid open the top drawer of my desk and handed her a small key, saying nothing.

Julie walked over and locked the door, trying the handle for good measure.

‘Do you mind if I hang my coat up?’ she asked.

‘Sure’ I replied, ‘Make yourself at home’

She stood facing me, slowly undoing the large round buttons on her coat until it fell open. I caught a glimpse of something white and lacy before she turned away from me and let the coat slip from her shoulders before hanging it on the back of my office door. Julie kicked of her shoes and walked round to my side of the desk and stood in front of me.

‘Well, I told you I was going shopping, what do you think of my new outfit’

I was speechless; she stood there wearing a white Basque that left nothing to the imagination, her breasts were pushed upwards and barley contained, I could see the dark areolas of her nipples peeking over the top of the outfit. My eyes followed the whalebone stripes down to where the Basque finished above her hips with suspender straps that she had fastened to a pair of white stockings. I sat staring, unable to say anything. She had chosen not to wear any panties too and her freshly shaven pussy was beautifully framed between the straps of the outfit.

‘I got so horny riding over here on the bus like this’ she said ‘and when I got to your building the security guards were doing searches’ she giggled.

‘I nearly turned around and went home again but I plucked up the courage and went in.’

She was visibly turned on; she looked flushed and sounded a little breathless

‘I was a little disappointed that they didn’t search me, they only wanted to look in the lunchbox.’

Julie walked over to the window and twisted the rod on the blind to close it and walked over to me. She dropped to her knees in front of where I was sat and began to undo my trousers. I raised from the chair a little to allow her to pull them down and my erect cock sprang to attention as soon as it was free from the confines of my briefs. Julie ran her long slender fingers up and down it and then began sucking and placing kisses up and down the shaft of my cock, making satisfied sounds as though she was enjoying a good meal. She then cupped my balls in her hand and gently took each one in her mouth for a few seconds each, lightly sucking and pulling them. Her other hand was busy between her own legs as she began to take the length of my cock inside her mouth, slowly moving her head up and down until it almost came out, before moving it back down until she had plunged the full length inside her. I could take no more than a couple of minutes of this before I finally released a deluge into her mouth, she closed her eyes and began to shudder as she came too, my semen oozing from the sides of her mouth as she let out a small cry. Julie rested her face against my thigh, still lightly sucking on my cock savouring the last stray drops of my seed as she ran her thumb along the underside of my shaft, forcing out the last dregs of semen from my cock into her eager mouth.

I lay back in the chair feeling quite light headed as Julie got up and sat on my knees and began to kiss me, she knew I loved to taste her after I had cum in her mouth. I could feel the wetness of her pussy pressed against the base of my cock as she grabbed it with one hand and pressed her thumb onto the underside of the tip, making slow circles. We broke off from kissing and I asked,

‘Did you enjoy your lunch?’

‘MMMM’ she replied, ‘I suppose you would like to ram this big, hard cock into my cunt now’

Julie always got a filthy mouth when she was aroused and it always drove me crazy with desire.

‘That would be nice, yes’

‘Well, I’m not going to let you, you will have to wait until you get home tonight’ she said, teasingly, ‘besides, I’ve been thinking and decided that there’s something I would like you to do to me later, something that you’ve always wanted to do but I wouldn’t let you before’

My mind raced through the options as I tried to think of the few things that we had never done before. Julie looked me straight in the eyes and squeezed my cock and said ‘I want this beautiful big cock of yours rammed into my tight little ass when you get home tonight.’

She sat smiling at the look of amazement on my face, she knew I had always wanted to do that but I had resigned myself to the fact that she would never let me.

‘There’s something that I want you to do for me though’ she added with a glint in her eye.

‘Anything’ I blurted out, ‘you know I will always do anything you want’

‘Ok, well, we’ll see about that later wont we’ she said as she got off me and began to adjust herself. Julie put her coat and shoes back on and unlocked the door, tossing the key back to me as I pulled my trousers back up and tidied myself up.

‘Enjoy the rest of your lunch hour’ she said as she left my office, smirking as she looked at the obvious bulge in my trousers.

It looked as though I would have to make that trip to the men’s room after all, but not before I made a quick phone call.

‘Hello, is that the security desk? Good, there’s a woman on he way down in a few minutes, long brown coat and short blonde hair. I suggest that you search her before she leaves the building.’

I hung up the receiver before they could ask me who I was.

The rest of the afternoon took on a surreal quality, I couldn’t quite believe what had happened and I kept glancing up at the now empty lunch box to confirm that it had been real. Time seemed to run at half speed for the rest of the day, at one point I could have sworn the clock in my office went backwards for a while, but the end of the day finally came and I made a rapid exit from the office block, leaving two smoking black lines in my parking space.

I pulled into my driveway thirty minutes later and felt a twinge of excitement mixed with a slight feeling of apprehension as I put my key in the front door and went in.

Julie greeted me in her bathrobe and handed me a glass of champagne before leading me upstairs. I stripped and joined her in our large bathtub where we got slowly drunk in the warm soapy water as we talked about old times, made love, bathed each other and then made love some more.

‘So, what’s for dinner’ I asked as we dried each other down.

‘Chinese take away’ replied Julie, ‘I figured it would give us more time to fuck if I didn’t have to prepare an elaborate meal.’ She said, giggling drunkenly.

‘Well, I can’t fault your logic’ I said as I kissed her and placed a hand on one of her breasts, she allowed me a few moments to enjoy the kiss before breaking away saying ‘come on, lets order some food.’

When the food arrived Julie ordered me up to the bedroom and duly followed with another bottle of champagne and two glasses. We sat around on the bed and ate in our robes, sipping the champagne until we were quite drunk.

‘So’ I said, ‘Did you mean what you said in my office earlier?’

‘If you mean when I asked you if you wanted to fuck me in the ass then yes, every word.’

‘That’s cool,’ I replied, ‘and what was the thing you wanted me to do in return’

‘Ahhh, you will find out later’ she said in a way that made me feel a little nervous.

Julie got up from the bed and took a moment to gain her balance before letting her bathrobe slip to the floor; I stood and followed suit. She then cleared the pile of clothes from the small armchair in the corner of the room and instructed me to sit down. She handed me a tube of lubricant and then stood with her back to me, bent forwards with her hands on her knees and her legs slightly apart. I sat on the very edge of the chair and began placing kisses around her buttocks and thighs as my hand moved in between her legs, my fingers lingering around the fleshy folds of her pussy before moving higher up to the entrance to her ass. Julie began to moan blissfully as I gently stroked around her anus while I unscrewed the cap on the lube with my other hand, squeezing a little out onto my fingers. I changed hands and began to work one of my fingers into her hole; the combination of the lubricant and champagne eased it’s passage considerably and it slipped into her tight anus with ease. She gave out a long approving moan and began to sway herself back and forth as I worked in a second finger while she moved her own hand down to her clitoris. I continued to move my fingers in and out while her passage gradually became more relaxed,

‘Let me know when your ready’ I said in a low voice.

‘Oh, mmmm, I want it now’ she replied, barely able to form a sentence.

I withdrew my fingers from her hole with a squelch and applied some more of the lube to my erect cock, Julie placed her hands on the arms of the chair and I held her with one hand on each of her thighs and pulled her down towards me. She held herself above me while I positioned my slick cock against her asshole and began to slowly push it in. The wide head seemed far too big to fit the hole, causing her to cry out as it went in but she carried on, gradually letting herself down, gasping as it slid slowly inside. She let it go in about halfway and then began to use her arms to move herself up and down, each time taking it a little further inside her until she finally sat on me with all her weight, taking my full length inside her. I cupped her breasts in my hands and Julie placed her own hands over mine and began to gently gyrate her hips in slow, tight circles making little grunting noises as she did.

‘This is heavenly’ she said hoarsely, ‘why didn’t we do this ten years ago.’

‘Don’t worry, you wont have to wait another ten years’ I whispered back into her ear.

I moved a hand down to stimulate her clitoris but Julie pushed it away saying

‘Fuck me harder.’

We got up from the chair and turned around, Julie bent over and held onto the armchair as I thrust my cock back inside her ass and began to fuck her hard, she moaned in ecstasy with each thrust until eventually she cried out as she was overcome by a powerful orgasm that reduced her to a weeping, shuddering wreck. We both collapsed back into the soft cushions of the armchair, lying still while we recovered with my twitching cock still inside her ass.

Afterwards, I cleared away the remnants of the Chinese food and the empty bottles while Julie took a shower. When I came back upstairs Julie was done so I went into the bathroom and stepped under the shower myself, after a couple of minutes the bathroom door swung open quietly, Julie often tried to sneak into the bathroom when I was showering and slip inside with me. I smiled to myself as I saw her silhouette through the shower curtain as she crept across the bathroom; ‘I can see you’ I called out playfully.

She stopped in her tracks and replied

‘You said you would do something for me if I had anal sex with you, so I’m calling in your debt.’

‘OK’ I said confidently, ‘Anything you want.’

With that she whipped the shower curtain across and stood there naked apart from a large strap-on dildo tied around her waist. I hardly had time to think before she said

‘Your turn’ and pulled the chord for the light switch, plunging us into darkness.

‘Oh shit’ was all I could think to say.

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