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Anal Sex On The Beach

Their erotic fun begins at lake & ends at home.
Anal Sex On The Beach

He led her by the hand down the narrow path to the lake. It was nighttime, but there was a full moon, silhouetting the leaves on the trees overhead, providing enough light for them to find their way. She followed him silently, reveling in the quiet understanding between them that they were about to have a wonderful adventure.

He felt the warmth of her soft hand in his and gripped it firmly, leading her carefully to the water’s edge. They were at the bank of a small lake near his house. Despite the warm summer night, there was no one around. All the water enthusiasts had left with the setting sun, and they were alone with the lake and the moon all to themselves.

He stopped and turned to her and pulled her close. Her heart quickened, as he said not a word, but reached up and cupped her face in his hand briefly before leaning in to kiss her softly on the mouth. She reached up and put her arms around his neck and pressed herself into him as they shared a deep, wet kiss. His tongue pushed her mouth open and he tasted the wetness and warmth of her kiss.

She felt a growing hardness pressing on her hip as his hands began to run up and down her body. She shivered, not from the temperate night, but in anticipation of what was to come. He reached behind her and expertly unhooked her bra, which she then removed from under her tank top. Excited, her hard nipples now protruded through the thin fabric and he could not resist pinching them. He reached under her shirt and felt her large soft breasts in his hands.

She moaned in mid-kiss as he played with her nipples while she unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. Soon, her tank top was also in a bunch on the ground and their naked chests were pressed together which only served to drive them both into more of a frenzy. The rest of their clothes soon followed the shirts, and he extricated himself from their kiss only long enough to take her by the hand again and lead her into the warm water.

They waded naked out into the tepid lake. As they reached chest deep, he turned and pulled her to him again. They resumed kissing, the sensation of the water swirling between their naked bodies adding to the eroticism of it all. He took advantage of the buoyancy of the water and lifted her onto him so that she had her legs wrapped around his waist, facing him. She held onto him with her arms around his neck. He leaned down into her chest and began sucking on her hard nipples, gently nipping them occasionally. She always whimpered or softly cried out when he did this and it excited him further. He reached down with one hand and felt her pussy. It was warm and swollen. Her moans and cries begged him to fuck her. He smiled and asked with his eyes if she was ready. She smiled in reply.

As he pushed inside her, her lips parted and her eyes widened. He slid in and with his hands on her hips, began moving her back and forth so that his rock hard cock slid in and out rhythmically. He liked to watch her tits splash around in the water by the movement. She leaned up and dangled them in his face and he licked and sucked them. She leaned back, lying backwards on the water, allowing it to hold her up while he took in the sight of her wet body glistening under the moonlight. The sensation in his cock was unreal. He wanted to explode in her right at that moment, but held off as long as he could. He knew she was close.

She felt the heat rising in her pussy. He knew just how to fuck her to hit that spot that made her cum like crazy, and he was all over it at that moment. She knew he was waiting for her, keeping himself deep inside her, watching her face for signs that she was going to cum. She pulled herself back up and put her arms back around his neck and smiled and nodded. Then she came.

He felt the hot pulses start in her pussy and that was more than enough to send him over the edge. The look on her face, contorted in pleasure, her tits heaving as she thrashed and bucked, they were connected in their aquatic fuck as he felt his hot cum shoot inside her, holding her tightly until the very last contraction. Her cries of pleasure echoed across the water as she felt the extraordinary heat of his cum filling up her pussy. It was a contrast to the cool water touching every other part of her body. He pulled her into his arms once they had subsided, and they kisses in the water for a long while before retreating to land.

The night air was chilly now on their wet bodies, so they gathered up their clothes and walked silently back to his house, him leading her by the hand as before.

Once inside the house, he didn’t let go of her hand, but lead her directly to the bedroom and turned to face her again. She didn’t need to be told, she never took her eyes off of him as she removed her clothes for the second time that night. He watched her appreciatively, knowing that she was now his to command. She reached to start to remove his clothes and he stopped her, waving a finger in her face as if to say, ‘not just yet, I didn’t tell you to do that’.

She raised an eyebrow, a slight curious smile on her face, wondering what he had in mind. He went to his dresser and pulled a pair of handcuffs from the top drawer. She grinned and stood still quietly as he approached her, dangling the cuffs provocatively from his finger, staring straight at her. Standing in from of her now, he paused briefly, almost as if inhaling her scent, looking her over, and then suddenly, he grabbed her and whipped her around so that her back was to him. She did not resist. He pulled her arms behind her back and cuffed her that way. Once she was secured, he stood very closely behind her and reached up and grabbed her breasts, pinching the nipples. He moved her long dark wet hair out of the way so he could kiss the back of her neck.

“Do you know what I am going to do to you now, bad girl?” He whispered in her ear, taunting her. She shivered with excitement and said nothing. He chuckled and continued. “I am going to lay claim to every hole in your body tonight, establishing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are MINE.” He spoke softly but firmly, and she knew he meant what he said. “No other guys, not in the clubs, or on the web cam, can ever have you the way I can, understand?!”

The sensation of his mouth on her neck, his hands on her tits, his breath in her ear was intoxicating. She couldn’t wait for him to show her how much she was his.

He walked around slowly to face her. He was smiling now, enjoying the anticipation of what he was going to do to her. He took her face in his hand and pulled it to him. He kissed her roughly, holding her by the back of her head so she could not escape. She resisted a little, which only added to the growing hardness of his cock.

He stopped kissing her, grabbed a handful of her hair, and with a mischievous glint in his eye, he said,

“Get on your knees!”

She paused briefly, smiling, which displeased him; so he yanked her head back by the handful of hair and said, “Don’t make me punish you, evil girl!”

She quickly kneeled, which he helped her do, since it was a bit awkward with the cuffs on, and then he stood before her as she looked up at him, expectantly. Never breaking their gaze, he unzipped his pants and dropped his trousers and boxers.

“Suck that!” He ordered to her of his large erect cock which was hard and pointing directly at her face. She immediately took his engorged penis in her mouth and began to lick and suck and taste him. He tasted amazing. She had liked the way he tasted from day one, and always enjoyed having him in her mouth.

He decided that since she did not have her hands to aid her, he would guide her efforts and he reached down and held her head between his hands.

“I am going to tell you how I want this now.” He said, authoritatively. “Make sure you pay attention!” And he began to describe to her exactly what he wanted her to do with her lips and tongue, maneuvering her head as he pleased over his cock. It felt so amazing, having her mouth at his command, feeling her do whatever he told her to. But he needed to stop her before he came, for he had more in store for her tonight!

He laid her down on her stomach on the bed and stood back, enjoying the sight of his girlfriend naked and cuffed on his bed. He decided to stop and take some pictures of it for his own enjoyment later. After ordering her to pose in various positions to please him, he put the camera down and instructed her to lie on her stomach again, which she did quickly. He then got undressed and then climbed on top of her, kneeling one leg on either side of her legs which were now between his own.

He leaned down and began kissing her back, working his way down to her ass. She was helpless to stop him, but didn’t seem to mind at the moment, demonstrating her approval with soft whimpers. He worked his tongue deeper and deeper into her ass and began exploring heretofore-unexplored territory for both of them. He licked and tongued her pinkish hole there, delighting in knowing that she had to let him do anything he wanted.

She marveled at how erotic it felt to have his tongue there. She had never experienced this before and found that she liked it very much! She felt the warmth growing in her pussy as his tongue danced all over her ass and even teased her pussy every now and then. He then leaned his hips down on top of her and played his cock all around the outside of her ass.

“I could take this, you know.” He said, slapping her once on the ass sharply to bring home his point. She gasped and said,

“Yes, baby, it’s yours!”

He seemed unimpressed with her reply and suddenly she felt his whole weight pressing down on her as he laid on top of her, his cock pressing into her ass as he grabbed a handful of her thick hair and gave it a yank.

“I think you need a demonstration!” He growled. “I think I have to show you that all of it is mine, and while I do that, I want you to tell me in detail exactly how you are not even looking at any other guys, that you are my girl and ONLY my girl. And you better convince me…” he leaned closer as he whispered this last part…. “or you will be severely punished!”

“Y-y-y-yes, honey!” She stammered, her own excitement growing. “I will tell you everything. You will not have any doubt!” She felt his weight lift up from her and with a quick movement, he pulled her up so that she was on her knees with her ass in the air while her shoulders and head were still resting on the bed. She felt him stick a finger in her pussy and swirl it around a bit, then remove it and use the wetness on his finger to lubricate her ass. Her breathing was ragged now in anticipation. She loved that he was taking her this way. As much as she loved making tender love to him, too, she enjoyed it when he played the dominant role taking his pleasure with her as he saw fit.

She felt him position herself behind her to start his entry into her tight ass, but then he surprised her. She felt him slip into her pussy instead. She gasped again, loving the feel of his hot hard cock inside her. He pushed in and out, holding onto her hips. She began to feel the heat in her pussy build and began to moan. Suddenly, he stopped and slapped her ass hard and pulled her torso upright and backwards into his own chest. He resumed fucking her, one hand now playing with her tits and he whispered in her ear,

“You are not allowed to enjoy this until you convince me, so start convincing!”

She took a deep breath and began telling him. She told him how he was the only one she could ever love, that she was only HIS girl and no one else’s. That she never ever even considered the possibility of allowing anyone but him to come near her, and that her body was for his pleasure and his alone, that he could do what he pleased with her because she was his girl.

Somewhat satisfied, he said. “It’s a good start.” And pushed her back down on her knees. Then he pulled out of her pussy and began his descent into her ass. It was the final hole that he intended on possessing tonight. He loved this. He was the only man to have ever done this to her, and he loved that he was laying claim to her ass. He slowly pushed inside, gently working his cock back and forth in small movements until he was all the way inside her. He could tell she was trying to relax and ease his entry. Not wanting to hurt her – much – he was gentle at first. He kept his movements slow and small until enough lubrication built up to facilitate faster thrusts.

“Now tell me who you are going to let fuck you!” He commanded, slapping her ass, which by now was getting bright red from his hands. He liked that and slapped her again.

She squealed, enjoying the feel of him deep in her ass while he fingered her pussy at the same time. “Only you, baby!” she begged.” You are the only one who ever gets to fuck me in any hole anytime anywhere. I am yours and yours alone. You can have me anyway you want, any place, any time. My pussy, my mouth, my ass, they’re all yours! I swear!” She pleaded, which excited him even more.

“You can tell me what you want and I will do it, I will let you fuck me whenever you want! In the car, in the movie theater, in the lake! If you want me to give you head while we are out in public I will do it! If you want me to please you by not wearing panties when we go out so you can finger me at will, I will do it. Anything you want, baby!”

He was pleased, so he decided to reward her. “I am going to cum in your ass now.” He declared. “I want you to feel it and take it all and then say ‘thank you'”. He instructed, really enjoying himself now. “And after I cum I want you to stay still because I am going to take pictures of my cum leaking out of your ass. I want proof of me marking my territory!”

She moaned her compliance, and he let himself explode inside her. It was incredibly erotic for him, shooting his cum in her ass as he grabbed it roughly and slapped it once just for good measure. She felt the heat of his load inside her and she was in a frenzy, her pussy practically dripping with excitement.

“What do you say?!” He demanded, slapping her ass twice very hard.

“Thank you, baby!” She cried out. “Thank you for filling my ass up with your cum and marking it as yours!”

“Good. Now stay still.’ He ordered, retrieving the camera once again, taking his pictures for later. As he did so, he noticed her engorged pussy. It was so erotic, all shiny and quivering, some of his cum leaking out of her ass and sliding oh-so-slowly down to her pussy. He couldn’t resist, and began licking it all up. The taste of both their juices was so sensual. He darted his tongue in and out of her, feeling himself getting worked up again as she built towards a shattering orgasm.

She collapsed, spent, face down on the bed. He had done it. He had his cock and mouth in her mouth, her pussy and her ass, making sure there was no doubt that she was all his. She was clear, he was sure. But there was always room for reinforcing demonstrations, he thought to himself, as he climbed in top of her once again. For this one, he uncuffed her, but kept her face down on the bed. As he lay on top of her, he held her hands down with his own as he forced her legs apart with his own, and entered her ass from behind one more time. It was still very hot and wet from his last load. He knew it would be, and he pulled her back upright into him as he fucked her in the ass one more time.

“So now you know, Evil Girl.” He whispered in her ear, paying with her tits as he pumped her ass faster and faster.” Now you are on notice as to exactly who you belong to.” He stuck a finger in her pussy just to illustrate his point. She cried out and murmured her understanding. “And if you ever, ever behave badly, I will have to punish you severely, do you understand?!” He yanked her head back by her hair, making sure he had her attention.

“Yes, honey,” she gasped, out of breath, “I am clear. I am yours. I will be good, I promise!” But she was already making plans in her head to be just evil enough again so that she could be punished again very soon!

He was close to cumming. He held onto her tits with both hands as he pumped her harder and harder. He came in her ass for a second time that night, but this time, instead of pulling out, he maneuvered her on her side and snuggled up behind her, still inside her. They fell asleep that way, his juices oozing out of every orifice of her body, her taste on his lips. They fell asleep, exhausted, with smiles on their faces.

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