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An old fling

Powerful woman submits her asshole for domination
An old fling

I dated Megan off on during the summer of 1998 and 1999. She was a beautiful girl with amazing eyes, an ass that just screamed grab me and a pretty face. She was not blessed in the boob department, probably being no bigger then a 32 B, but being an ass man that never bothered me. We never really had a chance to be a couple, do to religious beliefs but we had a lot of fun, hot sex and I always just thought she was a great girl.

I last fucked Megan in 1999 and I ran into her two weeks ago. She is a lawyer now for a big firm in the area and work just happened to reintroduce us. Megan looked beautiful when I walked into her office. Wearing a dark blue pinstripe suit skirt, her legs looked great, her eyes lit up the room and once I got a good look, her ass gave me an instant hard on. After our meeting we made small talk and agreed to meet for a drink later in the day so we could catch up.

We met at a bar about two blocks from my condo around 5 PM and immediately hit things off as if we had not lost touch over the last few years. She enjoyed vodka cranberries while I was drinking rum and cokes. By around 9 o’clock we were both pretty drunk and very flirty. I moved my hand to Megan’s thigh and she smiled. Feeling the effects of alcohol and remembering what a great fuck she was, I told her point blank, “I’d like to take you back to my place and fuck your brains out.”

Expecting her to think I was kidding or say I was gross, she simply smiled and put her hand on my pants and squeezed my semi hard cock and said nothing. I leaned in and kissed her and as soon as our tongues touched, I remembered how hot her mouth was. We paid the tab and walked back to my condo, making out the entire time, I had a full erection by the time we made it to the elevator in my building.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

We were the only ones in the elevator and I had Megan pinned against the wall. My cock was throbbing and I was pressing it hard against her pelvis. Reaching under her skirt, I could feel her panties were soaking wet. I rubbed her clit over her panties as kissed each other deep and hard. The elevator door opened and we walked down the hall into my apartment. As I opened the door and Megan walked in I got a great view of her tight ass. I came up behind her and pulled her close so she could feel my hard cock against her ass. She started grinding her butt on me and turned her head over her shoulder so we could kiss more. I used this opportunity to reach around her to unbutton her suit top and get her down to her bra. Standing behind her as she wore her skirt and just a bra, I was going to start to take her skirt down, when she turned around, looked me in the eye, smiled and then dropped to her knees.

Megan unbuttoned my pants, unzipped my fly and dropped my pants down to my ankles. I have not worn any underwear since high school and Megan smiled as my cock popped right into her face. She looked up and said, “Still free balling it I see.” With that, rather then start sucking my dick, she lifted my shaft and took my balls into her mouth one at a time and sucked them as she slowly stroked my cock. She alternated between balls really got me going. I do not have the longest cock in the world, but it is a decent length and very thick. Megan stopped sucking my balls once I was fully erect and in one motion deep throated my shaft down to the base. Megan did not waste time and bobbed her head up and down my cock. Using her tongue with the perfect pressure, she gave me an incredible blow job. I ran both of hands through her hair and used pushed her head up and down as she feverishly sucked my dick. With her on her knees, she used her amazing talents and deep throated my dick down to the base and was able slide her tongue out to my balls at the same time.

Megan’s mouth felt so good. As she sucked harder and harder and every so often licked my balls, it was not long before I bucked my hips and shot a massive load of cum down her throat. As soon as Megan felt cum in her mouth, she deep throated me and swallowed every drop. My greatest gift is that I shoot massive loads of cum and Megan was running out of air, but she got it all down.

Smiling, she slowly pulled her mouth off my cock and smiled at me as she stood up. I kissed her (yes I know) and then lifted her up onto my kitchen table. Lifting her skirt up above her waste, I moved her black thong aside and immediately stuck my tongue right in her sopping wet pussy. Most girls prefer their clit licked first, but I remember Megan loved her tongue inside her twat. It tasted so sweet and I could not get enough juice. Her underwear sort of got in my way so I slid it off and as I did I noticed her sexy asshole. Without asking her, I started to slowly lick her asshole. I poked my tongue in and out of her sweet hole and she moaned crazily. We had never done anal before, but I was slowly beginning to believe that would change. I stopped licking her ass and slowly stuck my middle finger right inside her asshole as I returned my mouth to her pussy and ass.

Megan’s body started to convulse so I slipped a second finger in her asshole. It was so hot seeing her ass expand to accept my fingers, that almost immediately I stuck a third finger in and then leaned forward and sucked her clit and she exploded into her first orgasm. I pumped my fingers in and out of her ass, which had expanded and was easily taking my fingers as I continued to work her pussy with my mouth and Megan had her second orgasm quickly. This time as she came, she squirted all over my face.

I was hard as a rock at this point. Megan’s pussy was soaking wet. Making sure to lube her ass up with that pussy juice, I rolled Megan over the table, her skirt and heels still on her lined the head of my cock right up to her asshole. Megan reached back spread her ass cheeks and said, “Stick your cock in my ass baby.”

I could not resist and slowly pushed the head of my cock into her ass. Even though I had used three fingers in her ass, I still met some resistance. Her asshole was very small and tight. I kept pushing and finally the head of my cock pushed into her butt. I gave her a second to adjust and stared at her butt hole and watched it slowly expand to accept my cock. As I slowly pushed my shaft in, Megan and I both started fingering her clit.

I was pushing into Megan’s ass deeper and deeper. It felt so good. The lube from her pussy was still fresh on my cock so her asshole was not dry. Her ass was so tight and was squeezing my dick really hard. I had to squeeze her ass cheeks as I finally had her ass filled up. This hot sexy lawyer had my cock fully inside her ass and it looked so hot. Seeing her asshole wrapped around my cock and the idea of dick being in her ass almost made me cum. But I wanted to enjoy this. I slowly started to pump in and out of Megan’s ass. First starting slow and then getting faster.

It felt so good, going in and out of her butt, feeling her ass around my dick and watching my cock move in and out of her asshole. I pulled all the way out of her ass and was thrilled to see her asshole gaping wide open. This small tight asshole was now wide open almost begging for my cock to go back inside of it. As soon as I pushed back into her butt, she came again and began convulsing breaking into three smaller orgasms almost immediately. As she recovered, I pushed my cock all the way up her butt and held it inside. Her asshole was so tight. It felt so good to feel her ass squeeze me inside.

I wanted Megan to cum at least one more time before I came. I pulled out of her ass helped her up from over the table and laid her down on the floor and threw her legs over my shoulders and pushed my cock back into her asshole. I knew it was not going to be long so I fucked Megan as hard as I could, ramming my cock in and out of her butt. Megan looked at me and told me not to cum in her ass because she wanted more cum in down her throat. I pounded her ass harder and faster and Megan whole body exploded into a massive orgasm. Her clit was squirting cum everywhere; I pulled my dick out of her ass and shoved it into her mouth. Not caring that she was tasting her own ass, Megan used her lips and tongue and sucked my dick firm and hard and almost instantly, I exploded down her throat for the second time, only this time, after the first squirt went in her mouth, Megan pulled my dick out and jerked the rest of my cum out of my cock onto her face.

Her face was covered in cum and once I finished shooting my cum, she put my dick back in her mouth and cleaned my cock off. Then she used her fingers to slide the cum off of her face into her mouth. We moved into the bedroom, now ass naked and fell asleep. We called out sick the next morning and I will have to tell you about our morning together later.



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