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Ali Loves Anal

My wife lets me in the back door.
Ali Loves Anal

I marched into my wife’s bedroom, yes we sleep in separate rooms now, wearing my normal boxer briefs that I sleep in. Her pretty green eyes looked up at me in surprise. “Lose the pajama bottoms and come with me,” I ordered her, trying to sound at least a little stern.

She hesitated for a second, then crawled out of bed and pulled down soft cotton pj bottoms revealing her delicious round bare bottom, When she turned toward me I saw she had followed up on her promise to remove most of her pubic hair. Not that she had a lot. As a nordic natural ash blond her thatch was fairly sparse to begin with. Now her puffy mound was totally naked to my view.

“Wow,” I exclaimed,”it looks even sexier than I thought it would”

“Are you planning on kissing it?”

“All in good time.” I grabbed her wrist and pulled her out the door and down the hall to the great room, but when I opened the french door to the patio she pulled back.

“Where are you taking me?” she asked hoarsely.


“What if someone sees us?”

“Which of our elderly neighbors do you think will be up at this hour?”

“The Murphys have two of their daughters visiting. What if they’re still up, or even worse still out on their patio?”

“Then we better be very quiet.”

“The last time you spanked me it wasn’t very quiet.”

“I wasn’t going to spank you. But I’m close to changing my mind.”

She grinned wickedly at me. “What do I have to do to help you decide?”

“Nothing right now, that’s not part of the plan. But I’m sure I’ll need to get around to that later.” That brought an even bigger smile to her face.

She stopped resisting and followed me onto our covered patio. Truthfully, our patio was fairly secluded. The chance of anyone seeing us was pretty minimal, but it was still a thrill forcing her to go out there naked from the waist down.

Just a little backround. My name is Jerry. My wife, Ali, and I have been married for twenty-eight years. We had a robust sex life, not exactly adventurous, but in our wheelhouse we were pretty good. She preferred missionary with me on top, I always got her off by hand or mouth at least once before penetration. She always came at least three to five more times if I did my part. On oral sex she believed it was better to receive than give. I think she went down on me only twice after we got married.

Then around year eighteen things started down hill. She started showing signs of early onset menopause. A few tests confirmed it. Her sex drive spiraled downward, penetration became more and more painful. We talked to her OB about replacement hormone therapies, but rejected it due to family history of female cancers. For a while we tried alternatives like oral sex for both of us. That didn’t work out very well. I thought about suggesting anal sex, but early in our marriage we had started to try it and she made me stop after getting one finger in her. She said it was degrading.

We soon started sleeping in separate bedrooms. We were still loving and kind in our every day interaction, but there was no passion. I was resolved to having had the last sexual contact with my wife, or any other woman in my life. I was frustrated, but I wasn’t about to break my wedding vows for the sake of my sex life. Then for no reason I could fathom things changed again.

She started dressing in a more revealing way around the house. The swimming suit she wore only when it was just the two of us around our pool was positively tiny. She started a regular schedule of making out with me every where and any where. If it was private enough she expected me to finger her to orgasm, and gave me hand jobs. Even having me finish in her mouth if it was somewhere the mess would be a problem. She explained the importance of the after blow job kiss, and I finally learned to almost enjoy kissing her with cum breath.

She bought some porn videos for us to watch together. Not the really crude stuff, the ones with an actual story lines and romance. She watched all the different action intently and even asked about trying things she would never have considered before. Anal scenes especially almost hypnotized her, she would stare with her lips parted and her breathing heavier. Occasionally I caught her touching herself and once slipping a finger inside the leg of her panties. I still didn’t suggest that we try it. I felt like I should let her decide.

Last week she took another step. After an especially intense make out session she revealed an anal probe and some special lube she had bought at a porn shop. She had me insert it in her then eat her to orgasm and she swore it was more intense than usual. She took my face in her hands and told me, “soon.”

Ali was still pretty and buff enough that not a day went by I didn’t picture her in some sexual scenario with me. Ones that until a short time ago I had little hope of ever experiencing. Now we were on the verge of a major step forward, and I hoped my preparations would meet with her approval.

It was just pure luck that the night I felt was right to proceed was one night past a full moon. She was going to be so hot in the moonlight. I led her past the pool to the small patch of manicured grass outside her window, where I had placed everything. I led her to the middle of the large blanket covered foam pad and pulled her to the ground with me.

She laid on her back and pulled me to her for a long, soulful kiss. When we broke she looked into my eyes and said,”I’m ready, we can do it tonight, if that’s what you were planning.”

“I was hoping. I have your probe and lube here, and I promise I’ll be gentle.”

“I trust you, honey.”

As we began kissing again I began to unbutton her pajama top, exposing her pleasant b-cup breasts to the soft light of the moon. Her nipples were already as hard as I had ever felt them the first time I rolled one between my thumb and forefinger. She moaned and then squealed softly as I tightened my grip.

One thing we discovered was that the right amount of pain could drive her right over the edge. That’s how the spanking thing got started too She slipped her hand into my underpants and gripped my rock hard cock then scratched it lightly with her nails.

She sighed,”I can’t believe I’m going to let you stick that horse cock in my ass.”

“You still don’t have to.”

“No. I want to. Betty told me she can cum just from the anal stimulation, and she swears it’s better than when Don fucks her pussy.”

“Remind me to send something special to Betty.”

“And Ellen.”

“She does it too?”

“Since she was a teenager. She said she did it to save her virginity, but then got so she liked it. She said they do it almost as often as they do up front.”

“I’m shocked, I thought buggery was mostly an English thing.”

“Don’t call it that, that’s what they call it when they do it to other men. This is still making love, just in a different way. Just like when we eat each other.”

“Point taken.”

We got back to the fun part, both of us getting hotter and hotter. Her pussy was soaking wet to the point that juices were running down over her virgin anus. She shuddered from her first orgasm of hopefully many as I circled her clit with my finger. When she came back to earth she pulled out of my arms and rolled onto her stomach and got her knees under her so her ass was up in the air.

I took a chance and spread her cheeks so I could lick and kiss her precious little pink bud. She not only didn’t object, she gasped and moaned as she leaned back into my face. I tried to get a finger on her clit to try to get her to cum again, but her hand was already there. Ok, I’ll just concentrate on the hole in front of me.

Besides her anal probe I also had a small, six inch, realistic rubber phallus we had bought years ago to try to loosen her enough to take me in her vagina. But it didn’t work. I was planning on it helping her build up to having me invade her rectum. Just for the record, I’m only a little longer than average at eight and a half inches, but I’m pretty thick. If two and a half inches across is thick. She’s the one who measured it and proclaimed it thick.

I used the lube to work first one then two fingers into her very tight anus. As she relaxed I lubed the probe and worked it slowly into her, fucking her with it’s full length. She soon seemed ready for the phallus. I didn’t want to startle her with it so as I lubed it I told her what I was going to do. She grunted as I pressed it into her slightly open ass. She resisted it at first, I think more by instinct than anything, but as soon as I twisted the head into her she moaned and pushed back until at least half of it was buried in her. I squirted some extra lube on the exposed part and push the rest into her. She stiffened and gasped.

I started to ease it back out. “Don’t you dare,” she hissed,” give me a second and then fuck me with it.”

I waited a full minute, then pulled it out until I could see the base of the head, then slid it all the way back into her. She grunted and pushed back. I started to slowly fuck her with the full length just like I did with the probe. After about ten strokes she gasped and slid onto her stomach and lay there shuddering for what seemed like a long time. I was starting to get worried, but she raised back up and told me,” babe, I think I just had my first anal orgasm. I haven’t touched my pussy since you put that thing in me. I think I’m ready for you.”

I worked my cock through the opening of my shorts, she loved the feel of the cloth against her. She said it was something to do with being helpless and naked while I was still clothed. Then I positioned myself behind her and applied a good amount of lube to my dick. I had left the phallus in her to keep her open until I was ready.

When I eased the phallus out of her her anus gaped open for an instant, which I took advantage of and thrust the head of my dick into her opening. It immediately closed back up, clenching right behind my thick mushroom head. “Ooohh baby, that has to be you in there now.”

I groaned back, “fuck yes, damn you’re tight.” Tight didn’t begin to do it justice, it was the hottest and tightest place I’d ever had my cock.

“Don’t move yet. Give me a chance to adjust.”

So I waited and amazingly I felt her sphincter relax until I was able to easily slide my entire cock into her depths. She sounded like a steam locomotive climbing a pass. “Are you ok, baby?” “Better than Ok. Just wait a second until I tell you.”

I felt her hand caress my sack so I knew she was frigging herself while I was penetrating her. I could feel the rapid clenching of her muscles as she had another orgasm. This time she moaned continuously until it passed. Through clenched teeth she told , “Now, slowly and gently, you can fuck my ass until you cum. I want to feel you cum in me.”

I slowly pulled out until just the tip was in her, then pushed back in until my cloth covered thighs were pressed against her naked ones. I slowly picked up speed and soon was rapidly thrusting unto her as she also pushed back at me.

“I’m cumming again, I’m cumming again! Oh my god, yes, yes, fuck my ass, fuck mmeee.”

I was starting to be concerned by the amount of noise she was making. I never expected her to get into it so much, but I was happy she was.

The tight grip of her anus and her constant grunts and exclamations of joy triggered me long before I hoped, and I lunged as deeply into her as I could and released an incredible stream of semen into her bowels. I couldn’t remember the last time I came like that.

She once more slid onto her stomach with me still rock hard and in her rectum.

We lay there catching our breath. I pushed her hair of her neck and began to kiss and nip at her delicate neck and ear lobes. She was giggling softly when we heard it.

From the other side of the hedge we heard a female voice say,”Sshh, did you hear something?” “No honey, you’re hearing things.” I

“I guess so. Wait just a second while I get my panties off.”

“Babe, if you want me to pull out it’s going to get messy. It’d be better if you just take off everything.”

Ali whispered,”I think that’s Meg Murphy! It sounds like she’s doing her boyfriend right on the other side of the hedge.” Now we were voyeurs, who says you have to have vaginal sex for an active sex life!

“I guess you’re right,” Meg said,” besides why come outside to fuck and not get to be naked.”

“Oh god babe, you are so beautiful in the moonlight. Come here.”

We heard the sounds of love making, in stereo as it were. They were both pretty vocal about what they liked and what they wanted. It eventually sounded like he was eating her as we didn’t hear his voice and there was a lot of slurping. She was getting close, moaning and telling him “just like that, just like that”.

Suddenly she squealed,”what are you doing? That’s my asshole! Don’t do….aahhh shiittt, oh god, oh god, oh god, Ohhhhhh ffffuucccck.” Then all we could hear was heavy breathing.

Meg then said,” I want you in me, now. But remember, you have to pull out. You can’t squirt in me.”

“I got you babe.”

“Ohhhh baby, that feels so good. I was afraid of your size the first time, but now I can’t do with less.”

I has pulled my softening cock from Ali’s butt and now we carefully crawled to where we could peek through the sparse bottom of the hedge. The moonlight revealed everything. The lovely Meg was on her back in the grass. Her boyfriend was between her legs slowly sliding in and out of her, making her generous breasts jiggle in time with his thrusting.

She had her head thrown back and had the heel of one hand pressed against her mouth to keep from waking the entire neighborhood.

Suddenly he said,”Sorry babe, you’re just so tight and hot, I can’t hold off any more.”

In the moonlight we saw him pull his very impressive and slime covered cock from her and immediately two amazing squirts of semen pulsed from it. The first hitting under her chin, and both streams settling onto her, coating her. The next smaller squirts would have been impressive if we hadn’t seen the first ones.

By the time he finished milking his cock onto her belly she was a slimy mess. But I had to give him credit, he went down on her to finish her and soon she was squirming and shaking through an enormous orgasm. After, he crawled back up and rolled onto his back bringing her on top of him.

They laid there for a full ten minutes, so we made use of the time playing with each other using our hands and mouths. Ali seemed to be as turned on by watching as I was. We heard the kids murmuring as they used a towel they brought with them to clean up before dressing and going back inside.

I was hard as a rock again and Ali’s pussy was running with juices. “I want you in me again, but this time face to face.”

“Anything you want sweety.”

I used a couple fingers to spread some of the juice from her pussy onto her anus. It was already greatly relaxed and sopping wet from the semen leaking out. When I crawled between her legs she spread wide and pulled her knees up to give me a better shot at her bum.

In the moonlight I saw a large drop of white liquid roll out of her pucker and slide down her crack.

This time I was able to slowly slide all the way into her. It was still tight, but nothing like the first time. I swore it felt just like fucking her pussy back in the old days. She pulled her legs up with the help of her hands and hooked them on my shoulders.

Oh shit, that made her just as tight as before.

This time I lasted a lot longer. Through three of her orgasms. Finally she gasped.

“That’s it. You have to finish, I can’t take any more. This time.”

I knew what I needed. I pulled out until I could slide the swollen sensitive tip of my cock rapidly in and out of her tight entrance. After just a few strokes I felt the tension build so I buried my self as deep as I could go and shuddered as I left another epic amount of cum in my wife’s ass.

We kissed again, but her breasts were too tender for me to touch and she levered my hand away from them. As I quickly softened I slowly pulled from her rectum, and my penis was followed by a surge of cum. We laid on our sides in each other’s arms and I pulled the blanket over us.

I first noticed that the birds singing outside my window were unusually loud. When I opened my eyes I saw Ali’s pretty sleeping face right in front of mine. Then I remembered. Shit! We were still naked and wrapped in a blanket in our back yard! From the amount of light it had to already be at least six thirty, maybe seven. The Murphys on the one side, and the Bakers on the other often drank coffee on their decks in the morning. Even worse, the Bakers also had a gazebo closer to our hedge that sat higher than the patio.

I strained my ears to try to hear if any of them were out. It sounded very quiet.

Ali was awake. With her eyes still closed she said,”Please tell me we aren’t still naked in our back yard.”

“‘fraid so.”

“God, my ass is sore.”


“Don’t be, I loved getting it sore.”

“So I have hope of a repeat?”

“Count on it, but not for at least a couple of days. Now how do we get back in the house without causing a neighborhood scandal?”

“I’ve been thinking about that. It sounds quiet on both sides. And I haven’t smelled coffee. I say we calmly get up and stroll back through the french door like we do this every day.”

“I like your plan, but I’m not coming out here in the winter.”

“I don’t know, ass fucking in the snow might be a real turn on.”

“Speak for yourself. Now where is my top?”

I found it and handed it to her. She had to sit up to put it on, and her tits looked unbelievably fantastic in the early morning light.

“Why are you staring at my boobs? Get that blanket off so we can get out of here.”

She hadn’t buttoned the pajama top and couldn’t hold it closed like she planned so the girls hung out the front as she scrambled to her feet.

I couldn’t help it, her boobs always give me a hard on. Her round, bare little bottom bouncing toward the door didn’t help. I hid my cock with my underpants wadded in my hand as best I could while I calmly strolled to the door behind her.

As I closed the door I saw Meg Murphy sitting on her patio with a steaming cup in front of her. Her eyes met mine, then went to my now exposed erection, then back to my eyes. She winked and gave me a little wave with her fingers. I shook my head, turned and walked down the hall to the master suite and joined Ali in the shower.

One thing lead to another as we washed each other and she couldn’t stand to leave me like that so she gave me an incredible blow job, and naturally I had to return the favor by eating her fresh pussy.

We fell asleep still naked in her bed. My last thought was what could I use next as an excuse to spank her?

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