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1, 2 ,3 Times A Charm

Wife's first... and second... and third anal.
1, 2 ,3 Times A Charm

1st Try

My name is Jen; I’ve been married now for three years to my husband Tim. I think we have a good relationship and sex life. He’d probably say it could be better but that’s a typical guy, always wanting more. But that’s not the point of the story. No, I’m writing today because of what happened last week why it’s fresh in my mind.

We went to bed like normal, talked for a few minutes and turned off the lights with nothing more planned. I was on my side facing away from Tim and he snuggled up next to me, spooning me I guess you call it. Anyway he started caressing my back and one thing led to another until he was under my clothes and lightly brushing my sex, stimulating my lips and as my clitoris grew he caressed it, causing me to moisten and moan a bit. He continued, opening me with his fingers and exploring inside of my vagina with one finger and then two until I was fully aroused and wanting his penis inside of me.

He’s not that long, only about five and half inches but he’s wide, wide enough that it hurts my mouth to suck him and though he doesn’t penetrate that deep he really works the sides and walls of my sex. It feels great and I usually climax sometimes even twice before he does. Anyway, I was expecting him to undress me, get naked himself and continue into our normal sex positions but he kept playing tonight, seemingly content in just that.

Until I felt his fingers leave my very wet vagina and trail up toward my anus. He started rubbing his fingers and the juices around my bottom and then slowly pressing into my tight hole. It felt nice, but he wasn’t going very deep, only using the tip of his finger. He started going back and forth between my vagina and anus, bringing more of my juices up, smearing it around and sticking his finger in a little each time.

I don’t know why I said it or what came over me but I whispered, “Do you want to try it?” with no other explanation. I think he knew what I was talking about but he played dumb.

“What? Try what?” he said with his finger in my bum.

“You know, putting your penis there,” I said

“Really?!” he exclaimed, way more excited than he should have sounded. He wasn’t hiding it at all.

“Really. Get the KY,” I said.

He was out of the bed in record time, out in the hall closet and back in a flash. I didn’t even have time to undress before he was back on the bed with the jelly in his hand. I turned on the light next to the bed and took off my clothes. Turning to look at him he looked like a little boy, waiting to open his Christmas present.

“You should get undressed too,” I smiled.

He didn’t reply, just shedding his clothing. I laid on my stomach with my butt a little in the air. I heard the cap to the jelly pop and he squirted some onto his fingers. The cold lubricant made me jump but quickly warmed up as he smeared it around my bum and again stuck his finger into me. I turned and looked at him. He was rock hard and oozing a bunch of his pre-cum stuff. I could tell he was excited, his penis was throbbing, and bouncing at its pinnacle, the head was almost purple. I rose up more onto my knees and he got behind me after setting the KY on the bed.

“You ready?” he asked as I felt his warm head come in contact with my lubed bum.

“I think so, just go slow,” I said.

I have to admit my heart was racing and I was excited to try this. It seemed so dirty and wrong, but it made me hot and bothered to think about it. His penis was much wider than his finger. As he started pressing in I was glad I suggested the KY, and if you plan on trying this I recommend the more the better. His head opened me up, my breathing increased and it was very tight. He went so slow I really didn’t feel pain, just a fullness and tension on my anal muscles. I tried to relax but it was difficult with my heart and breathing off the charts.

He only had about an inch in and stopped, making sure I was okay. I nodded, not able to speak. Instead I put my head down on my pillow with my face to the side. It was such a different sensation from vaginal sex I wasn’t sure I like it or what really to think. He moved further into me, and the sensation of being full increased as his wide penis continued it’s decent. It wasn’t awful, just different. I felt his testicles reach my sex and he held himself in me fully for a few seconds before slowly withdrawing.

Oh wow, that was so much different, it felt like having a bowel movement as his penis inched out of my bum, except he didn’t leave at the end. Instead he slowly pushed it back in filling me up. My legs started to shake, my heart pounded in my chest and a strange tingling spread over my body, almost like a chill but it was warm.

The tightness never lessened, my bum was squeezing his shaft very closely, almost uncomfortably as if it wanted to cut him off in the middle and push him out. But he continued to slide through my grip, and the two different sensations of withdrawal and penetration continued until he said he was going to cum. He must have been very excited, usually he lasts a long time but it hadn’t been five minutes yet and he was already going to climax.

Suddenly his penis left my bum, with a surprising sensation. I was worried more had come out then just his penis but I was wrong. I felt his semen splatter onto my back and drip onto my butt cheeks as he stroked his dick over me and moaned his sounds of pleasure I’m used to hearing. They were a bit different this time, louder and with more emphasis and he ejaculated more than I’m used to seeing or feeling in this case. Probably because of how excited he was. I hadn’t opened my eyes yet, my body was still reacting to the new experience. The warmth, which had spread, held me in a state of euphoria for a few more seconds until the semen started to cool and give me chills.

“You okay,” Tim asked me.

“Yeah, I’m fine. You sure came fast,” I replied opening my eyes.

“I know, I was overly excited and it felt really good.”

I just smiled and motioned to the semen running off my body slowly. He quickly got a towel and cleaned me up. We just went to bed after that not saying much about it.

The next morning I got up for work while he slept. I stepped on the KY container that had fallen off the bed and the memories rushed in. I went over in my mind what we did the night before. It was funny but he never once touched my breasts, kissed me or anything we normally do. I mean he didn’t even put his penis in my vagina. As soon as I mentioned trying anal sex that was all he thought about and did. It was like he was zoned into that only. One track mind.

He told me later he noticed, when he was inside my bum, I had a look on my face that he had never seen before, even when I was climaxing during normal sex. He said it looked like I was in absolute rapture and enjoying it more than anything he’s ever done to me. I didn’t tell him that it wasn’t the case, I don’t know why I had that look on my face or if I really did. It was nice but not the greatest ever. He sure made a big deal about it though. I was positive he wanted to do it again and I’ve always said: I’ll try anything twice. From the way he talks it up, I’m sure it will be soon. The second time should help me determine if I really like it or not.

2nd Try

Okay, so I’m back because we tried it again. It wasn’t the same, not at all. I don’t know quite what happened. I think he rushed it. He didn’t go as slow as the first time I know that. We used plenty of KY again but when he started in it really hurt. I mean bad! It felt like my butt was being ripped apart and I freaked out telling him to take it out. Even after he took his penis out it continued to hurt and throb like my muscles were cramped up in a knot. It took a good half minute before the pain eased and I squirmed on the bed until then.

Tim was shocked; his face looked terrified but also disappointed. I don’t know if I tightened up or if he just forced it in too fast or what happened but it was horrible. I didn’t let him try it again, no way was I going to endure that kind of pain again. I told myself I wasn’t ever going to try anal again even if he begged me. I couldn’t believe how different it was this time.

3rd Try

Something amazing happened. We went camping, backpacking actually, deep into the high mountains by our house with just packs on our backs and a pup-tent to sleep in. Anyway we got down and dirty one night and my inhibitions were gone. For some reason camp sex does that too me. It’s weird… I don’t know why because we’re both gross, haven’t showered in a few days but the sex is awesome, wild and animalistic in a way.

I was so turned on and horny and he was going to town on my pussy with me on my back pinching my own nipples. I had already cum and was really wet. He was sliding so easily in and out of me even with his wide penis I wanted something more.

“Tim, put it in my butt,” I said, forgetting how bad it hurt last time.

He froze, eyes big, looking down at me. He was kneeling with his head in the center of the small tent. I nodded, telling him it was okay and he pulled out. The first thing he did was started playing with my clitoris. It felt wonderful, sending me into spasms with the new sensation. He slowed down on it and lowered his hard shaft to my bum. This was the first time we’ve tried anal with me on my back and without any additional lubrication. He went way slowly. Too slow! I was more than ready for him and there was no pain at all, I was plenty wet and ready. He slipped his head in easily and stopped. I got frustrated and reached up, grabbed his hips and forced him into me all the way. Oh, my hell! It felt amazing. His clit play and the rush of his penis into my bum, filling me up, were wonderful.

Talk about dirty camp sex! Judas it was hot and I was full of lust and passion like I’ve never felt before. He began thrusting in and out, with a look of bliss on his face. I played with my nipples and he never stopped fingering my clitoris and even stuck his thump in my open sex, causing me to buck and squirm as a strange new orgasm took over my body. My convulsions must have set him off because he quickly pulled out of me and showered me with his semen again. It was another impressive amount, making it all the way to my neck and showering me like rain with little droplets on my breasts and tummy. I screamed and squirmed under his barrage until he finished convulsing from my own climax.

“Whoa! Where did this Jen come from?” he asked, smirking when he finished cumming.

“You should take me backpacking more often, I guess,” I said giggling.

“No, shit! That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“It was awesome for me too, totally different than last time. I loved it.”

“Outstanding!” he said.

“What are we going to use to clean this up?” I asked looking at my cum covered body.

He started looking around and cleaned me off with some paper towel we burned later. He collapsed next to me and I snuggled up to his chest.

“So what was different this time?” he asked.

“I was way into it, I guess I just need to be in the mood for anal,” I answered.

“Did me playing help?” he asked.

“Big time, it was really good.”

“To be honest I did some research just in case you ever let me again. I read that clitoral stimulation helps a bunch and to go very slow until the woman is adjusted.”

“I see, well, what you read is correct. Except you went too slowly, that’s why I grabbed you. I wanted it bad.”

“No kidding. I like the camp sex Jen,” he said, laughing.


I said before I’ll try anything twice, well it took three times in this case. I discovered I like anal sex, but I do have to be in the mood. It’s not an everyday thing or even every week thing it’s reserved for special occasions like camping, LOL, and anniversaries or Tim’s birthday. I’ll let him have my butt on is birthday, that’s fair. And sometimes I’ll surprise him when I’m really horny and for no reason I’ll tell him to fuck my ass. The look on his face alone is worth it.

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