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My name is Skip, I started Smuthub™ with my wife Lizbeth. It all started during the 2020 Covid lockdown. 

I started working from home while Liz often had to travel and quarantine for work. We both started to consume allot of porn during our long stretches of alone time and it was starting to negatively affect our sex life.

We decided to quit watching porn. 

I struggled with using nothing but my imagination, that’s when Liz suggested I read erotica online. It would help me imagine scenarios in my head without the nudity and visual stimulation of porn.

It worked wonders for both of us. The first time we saw each other after the first 30 days, we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. The lightest touch or flirtation had us both ready to go like we were 18 years old!

At that point sex became so exciting we decided to stick to our no-porn rule. But, the only Erotica we could find online was websites that looked like they were built in 1998.

That’s what sparked the idea for Smuthub™, a place for users to get the online porn experience without the same level of visual stimulation.

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To improve sex lives by sparking the imagination through text


Build the biggest community of erotica readers and writers


To provide a premium user experience to erotica consumers

Smuthub free erotic sex stories logo

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